Beating the winter dry skin blues with LaVanila The Healthy Body Butter in Vanilla Lavender


I am addicted to body moisturizers all year-long – in the summer, I love body oils. In the winter, my skin is exceptionally dry, so I love body butters. I’ve used and loved LaVanila’s The Healthy Body Butter ($19) in the past, but this was my first time trying the Vanilla Lavender scent.  Usually I stay away from lavender…it’s just too sharp for me and sometimes it even triggers a migraine. But this soft, sweet scent has won me over!                                                                                                                                                                 sample

There are many reasons why I always have a big tube of The Healthy Body Butter on my bathroom counter. Lots of body butter have things I’m not crazy about, like parabens, silicone and mineral oils. Those kinds of ingredients clog up your pores, actually blocking the absorption of the good ingredients. The Healthy Body Butter is indeed healthy, because it doesn’t have any of the bad stuff but it has plenty of vitamins and antioxidants.
lavanila body butter

Body Butter
LaVanila The Healthy Body Butter

The lotion is subtly scented and pairs beautifully with other scents. It has 100% pure shea and cocoa butters to moisturize, along with goji berry and Kakadu Plus for anti-oxidant power. This body butter is sooo thick and creamy, it really does seem almost buttery. It looks like it would take a little work to get it absorbed, but it soaks in beautifully and leaves my skin softly scented and super smooth. The 100% pure shea & cocoa butters make it a great winter protectant. You smell good and you feel soft. The Vanilla Lavender is a blend of Spanish Lavender, rose and vanilla, which makes for a very soft but sexy scent.

If you’re like me and constantly battling dry winter skin, be sure to pick up one of these big huge tubes of goodness from LaVanila!  – Lisa

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  1. Nora Grahe | 11th Feb 17

    Love it, Thank You for your review!

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