MAC, Archie, Betty and Veronica – what a heartful team

Each year as Valentines day approaches the urge to buy something with hearts on it becomes stronger and stronger. I’ve got a beautiful collection of crystal hearts and don’t have room for more. So I turned to cosmetics, what a shock!  The last two years Stila had some beautiful blush palettes and this year MAC surprisingly came through. Their new Archie collection is loaded with hearts attracting me until I could take it no longer and I ordered MAC’s Archie Girls Flatter Me and Veronica’s Blush plus a mirror.

Flatter Me and Veronica's Blush

Flatter Me and Veronica’s Blush

I grew up with Betty and Veronica. My sister and I always loved the dark sultry looks of Veronica since we are brunettes. Neither of us fell for Archie though. Having these three items is like reliving my youth (and a good excuse to buy).

MAC Veronica's Blush

MAC Veronica’s Blush

The Pearlmatte Face Powder designed for Veronica is called Veronica’s Blush and the colors are a soft peach with coral hearts. Betty’s powder is Flatter Me and the colors are a very soft pink with scarlet hearts. The two beauty powders are beautiful and silky soft. The colored hearts are too tiny to be used as blush but they give you an option when using the compacts. You can use just the base shade for a very soft glow or you can sweep a brush over all of the colors and add more color to your face.

MAC Flatter Me

MAC Flatter Me

My big disappointment though is that I wasn’t aware that I actually had the beauty powders from before. If I’d known that I probably would have passed them up in spite of those little hearts. Veronica’s Blush is actually Play it Proper Beauty Powder with Frankly Scarlet blush while Flatter Me is Shell Pearl Beauty Powder with Foolish Me blush in the hearts. But when you run your blush or powder blush over the entire compact you’ll find that you get more color than the original Beauty Powder’s did. There’s a subtle sheen to these powders. If you notice they are called Pearlmatte, not Pearlmate, so even though they are similar to the original they aren’t exactly the same.

MAC Archie's Girls mirror

MAC Archie’s Girls mirror

The mirror is a good purse size and comes with a slightly larger pouch to carry it safely in. Of course I didn’t need it but it just was too cute to pass up. The mirror is about 3″ x 3″ and the adorable vinyl case it comes in is about 4 ½” x 4 ½”. I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it’s red with white hearts. For someone as addicted to hearts as I am, this is just the most fun to own and pull out. So far I’ve only had a few strange looks!! Now my big question is where is Reggie?  Maybe he and Jughead need to ask MAC to feature them next.archie mirrors

No surprise that this is a limited edition collection with some things selling out instantly. You can often find the products online at Nordstrom or in the stores. Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Did you get lured into Archie’s Girls? — Marcia

Check out Blushing Noir’s blog for some beautiful photos of these beauty powders.


  1. Thank you for the link love! It’s so hard not to buy this entire collection, I adore the Archie Comics!

  2. Cute for sure, but I hate that does re-promotes so often. I still have have shell beauty powder from Liberty of London a few years back!

  3. @Cindy, I know. The repromotes and constant collections have gotten to me. I think that MAC is looking out for just younger customers that might not have the older products. I used to think MAC and I would never part, now I know differently.

  4. Excellent review, Marcia! Since I already have Play it Proper from Chen Man- I’m going to pass, but these are so cute. That mirror is quite tempting!

  5. Thanks Lola. I only bought them because of the cuteness. One of these days I’ll get over that or surround myself with cuteness in a nursing home. LOL

  6. I’d not been paying attention to this collection as I’m not keen on the packaging, but those blushers look lovely, I’ll make sure to have a look at those as think they hit the stores in the UK next week. Thanks for the great review 🙂

  7. @Replica, the packaging is cute and very MAC but the hearts is why I bought it. The bonus is that these are beautiful powders that look good on.

  8. These sure are pretty with the hearts. I am seriously thinking about picking up something from this collection. I already have Play it Proper (which I love). Very cute collection!!!


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  2. […] Are you a comic book junkie? Marcia from Beauty Info Zone was so it’s no surprise she fell for the Beauty Powders from MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection. […]

  3. […] Are you a comic book junkie? Marcia from Beauty Info Zone was so it’s no surprise she fell for the Beauty Powders from MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection. […]