New tarte Cheek Stains and Power Pigments, part one

tarte Cheek Stains

tarte Cheek Stains

The iconic Cheek Stains are the gel/cream blushes that first fostered tarte cosmetics amazing reputation for cutting edge, quality products. Not only does tarte have 8 new Cheek Stain ($30) shades, they also have matching Power Pigments ($24), pencil lip tints with tons of color and lots of shine. Today, I have reviews and swatches of four shades:  Blissful, Flush, Natural Beauty, and True Love. Tomorrow Marcia will have her review and swatches of the other four: Tipsy, Exposed, Fearless, and Blushing Bride.

Tarte’s Cheek Stains are gel (with one exception that’s cream) blushes that give a ‘glow from within’ look. They come in a push-up container and are usually applied straight onto the cheeks. They go on a little wet, with quite a bit of play time to blend perfectly before drying down to a lasting, natural looking flush. Not only do they look beautiful, they are also great for the skin. They have five superfruits that are full of antioxidants to fight free radicals, including maracuja, goji, açaí, acerola, and pomegranate. These superfruits have tons of Vitamin C that brightens skin and moisturizes dry areas.

tarte Power Pigments

tarte Power Pigments

tarte Power Pigments

tarte Power Pigments

The matching Power Pigments are extremely moisturizing and they quench dry lips while also healing them with antioxidants. In addition the color is fabulous thanks to that powerful pigment and the thinner pencil allows for a more precise application than is normally found with lip crayons. Ingredients include Vitamin E for antioxidant power; shea butter for emollience, and canauba wax for a super smooth application.

The Cheek Stains in today's review

The Cheek Stains in today’s review

The matching Power Pigments

The matching Power Pigments

I tend to be drawn toward darker shades while Marcia prefers lighter ones, so today is all about berries and reds (well, one peach shade snuck in there!!)


Blissful Power Pigment and Cheek Stain

Blissful swatches

Blissful swatches

Blissful is the lovely warm peach shade that snuck its way into the shades I chose to review. This is the lightest of my four today and it is a very soft, pretty peach that doesn’t lean too brown. The cheek stain is better suited to lighter skin tones, but the lippie will work for anyone who wants a warm peach without a ton of drama.


Flush Power Pigment and Cheek Stain

Flushed swatches

Flush swatches

Flush is a sheer berry shade. This is the shade that first drew me to the tarte line so many years ago! I find this shade is very natural. It looks like you just came in from a chilly day or a quick run. I love it.


Natural Beauty Power Pigment and Cheek Stain

Natural swatches

Natural Beauty swatches

Natural Beauty is a sheer rosy red shade. This is the only cream cheek stain in the bunch, which is why it has a difference appearance – the others have a rounded top, while this one is decidedly flat. The texture is different as well. It doesn’t go on as wet and the coverage is much less sheer for the cheek stain. The Power Pigment has the same texture, shine, and staying power as the other lippies. I think this fresh, healthy-looking shade is my most favorite of them all.

tarte True Love

True Love Power Pigment and Cheek Stain

True Love swatches

True Love swatches

True Love is a sheer watermelon shade. While the Cheek Stain looks incredibly dark, it goes on quite sheer and natural looking. The Power Pigment is certainly a deeper shade and they complement one another beautifully.

These four new tarte shades are all winners in my book and they all get tons of play from me. I love the matching cheek and lip colors – all of the lip shades are deeper versions of the cheek shades, making simply perfect mates for one another. If you prefer lighter shades, be sure to stay tuned for Marcia’s review tomorrow!  – Lisa

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