Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit is a mini-vacation in a body scrub

Simply Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub
Simply Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub

I’m actually embarrassed to tell you that I never took care of the skin on my body until about 8 years ago. I’d seen stores in the mall that carried lotions, potions, scrubs etc but I never fell under their spell. That’s all changed now and I’m as wrapped up in bath and body products as my friends who’ve been raving for years. What I want though is a fragrance that I’m excited to use which is usually something in the citrus realm.

You might have heard of SIMPLE SUGARS since they have so many amazing products that I see at Beauty Brands. I received an exclusive fragrance courtesy of Beauty Brands and I am totally a new person. The exclusive scent is Vanilla Grapefruit and it’s like a slice of paradise. Imagine yourself on the island of Maui every time you step into the shower with Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub and you’ll know what I mean.

Simple Sugars
Simple Sugars

What’s especially fun is that the owner, Lani Lazzari, is just barely out of her teens. She built her business up from the time she was 11 years old and at 18 she was featured on Shark Tank. I love Shark Tank and I love seeing women make it on the show. She was scooped up by Mark Cuban and her business became a success.  She keeps adding new items to her line and now you can find Body Scrubs, Facial Scrubs, Foot Scrubs plus she’s created a men’s line. You can see Lani’s experience in this you tube video.

Beauty Brands carries 18 of her products at this time and is the only one to sell the Vanilla Grapefruit scent. This body scrub has to be experienced to know why I want to wake up for my shower each day.

Simple Sugars is an all natural brand that is made by hand. The ingredients are good enough to eat! They include pure cane sugar, organic soybean oil, grapeseed oil, cherry kernel oil, apricot kernel oil and organic grapefruit zest. When you open the jar and smell the deliciousness you just won’t believe it.

Simple Sugars body scrub
Simple Sugars body scrub

Now to make it even more exciting for me is that you don’t really need a moisturizer or body lotion after using this. My skin is so well hydrated that it’s totally optional if I decide to use one. I’m not oily, I’m just soft and silky.

inside Simple Sugars body scrub
inside Simple Sugars body scrub

Upon opening my jar I noticed a separation of products with the abundant amount of pure can sugar mounding up over the organic oils. Simple Sugars comes with a perfect size plastic spoon so you can mix these up and then scoop out enough for your legs, arms, back, feet, or wherever you can reach. Add some water and smooth this over your body and watch it melt away leaving behind perfection.

Simple Sugar Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub
Simple Sugar Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub

Do I sound like a commercial? I think I got a little carried away with my description but when I get into the shower I’m also carried away. I’ve started using it right away since I don’t want to run out of my hot water and have to miss this moisturizing step.

Vanilla Grapefruit can be found for $15 for 5 oz or $22 for 8 oz. If this deliciously sweet light grapefruit scent doesn’t grab you then how about a strawberry or a coconut or even a little almond? Grab one for yourself and one or more for a great graduation gift. I’d pair it with a beach towel or a university towel and know I’d be giving something special.

Have you heard of Simple Sugars? Have I really been out of the loop before this discovery? — Marcia

*Thanks to Beauty Brands for sending this for consideration. You can follow them at Facebook: @beautybrands, Twitter: @beautybrands, Instagram: @beauty.brands, Hashtag: #beautybrands

You can follow Simple Sugars at Twitter @simplesugars Hashtag #simplesugars, instagram @simplesugars and Facebook


  1. Chelsea | 29th May 15

    I seriously need this in my life. Vanilla and grapefruit are two of my most favorite scents, so to combine them!??! Yes please!!

  2. beautyin | 29th May 15

    Chelsea, I never used to care for any fragrance in my life but a product like this Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit has changed all that.

  3. Mai | 29th May 15

    I remember reading about the brand when I saw a list of companies that were on Shark Tank! I love me a sugar scrub and this sounds great!

  4. Anastasia | 29th May 15

    Sounds delightful! I love products that smell sweet.

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 29th May 15

    This sounds divine. I love sugar scrubs, especially when they smell citrusy.

  6. [email protected] | 29th May 15

    That’s so great that she’s a young entrepreneur! I will remember this one for after I finish up my scrub stash!

  7. Erika | 29th May 15

    This sounds gorgeous and huzzah to a young lady for her determination and hard work. I need to check this stuff out, as I love scrubs. 😀

  8. Heather | 29th May 15

    Oh boy, this sounds amazing! I love scrubs I will have to look into this!

  9. Kim | 29th May 15

    I’m happy to see Simple Sugars is still around. I used to use their scrub when they first debuted. This grapefruit one sounds awesome.

  10. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 29th May 15

    I’ve never heard of it! It sounds lovely!

  11. Jess Scull | 30th May 15

    Cutest packaging of life! It sounds amazing!

  12. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 30th May 15

    This sounds delightful! I love Vanilla Grapefruit from Lavanila, so I would love to try this…also, the almond sounds good too. The price is also pretty decent.

  13. Phyrra | 30th May 15

    This sounds so nice!

  14. Nidia - Lit From Within | 31st May 15

    I love citrusy body products, and this sounds like a lovely way to wake up in the shower! mmm.

  15. Honeygirlk | 1st Jun 15

    I love body scrubs. I have not heard of this brand before but I would totally try it.

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