Get ready for those New Year Resolutions with Zim’s Max-Freeze patches and a giveaway

2017 Puzzle Shows New Year's Greetings And FestivityYou know you are going to make New Year’s Resolutions even if they are just in your head. We all do whether we state them or not. I’m going to take a stab and say that you are promising yourself to start working out or somehow getting in shape. That’s the way we start the year. We usually end it with food and drinks galore so the guilt gets to us. The gyms see a flurry of activity each January.

Zim's Max-Freeze Patches

Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches

So what does this have to do with ZIM’S MAX-FREEZE PATCHES? If my current accident tells me anything it’s that you are going to need these for your sore muscles once you start/restart your exercise.                                                     sample

Zim’s has been in the business of taking care of our aches and pains for over 60 years and in 2016 they introduced these Max-Freeze Patches. They are available in 3 sizes which sell for $10.99 each:

Zim's Max-Freeze Patches

Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches

XL contains 3 patches that are 4″ x 8″ so they are perfect for your back and large areas

L contains 4 patches that are 4″ x 5.5″ and are best for knees and elbows

M contains 6 patches that are 3″ x 5″ and are used for smaller areas like arms and neck. I was sent the M size and used it on my knee and thigh where I banged them up.

Zim's Max-Freeze Patches

Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches

The patches stay on perfectly for hours so they can give you continuous relief. And they are incredibly easy to use.

 “To use Zim’s Max-Freeze Patches, simply remove the film of the individually wrapped patch and place the adhesive over the affected area. The patches are long-lasting, stay in place once adhered and can be changed twice a day for continued pain relief.”

What makes these so unique is that each patch contains 4% Lidocaine and 1% Menthol. There’s a menthol like scent with these but the relief they give is enough for me to forget that I don’t normally like scents in products. They feel very cooling when you apply the patch and help relieve the area that you need relief in.

Zim's patch open, peel off the film to use

Zim’s patch open, peel off the film to use

Zim's Max-Freeze Patch open

Zim’s Max-Freeze Patch open

Max-Freeze Patches are for temporary relief of the pains you might suffer from sports or exercise (or falling .. ahem). Since they are individually wrapped you can keep them in a gym bag to use. There’s no mess with these, your hands might get a little of the liquid on them but that’s easy to wash off. No creams or lotions that might get on your clothes. Apply and go.  These are available at and Amazon.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  Zim’s has offered a giveaway for 2 continental US winners. As usual you need to be a Beauty Info Zone subscriber and comment. All other entries on the Rafflecopter are extras to help your chances of winning. The giveaway runs through 1/5/17. I check entries and have had to eliminate people for not following the rules. Make a resolution right now to enter and start winning in 2017.  —  Marcia

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  1. I don’t normally make resolutions. I don’t have the willpower. 😉

  2. Jennifer b says:

    I don’t make resolutions.

  3. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I do not make or keep resolutions

  4. I never make resolutions, I probably wouldn’t keep them anyway, LOL!!

  5. I make the same ones every year.
    Move more. Sit less. Be kinder.
    Still working on these.

  6. Paol Trenny says:

    I make at least one every year and try to keep it (them) as much as I can.

  7. I have in the past bu not anymore, I never stick to them, lol.

  8. I don’t know if I will be making a New Year’s Resolution.

  9. I try make resolutions so I can challenge myself.

  10. I normally don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. This year though, I resolve to travel more.

  11. Michelle Castagne says:

    No I do not make New Year resolutions. Goals work better for me.

  12. Maryann D. says:

    I don’t make resolutions, but try to tell myself that I will have a better and happier year then the previous year.

  13. I do make new year resolutions and do my best to keep them. I usually make them on NYE

  14. I’d like to eat more salad and veggies as my resolution

  15. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I wanna eat better get more exercise I have rheumatoid arthritis I need to get my muscles stronger

  16. To go back to wearing my fitbit more often and start my yoga classes again.

  17. gloria patterson says:

    I read this today and it really got me thinking and I going to go with INTENTION ………

    ….Why You Should Make a New Year’s Intention This Year, Not a Resolution

    Res·o·lu·tion /rez??lo?oSH(?)n/ noun: a firm decision to do or not to do something; the action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter.
    When we make a New Year’s resolution, we are making a decision to firmly do or not do something. It’s black or white, hot or cold. For me, it usually turns into a competition with myself that I am constantly losing. If my resolution was to go to the gym four days a week, the minute I missed one day I would hate myself and count the entire week as a loss. Silly, yes, but true.

    In·ten·tion /in?ten(t)SH(?)n/ noun: a thing intended; an aim or plan; in medicine, the healing process of a wound.
    An intention is something that you can aim for — a more abstract idea that is always on the horizon, pushing you forward and keeping you motivated. This keeps you in the present and helps you work on yourself today, slowly but surely, rather than just trying to check boxes off on a never-ending to-do list.

    Let 2017 be the year you set intentions, not resolutions. You’ll still reach your goals, but without all the guilt and pressure that usually goes along with it. Give yourself some wiggle room to work hard while also enjoying life. Celebrate the things you do accomplish rather than beating yourself up for the things you haven’t done yet

  18. Patricia Caradonna says:

    I always like to make a new years resolution. This year I want to be kinder and loving to everyone.

  19. Judy Calloway says:

    I don’t make New Years Resolutions . I’ve tried it many times and I have always failed. Got to work on that!

  20. Holly Thomas says:

    I don’t bother making resolutions, I can never keep them.

  21. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I usually do not make New Years resolutions. As you said I think about things I need to do but hardly ever verbalize them.

  22. To spend as little as possible on stupid stuff.

  23. Annamarie V says:

    I don’t really make serious new years resolutions but I do always try to start the new year off right by exercising and eating right.

  24. Used to make resolutions and all about weight, exercise etc. No resolutions this year as I KNOW what I NEED to do.

  25. Ashley Perez says:

    I make resolutions and usually keep them. (:

  26. Usually I do not. BUt this year I did and thanks so much for the chacnes to win.

  27. Angela Saver says:

    Yes, I make New Year’s Resoutions! I plant to eat healthier, lose weight and exercise more!

  28. I occasionally make New Year’s resolutions, but I don’t really have a specific one this year.

  29. I always make the same resolution every year. To lose weight.

  30. laurie murley says:

    I don’t make resoultions any more. I just break them

  31. Klydra Pugh says:

    I don’t make New Years resolutions. Instead strive to make each day better than the last.
    Thanks for the chance.


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