Take a trip to Cargo Cosmetics

From the first time I saw Cargo years ago I’ve been crazy about their blushes and even now when I think about the brand that’s the first item I think about. I’ve had many Cargo blushes over the years although at the moment I have four since I rotate things in and out of my collection. I currently own Catalina, Louisiana and Big Easy. I also own the discontinued shade of Gotham. The most terrific news about Cargo blushes is that they’ve brought back lots of their previously discontinued shades. There are 16 gorgeous shades of single tone blushes ($26). They are housed in Cargo’s terrific tins and they are huge! 

Catalina is described as a cotton candy pink but it’s not as bright on as it sounds. For me this is a blush I can comfortably wear any day since it’s flattering to my fair cool tone skin. Depending on which brush I choose I can make this soft or vibrant.

Louisiana is considered to be a sheer pink infused with a light bronze. What I especially love about Louisiana is that it has an almost iridescence to it, it just seems to glow in a special way. When I wear Louisiana I really like to buff it onto my cheeks to bring out the illumination.

Top is Catalina, bottom is Louisiana

Big Easy was gone for a long time so I’m happy to see it back on the Cargo website. Big Easy is sheer pink with gold and red undertones. Even though both Louisiana and Big Easy start with a sheer pink base the blushes are totally different. Big Easy is brighter while Louisiana is a little more muted. Gotham (to my eye) has more of a coral base with red undertones. All 4 of these are top notch long lasting blushes. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Cargo blush.

Another terrific product from Cargo are blu_ray™ Gloss with TimeStrip® Technology($24). Not only are the 7 glosses gorgeous colors but the Time Strip Technology is amazing. It’s a strip that you put into the top of the gloss when you first use it and it helps you monitor the freshness of the gloss. They recommend that you use the gloss approximately 9 months to keep it at its freshest.

While I just have one in Halifax I know I’d like more. Halifax is a light peachy pink which is a shade I love. When I say light though, I mean light. When I first apply Halifax on bare lips it only looks like a pretty shine but because it’s a plumping lipgloss that tingles it brings out the natural color in my lips to its fullest potential. If I want more color then I wear it over a lipstick. My raves for this gloss are mostly because it’s so moisturizing. There’s no stickiness to it. While the minty tingle does last for a while (maybe half an hour), my lips feel moisturized the entire time I’m wearing the gloss. Cargo states how these glosses fill in lines and Halifax really does. My lips look fuller when I’m wearing it.

There’s a lot to love about Cargo including their blushes and lipglosses and they continue to come out with new products to entice us. Their blu-ray products for high definition filming are excellent for everyone, film stars or not. Their newest fun items like their Safari Kit are filled with wonderful products at a great price. Check out Cargo either online or at Ulta. It’s a trip you’ll want to take. — Marcia

Photos were either taken by reviewer or from Cargocosmetics.com


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