Senna Cosmetics goes Mod (Muse) for summer

Senna Cosmetics doesn’t come out with new colors or products often but when they do you can be assured that they are terrific. For Spring/Summer 2012 they’ve created a collection they call Mod Muse. Eugenia Weston, the creator of Senna, took her inspiration from the late 1960’s when life was changing everywhere. It suddenly became electric and color exploded everywhere. Eugenia Weston said she took “the best” of those years and made it modern, fresh, chic and wildly wearable.

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to use three of Senna’s newest Face Colors and one of the Mod Muse Eye Colors. I have Tres Jolie blush (clear glowing pink), Clarity blush (cool matte coral) and Enlighten face and eye color (nude light pink glow) as well as Arabesque Eye Color (sunlit peach glow).

These Face Colors are smooth as silk. When I was swatching them I was amazed at how smooth they felt. Even though I know I need to use a brush with these, they feel almost creamlike.

Tres Jolie  ($18.50) applies  softly so at first I wondered how pigmented it was. Luckily I didn’t add more the first time I wore it since my finished look was perfect. It’s so easy to overdo a blush shade so I especially appreciate the fact that I’m not going to do it accidently. Tres Jolie is a very natural shade. While it’s described as pink I’d say it’s a neutral pink. There’s no obvious blue or even red tones to it. It has a slight luminous finish. Clarity is darker and the color of the moment. Who isn’t searching for these corals this season? Pantone has made us so aware that these shades are flattering. Clarity is a pink coral which makes it perfect for my cooler skin tone.

Tres Jolie above and below

Clarity below

Enlighten  is a creamy cool face color. It’s terrific when you are highlighting but where it shines for me is on my eyes. I love that it makes a perfect base shade for the shades I like to use. It evens out any discoloration on my lids. Senna recommends using Enlighten under the arch of your brow, in the inner corner of your eye and on the Cupid’s Bow of your mouth making this an extremely versatile product.

Swatches – top Clarity, next to that is Enlighten, underneath is Tres Jolie

There are two new eyeshadow shades ($16.50) in the Mod Muse collection. I’ve raved many times about Senna eyeshadows since the quality is so wonderful. The shades are Silhouette (silvered khaki glow) and Arabesque (sunlight peach glow). Both of these are in the “glow” category on Senna’s site which makes sense since they do glow. They aren’t glittery, they have a little shimmer and they make your eyes sparkle.  I have Arabesque and it’s the prettiest golden peach shade. It’s a great summer color to wear either alone or with bronze shadows. One of my favorite Senna eyeshadows is Enigma and it works so perfectly with Arabesque. It’s a bronzed plum and the peachy gold in Arabesque seems to bring out the best of Enigma. I love when an oldie gets a new life like this! (Sun Dance is another winner with Arabesque.)

Senna has revamped their packaging in the last year and now the products are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. You would be doing yourself a favor if you made your outside beautiful with Senna Mod Muse. — Marcia

*pr samples


  1. I love Senna. I wish you had a picture of the other eyeshadow since it sounds gorgeous

  2. I should include this brand in my must-try list.

  3. I really don’t know too much about Senna Cosmetics, and I enjoyed reading your post. I love the colors you swatched and the packaging is quite nice! Thank you! x

  4. I’ve never tried Senna Cosmetics, but that Clarity blush looks so pretty. Great post. 🙂

  5. Very pretty. I need more blush like I need another a but I still want them.


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