Mindful beauty for an active life: YUNI Beauty Sweat, Refresh, Go Kit

YUNI Sweat Refresh Go Kit I love working out. I love getting stronger, feeling good, and looking better. What I don’t love is how I smell after a class…with my busy schedule, it’s challenging to find time to work out so I often have to run to a meeting after breaking a sweat. I am constantly on the lookout for great workout clothes as well as great body products that help me get from the gym to the real world in a flash.      samplesYUNI Beauty (640x480)
YUNI Beauty Sweat Refresh GoYUNI Beauty is a new brand to Sephora – they just partnered up at the end of December. The YUNI collection is focused on natural, versatile, eco-conscious products that are perfect for active people. The products emphasize mindfulness within a healthy lifestyle.
YUNI Beauty Sweat Refresh Go KitTo kick off their new partnership with Sephora, YUNI created the Sweat, Refresh, Go Kit ($32) which has its top-selling products, including Shower Sheets (Body Wipes), Chillax (Muscle Recovery Gel), Flash Bath (No-Rinse Body Cleanser), and My OM World (Aromatic Body Mist). This awesome set comes in a cute zippered bag that says YUNI Seekers of Good. The bag is made from a very sturdy canvas that will withstand any sort of shenanigans.

Here are the four different YUNI products that are fantastic for taking care of your post-workout body.
YUNI Beauty Shower Sheets

  1.  Shower Sheets:  There are three Shower Sheets included.  These are large body wipes that clean your body, leaving it feeling fresh and smelling good. I love these especially when traveling. The body wipe is truly large enough to clean your whole ‘bad self’ – it’s like a shower without the water. This is what you want after a particularly grueling workout, or after swimming to get rid of that chlorine smell when you don’t have time or access to a shower.YUNI Flash BathYUNI Flash Bath
  2. Flash Bath:  This is a foamy no-bath body cleanser. Just squirt some foam into your hands, rub over skin, and it instantly takes away odor and leaves skin super soft thanks to a blend of antibacterial Neem extract and aloe vera. It has a clean, outdoorsy scent that is pleasant and sticks around for a while. It’s amazing when you are in a big hurry because it dries almost instantly and really cleans the skin.YUNI ChillaxYUNI Beauty Chillax
  3. Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel:  The roller ball gently massages sore muscles while the gel cools and soothes sore, inflamed muscles almost immediately. Fair Trade Green Tea Extract and arnica calm down inflammation, and peppermint eases pain. It smells amazing and really helps the post-workout muscle blues. It’s fantastic on my neck and shoulders after arm day, and essential for my thighs and calves after leg day.YUNI Beauty My Om World
  4. My Om World Aromatic Body Mist:  After getting clean and soothing sore muscles, a quick spray of this calming body mist is the best ending to a tough but satisfying workout. The combination of geranium, bergamot, neroli and sage is incredible. You can’t help but feel peaceful and happy with this amazing scent.  Just perfect.

YUNI Sweat Refresh Go (640x480)I am so impressed with YUNI Beauty! If you do yoga, or are a runner, or a gym rat, or just love sweating to the oldies, you are going to be thrilled with the Sweat, Refresh, Go Kit.  All the items are portable multi-taskers that are not only sustainable, they are also wonderfully affordable.

YUNI Beauty is currently available at YUNIBeauty.com, select YogaWorks, Credo Beauty, BeautyKind.com, Sephora.com and Sephora.ca.  – Lisa

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