Sore joints and muscles? Kneipp to the rescue!

Arnica. Who knew it was such a miracle ingredient? If you exercise and have sore muscles after, if you have arthritis or suffer from stiff, swollen joints, bruise easily, or even if you get a bug bite, arnica is the answer to your prayers. Here are the benefits are arnica:

  • Help reduce pain related to sore muscles and joints
  • Help heal bruises faster
  • Aid in reducing swelling and inflammation
  • Help speed recovery
  • Help ease joint stiffness and aches
  • Help reduce swelling from insect bites

KNEIPP® has an entire line of products with arnica as the main ingredient and I have four to tell you about today. I am an avid exerciser – I work out with a trainer (I put him in my contact list as ‘Mr. Grey’ because I swear he is a sadist) and I also bike and do interval training classes. Plus, I recently had shoulder surgery so it seems like I am constantly sore and in some sort of pain! I was chomping at the bit to put these products to the test.

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Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream
Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream

The KNEIPP® ARNICA INTENSIVE CREAM ($22) is a light massage cream with a 10% Arnica tincture for pain relief.  I find this is the stuff to put on even before the pain starts – when you know it’s coming, massage some of this in, and it really eases the pain and soreness. I put this on before ‘leg day’ workouts and my soreness afterwards is greatly reduced. It’s also terrific for application at night, then when you wake up in the morning soreness and stiffness is much less than usual. The cream absorbs in quickly and easily without any greasiness and the product is all natural and vegan.

Kneipp Arnica Massage Oil

I love a good massage oil and the KNEIPP® ARNICA MASSAGE OIL ($23) is a great one! It has a base of arnica and ginger extracts, along with shea butter, sunflower oil, and almond oil. The arnica extract works on joints and muscles, addressing both pain and inflammation in addition to the way the massage is helping your muscles relax and recover. The slip is fantastic and the oil absorbs slowly so you actually use less of the product, which means the bottle lasts longer than most bottles of massage oil – and the massage itself lasts longer, always a plus!!

Kneipp Arnica Cooling Gel
Kneipp Arnica Cooling Gel

The KNEIPP® ARNICA COOLING GEL ($15) is a really neat product that anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet will appreciate. It’s a very refreshing gel that is amazing for specific, targeted areas to reduce inflammation. There is nothing that feels better than having a rub down of your aching calves and feet with this fabulous gel – it’s like heaven! This is also great to apply on bruised areas for quicker healing.

Kneipp Active Gel
Kneipp Active Gel

The KNEIPP® ARNICA & MOUNTAIN PINE ACTIVE GEL ($25) is a must-have for sports enthusiasts. It’s terrific to use while you are actually working out, like biking or hiking. You just massage in a little of the gel to any area that is getting sore for instant relief, and it helps to keep muscles from getting sore and keep bruises from developing. After working out, using this gel will help your muscles and joints recover more quickly. It’s great stuff! I love how it doesn’t have all the chemicals that you find in other pain creams that are on the market.

KNEIPP®is a wonderful go-to for pain relief products whether you have arthritis or are an athlete or just have occasional aches and pains. They also some arnica bath products that I haven’t tested that look great, too. Keep yourself feeling great and pain-free with KNEIPP®!  – Lisa


  1. Kim P | 12th Nov 17

    For Christmas one year, a friend got me a gift set of KNEIPP bath oils. Arnica was one of the ones in it, and I fell in love with it then. They were all great, but arnica was the one I tended to use the most.

  2. Kelly Reci | 13th Nov 17

    I’ reaally looking dor something that do miracle for the pain that I am feeling right now. The striggles of muscle pain because of work. What I personally like with Kneipp is there is gel and oil. I feel like it will really work for my muscle pain.

  3. Victoria Heckstall | 14th Nov 17

    This is totally what I need! It will be great for my sore muscles! I also bet this to my mom, she will actually love it.

  4. Carol Cassara | 14th Nov 17

    I had no idea it had so many uses especially when it comes to body ailments! This is really awesome and it would be nice to have at home.

  5. Julie Syl | 14th Nov 17

    Oh!! I think this is really what I need right now. This is perfect for my muscle paint and joint. I would definitely love this. I am looking forward to checking this out.

  6. Cindy Gordon | 14th Nov 17

    This would feel so good on my knuckles. They get so swollen sometimes.

  7. Our Family World | 14th Nov 17

    I have to give Kneipp a try. Not only for me, but for my husband as well, who has been in a lot of pain lately due to his spinal stenosis and scoliosis too. My issue is the joints in my hands. I am unable to make a fist when I get out of bed in the morning. They are like frozen in a claw like manner. Takes me a few minutes to flex them and grit my teeth through the pain.

  8. Heather | 15th Nov 17

    I think the majority of my aches and pains are coming from old age. But this line of products sounds like a great relief to those suffering with sore joints and muscles.

  9. Ron Leyba | 15th Nov 17

    I need this! I need this for my constant muscle pain. Thanks for sharing this.

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