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Beauty Info Zone loves finding a fun line like Addiction NV. It’s exciting to find a company that’s created by a makeup artist who realized she couldn’t find what she was looking for in the current market so went off on her own to produce products that met her specifications. That’s what Noel Sweeny of Addiction NV did.  She wanted products that were quick and easy to use yet fun! She wanted products that were good for the skin yet vibrant and luxurious. In 2006 her dream came true when she opened up in Huntington Beach, CA. Now she can make our dreams come true with Addiction NV.

To introduce you to the line we’ve decided a Side by Side review for some color cosmetics is in order. We’ve each picked our favorite of the products we have for this review. That’s not to say we don’t like the rest but we needed a start that would blow you away as these products have for us.


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Marcia’s Side:

As soon as you read the names of Lip HABIT Moisturizing Lip Gloss you know you are in for a treat. There are 10 beautiful colors with the most enjoyable names and colors to tempt you.

Girls’ Night Out (Sheer Burgundy), Player  (Sheer Pale Baby Pink), Walk of Shame (Sheer Bright Red), Drunk Dial (Sheer Peach), Have A Mojito (Sheer Nude with Gold Shimmer), Sugar Daddy (Sheer Pale Pink Shimmer), Barbie (Sheer Bright Pink), Queen B (Sheer Deep Berry Shimmer),Tease ‘Em  (Sheer Nude Plum), and Vegas Baby (Sheer Mauve). $16 each

Even though these look like a full coverage lip gloss in the tube they apply sheerly and feel beautifully moisturizing on. They contain aloe vera, vitamins A&E plus moisturizers to enhance the hydration. They feel wonderful on my lips. There’s a little fragrance (spearmint) that you notice at first but not for long. It just makes you feel minty fresh with a little tingle at first and a slight plumping effect.

I have three of these to show you.

Sugar Daddy, Vegas Baby, Drunk Dial

from top: Vegas Baby, Sugar Daddy, Drunk Dial

Vegas Baby looks totally brown in the tube. I love brown eyeshadow but not brown on my lips so I was a little hesitant trying it. Wow, this was an extremely pleasant surprise when I applied it and ended up with a sheer mauve just like described. My pictures show brown, my swatch shows a browned mauve but my lips are beautiful with this on. I’ve been wearing this over an extremely pale lipstick that looks like a pink concealer on my lips. Since the lipstick was so expensive (Tom Ford) I didn’t want to give up on it. Applying Vegas Baby over it is perfect.

Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby wand

Addiction NV Vegas Baby

Addiction NV Vegas Baby over a light lipstick

Sugar Daddy is described as a pale pink shimmer but that’s a deceiving description. In the tube I can see some red undertones yet it’s not a red lipgloss by any means. What I like best about Sugar Daddy is that it gives my lips a “my lips but better” look that I’m very comfortable wearing.  I think the spearmint in this brings out the color of my lips.

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy wand


Addiction NV Sugar Daddy

Drunk Dial (my favorite name!) is a light easy to wear peach for me. It’s the peach equivalent of Sugar Daddy. In the tube it looks almost coral and almost neon. In pictures it looks very pink but on my lips it’s a glistening shade of peach.

Drunk Dial

Addiction NV Drunk Dial wand

Addiction NV Drunk Dial


Addiction NV Drunk Dial

I think Lisa is going to be jealous when she reads “my side” since all three of these are wonderful to own and wear.

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 Lisa’s Side:

Marcia, you are right – I am totally jealous!!  But my finds will make you just as jealous.  I am going to tell you about two different powder products, a multi-purpose powder and a blush.  Read on and find yourself wishing you were me!

Addiction NV Fake It Til You Make It

First, let me say that the packaging and names of products is just too cute.  The pressed powders come in a flip-top metal container that has an opening on top so you can see which color you are grabbing.  Pictured above is Fake It Til You Make It Multi-Purpose Powder ($18).

Fake It Til You Make It open...

This is a pinky brown that works as both a bronzer and a blush.  You can use this color in so many ways – to contour, to highlight, to bronze yourself up a bit, or to naturally blush.  It also works as a very pretty eyeshadow.

Fake It Til You Make It up close...don't you love hatch marks??

If you look closely, it has a bit of golden shimmer to it.  It’s great for sweeping over the neck and decolletage.

Fake It Til You Make It swatch

Here’s a swatch for you.  This is a great color that really livens up your complexion.  It’s got tons of pigment, so a little bit goes a long way.

Addiction NV Hot Shot Blush

I also tried the Hot Shot Blush ($18).  Hot Shot is a plum brown that gives a nice, glowy look to your cheeks.

Hot Shot open - love the cute packaging of this line!

Like Fake It Til You Make It, this has the wonderful see-through top that makes life so much easier.  The pressed powder blush is mineral-based and hypoallergenic.

Hot Shot hatch mark heaven

It’s a great blush – it has nice pigmentation that is easily buildable, and it has very nice lasting power.

Hot Shot swatch (try saying that ten times fast!!)

This is billed as a matte color, but I see some light shimmer, probably from the Mica in it..  It also has Vitamin E in it, which keeps the blush from looking to dry and matte on the skin.

Addiction NV FOD using Hot Shot blush and Addiction NV concealer

There are three other blush colors in the line, including Smartass (soft pink shimmer), Audacious (Barbie pink with shimmer), and Gutsy (matte orange, definitely the color of the season).

All in all, Fake It Til You Make It is a fantastic, versatile product that you absolutely should check out.  And the blush is wonderful – I can’t wait to try some of the other colors.  Heck, you will want to try this line for the super cute packaging alone!!

Marcia and Lisa:

We are very much impressed with Addiction NV cosmetics and are excited about being able to introduce you to this line. We have more reviews coming up that you won’t want to miss. Addiction NV could make us all addicted to their products.


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  1. This line sounds interesting! Any line that has a blush named Smartass gets my attention! LOL

  2. beautyin says:

    Olivia, all the names are fun. If they were just great names it would be one thing, but the cosmetics are terrific!

  3. Oh my gosh, Drunk Dial, I love it!! I really like the packaging on the powders and the Hot Shot blush definitely looks like a color for me.


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