Cleansing with Éclair Naturals bath and body products

Eclair NaturalsIt’s not difficult to convince Lisa to try a new body care line, but Marcia? That’s a different story! Marcia is sooo picky when it comes to body care that it takes something extraordinary to entice her to take a chance.  Éclair Naturals intrigued both Lisa and Marcia with their natural food grade ingredients which include three powerhouses:                                         samples

Jojoba & Almond Oil

  • same molecular structure as human sebum (your skin’s natural oil)
  • penetrates skin and hair follicles to reduce water loss
  • reduces wrinkles/stretch marks, cleans clogged pores and restores skin’s natural PH balance

Pink Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salt

  • over 250 million years old
  • high concentration of key minerals such as magnesium, copper, calcium, sodium and potassium
  • critical to our skin’s metabolism

Pure Essential Oils and Natural Plant Extracts

  • contain the essence of the plant and all of its rejuvenation/resiliency characteristics
  • no phthalates like synthetic counterparts

With such great ingredients, testing this line was a no-brainer. The biggest challenge? Deciding which of the seven different scents to try.


Well of course I chose coconut! This is a scent for purists. No lime, no vanilla, no pikake…just deep, delicious coconut.  Yum.

Eclair Naturals All Over Lotion in Creamy Coconut

Eclair Naturals All Over Lotion in Creamy Coconut

Eclair Naturals All Over Lotion in Creamy Coconut

Éclair Naturals All Over Lotion in Creamy Coconut ($8.99)

This is a big tube of creamy, rich body lotion that is extremely moisturizing. The ingredients include shea butter and jojoba oil, which make this medium-weight lotion exactly what you want to reach for when skin is feeling super dry. I find that it is excellent for prolonging self tanners because it really locks in moisture and leaves skin ultra hydrated and satiny soft. Eclair Naturals Shower Gel in Creamy Coconut

Éclair Naturals Shower Gel in Creamy Coconut ($8.99)

This is a beautiful shower gel that lathers up beautifully and rinses clean but doesn’t strip skin. It’s also perfect for layering scent. I use it in the shower, then follow with the Creamy Coconut All Over Lotion for an even deeper coconut scent that stays with me all day.

Eclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap in Creamy CoconutEclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap in Creamy Coconut

Éclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap in Creamy Coconut ($4.99)

Such a beautiful, big bar of soap! The coconut scent is a little lighter than the shower gel and body lotion until you actually lather this up. The lather is incredible. I find myself spending a few extra minutes washing my hands just because it feels so good! This big bar lasts a long time and is pretty enough for any powder room.


Éclair Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange

Éclair Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange

When accepting Éclair Naturals products to test the first thing I noticed was their policies. Not only are they cruelty free but they made sure they were tested by Leaping Bunny to verify that status. Not every brand is accredited by Leaping Bunny because the tests are strident, but with Éclair Naturals passion for animals they were proud to add the expense of application. Being vegan they leave out ingredients that are less expensive in order to be PETA approved too. Their products are completely free of harmful products found in traditional body care, such as GMOs, parabens, and synthetic colors & fragrances. Plus, they are cruelty-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Éclair Naturals Shower Gel

Éclair Naturals Shower Gel

Éclair Naturals Shower Gel

I love the lather I’m getting from this Shower Gel. I feel like the fragrance is a cocktail where I’d first taste the sweet orange but the lingering sensation would be the vanilla. It’s a great combination for this shower gel. It doesn’t leave any soapy feeling behind, just a fresh clean feeling. The shower gel contains a blend of vegetable glycerin, aloe and Vitamin E. So while it’s gently cleansing the botanical extracts replenish essential nutrients.

Éclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap

Éclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap

Éclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap

Éclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap ingredients

Éclair Naturals Handcrafted Soap ingredients

One of the ingredients in the handcrafted soap is glycerin which forms the basis of the product. But this glycerin is from vegetable oil and not animal fat. Not all manufacturers use this type of glycerin in their bar soaps because it’s a more expensive ingredient and is normally reserved for more profitable products. The soap itself is very emollient so it’s a great hand soap for my guest bathroom. It’s nice to have a product in there that will not only look good but that will leave our hands moisturized and softly smelling like the vanilla and sweet orange fragrance.

Éclair Naturals Liquid Hand Soap

Éclair Naturals Liquid Hand Soap

Éclair Naturals Liquid Hand Soap

This is my most used and favorite product of the three. I am constantly washing my hands and I need something that is gentle because of that. Liquid Hand Soap has a nice rich lather but one that doesn’t strip my hands. Even in summer my hands can look dry but I haven’t really noticed that since I started using this soap. The fragrance is soft and non-lingering yet it makes my bathroom smell much more pleasant.

These products along with others in the Éclair Naturals line are all gently priced and can be found on their website. With 7 different fragrance collections (creamy coconut, grapefruit, french lavender, vanilla & sweet orange, shea butter & oatmeal, sea breeze, and Indonesian patchouli & sandalwood) there’s surely something for every member of your family.

*sent for consideration to be used with hygienic pride


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