Make Up For Ever Wild and Chic Aqua Cream Collection review and swatches

Make Up For Ever’s Wild and Chic Aqua Cream Collection ($175) is the perfect example of why this line is a cosmetic junkie’s dream come true.  The products are perfect for every day makeup lovers, and they are also amazing for professional makeup artistry.  This kit includes 10 different cream shades that are safe for the eyes and for the cheeks.

The creams have super pigmentation and apply smoothly.  The shimmer is thanks to mother-of-pearl particles, which makes the color payoff rich and complex.  I always have problems with cream eyeshadows, they crease and wear off so quickly – but not these gorgeous beauties.  I experienced NO smudging, NO smearing, NO fading at all – not even after 15 hours!

Make Up For Ever Wild and Chic Aqua Cream Collection

The ten squat glass jars come housed in a faux snake-skin metal clutch.  Colors range from softer neutrals to bold, bright colors.

Wild and Chic

Also included is the 5N taklon brush, which works great with more emollient products like the Aqua Creams.

5N brush

The brush is a good length, and since the jars have nice big openings, there is no issue with getting the brush in there.

I like this brush very much, although I have to admit that I often just use my fingers.  I use the brush when I want a more precise application, and my fingers when I am looking for a seamless, blended look.

Shade 01

Check out how fabulously huge the jar opening is!!  I love it.  Be sure to click on the photos for an even larger version so you can really appreciate the depth of the colors.  Pictured above is Anthracite, a silvery charcoal shimmer.  As you can imagine it’s terrific for a smoky eye.  It’s got gorgeous complexity, and my favorite way to use this is as the darker color over my lighter crease color.

Shade 02

Pictured above is Steel, a silvery gray shimmer.  This goes on lighter and more shimmery than I initially expected.  I love it as a lid color.

01 and 02 swatch

Swatched above is Anthracite on the left, Steel on the right.

Shade 04

Pictured above is Snow, a white pearl shimmer.  I adore this one.  It’s a little too frosty for the brow, but boy does it look fantastic either alone as a lid color, or right in the middle of the lid for a pop of color.

Shade 11

Pictured above is Gold, a yellow gold shimmer.  This is one of the more intriguing colors of the collection.  I can see how some people will have a tough time wearing it, while it will be the most favorite of the bunch for others.

04 and 11 swatch

Snow is swatched on the left, this is really great to use as a highlighter color on the inside corner of the eyes.  Gold is on the right, in addition to being a great lid color for some, it’s a fantastic color to play with for lining the eyes.

Shade 12

Pictured above is Golden Copper, a soft copper shimmer.  This is really, really pretty, I like it as either a lid color or a crease color.

Shade 13

Pictured above is Warm Beige, a beautiful champagne shimmer.  I absolutely adore this shade.

12 and 13 swatch

Golden Copper is on the left, Warm Beige is on the right.  For a beautiful neutral eye, I love just a wash of Warm Beige with a thick black liner.  Here are some pics for you:

Aqua Cream 13 and thick black eyeliner

Aqua Cream 13 with black eyeliner

And my disclaimer (this is for you, Polarbelle!!  :^D)  Lashes are absolutely courtesy of Latisse.  I had the wimpiest lashes ever before using Latisse, now I have to be careful – this is with one coat of Dior Extase, and it looks like waaaay too much for me.

Shade 14

Picture above is Satin Brown, warm brown shimmer that is a fabulous crease color.

Shade 15

And above is Taupe, a taupe brown shimmer that is probably my most favorite of all the shades.

14 and 15 swatch

Satin Brown is on the left, Taupe is on the right.  They both get a lot of play from me, although for my shape eyes I find that Taupe is the most versatile.  I can use Taupe anywhere on my eye and it looks really pretty.

Shade 16

Pictured above is Pink Beige, pinky beige shimmer that makes a beautiful lid shade or all over wash.

Shade 17

And pictured above is Plum, a burgundy plum shimmer.  I was scared of this one, I saw it and thought to myself,  “I will never use this in a million years.”  But guess what?   I use this all the time!  It doesn’t work for me on the eyes at all, it’s just too dark and too red.  But I still reach for it constantly.

16 and 17 swatch

Pink Beige is on the left, Plum is on the right.  I use Plum as a cream blush and love it.  It’s a gorgeous color that makes you look like you are glowing from within.  And I use it as a lip stain (although I haven’t read these are lip safe…but I am still kicking, so if it kills you, it doesn’t happen immediately.)

Aqua Cream eye look

For this eye look, I used shade 16 (Pink Beige) on lid, 14 (Satin Brown) in crease, 01 (Anthracite) over 14 in the crease and down onto my outer mobile lid, and 13 (Warm Beige) on the brow.

I lined my upper lids with Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner ($23) in #6, iridescent navy blue.

I used Aqua Eye Pencil Liner ($18) in 3L (iridescent navy blue) and Dior Extase mascara.

MUFE Aqua Cream Face of the Day

And here is the entire face of the day, complete with shade 17 (Plum) on the lips and cheeks.

Aqua Cream 13 and 17 FOD

And above is my ‘homage to Make Up For Ever face of the day’, using their Full Cover Concealer ($30), Face and Body Foundation ($38), Lab Shine in S4 lip gloss ($18), HD loose powder ($30), Aqua Cream in #17 (Plum) for blush, Aqua Cream #13 (Champagne Beige) as a wash on the eyes, and Aqua Liquid Liner ($23) in 13 (Mat Black).

I absolutely love the Aqua Cream Colors, they are great cream eyeshadows and very versatile.  While this collection is a bit spendy, I think it is worth every penny, whether you are a professional makeup artist or just a lover of fantastic cosmetics.  This collection is exclusive to Sephora.  – Lisa


  1. Thanks for such a detailed review! This website is the best resource, your hard work is really appreciated.

  2. Great review and swatches!

  3. Cindy (myfuel) says:

    I am drooling here!! Those shades and pics look fantastic!! I’ve never really tried the aqua creams. I bought #13 when the aqua creams first came out, and my jar was dried up and awful, and got returned. Since then, I haven’t tried them again. But this whole collection looks amazing. Not good for my New Year’s resolution, Lisa!! 😀

  4. I have had my eye on this set. I really love the flash palette. Do you think it is comparable to it?

  5. Merry Christmas, ladies! I hope you’ve been keeping well.

    Gorgeous tones but even more-beautiful eyes, Lisa! ♥!

    PS: LOVE the new site and the logo.

  6. Theresa, I don’t have the Flash Palette but it sure does look similar. The Aqua Creams will obviously give you more subtle options with shimmer, it looks like the Flash Palette is bright and mostly matte. My guess is that the formula could be similar, though – the Aqua Creams really don’t budge once they are on and have tons of pigment.

  7. Thank you so much Mag. We are so happy with the looks of the new site. There are still glitches to work out but we are on the way to a beautiful 2012 – including eyes. Thanks for the double compliment.

  8. This time it’s Marcia answering. The texture of the flash palette is totally different than the texture of Aqua Cream eyeshadows. In my opinion the flash palette is better for photo work and not quite as good for everyday. I’ve never used it but I have seen it. I hope that helps.