Pure fun with Purely Cosmetics

I love mineral makeup.  I used to hate it – I thought it was messy, difficult to use, and didn’t last throughout the day.  Then Marcia talked me into trying more eyeshadows using primer – and I discovered that primer made all the difference in the world.  My current collection of mineral eyeshadow is large enough to be embarrassing, and yet I am still always excited when I find a new mineral makeup company.  Of course I was ecstatic when Purely Cosmetics sent us here at the BIZ some great products to try.

Purely Cosmetics is an online mineral makeup line with foundation, primer, finishing powders, correctors, blush, concealer, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, plus brushes and accessories.  You can find almost everything  you need for a full face.

I love that the products do not contain bismuth, which makes me break out like crazy, or parabens.  I can use this line with absolutely no breakouts or skin issues.  The products are all extremely reasonably priced, the shipping is quick, and the customer service is terrific.  What more could one ask for?

What I find fascinating about mineral makeup is the progression – how quickly one can go from blah to beautiful with just a few swipes of a brush.  Here are some pics of each step with the product I used for a complete day look.

First, on a clean moisturized face I applied the Silk and Pearl Powder Primer ($18.50) and then the Diamond Perfect Finish ($18.50) with a flat kabuki brush.  I made sure my moisturizer had completely soaked in so the powders were easy to use.  The Primer and the Diamond Powder did what good primers should do – create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup.  The primer creates the smooth canvas, and the Diamond Powder (made with real diamonds, by the way!!) reflects light which gives a subtle luminosity to the skin.

So here I am, with only primer and Diamond Powder applied.

Next I applied foundation.  I used the Pure Mineral Foundation Powder ($18) in Neutral Medium (I am a MAC NW23 for reference).  This foundation is great for those with normal to oily skin.  I found the texture to be great, it’s not all balled up and gritty like some lines I have tried.  I used the same flat kabuki brush above, and I started with a sheer layer and built on that.

Next I did my eyes.  Purely Cosmetics has beautiful eye colors, they are very pigmented and hold up extremely well when used with an eye primer.  I used Fyrinnae lid primer, so I can’t say for sure how they hold up without a primer – but I can say that I need an eye primer with any eyeshadow or else it just fades right off of me.

Here I used the colors Cappuccino (light brown) on the lid, Champagne (soft highlighter color with a bit of shimmer) on the brow, and Shimmering Bronze in the crease.

Eyeshadows are $6.50 for a 5 gram jar.

I also lined with Scott Barnes Chocolate pencil liner and used Le Metier Black mascara.  Brows I did with Senna Brow Kit.

Then I used the Mauve Blush ($12.75) – this looks pretty scary in the jar, but it gives you a great flush that looks pretty and natural.  I forgot to take a pic, but I used one of those fiber optic stippler brushes to apply the blush.  I also mixed some of it with clear gloss and used it on my lips, and loved it.

I finished up with a little more Diamond Powder, and had my look for the day.  The whole thing took me less than ten minutes.

If you are into mineral makeup, this is a line worth checking out for sure.  Robyn, the owner, also has a terrific blog you can check out here.  She talks about all kinds of beauty related things, in addition to mineral makeup. Take a look – and in the meantime I will try to get up enough courage to post pics of my entire mineral makeup collection! – Lisa

Disclosure:  Items reviewed were PR samples


  1. Great post. I like your blog. you have elaborately mentioned about the foundation and cream application. I also love mineral makeup products, so I think this is going to he useful for me. I appreciate your post.


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