Lips and cheeks by Cargo

I love Courtney Cox.  Every once in a great while, someone will tell me that I look like her – well, sort of anyway.  And I am thrilled each time I hear it!   I don’t come close to being  gorgeous like her, but I do have somewhat the same coloring, so I was excited to try Cargo‘s Plantlove lipstick ($20) named after her.  It’s called CeCe – get it?  For her initials? Mighty clever.  I am totally loving this lipstick.

Adore the container, it is so cute! Very girly and kind of ’70’s retro.

In the tube, the color looks like a very deep berry red with shimmer.

I actually find this to be sheer on the lips.  There is slight shimmer, nothing that registers texture-wise though. You can easily layer this for more intensity and brighter color. I find that this is a long-lasting lipstick, although it is on the dry side.  Pretty much every lip gloss I have tried over it looks great though, so if my lips are feeling dry I put some gloss on and it’s yet another great color combination.  I think a little dryness is a small price to pay for longer lasting color.

The PlantLove lipsticks are all 100% natural – the product, packaging, and process are all completely green, which is awesome.

For cheeks that go with my pretty lipstick, I like the Cargo Cheek Activator ($32) as a base blush.  This stuff is just plain cool.  It looks very subtle in the tube, but when you put it on, the more you rub it, the deeper and brighter the color becomes!  This is a cream, not a gel, and it’s also designed to plump up the skin wherever it’s applied.

See how it looks kind of pinkish-white in the tube? As soon as it’s applied it changes.  I got Rose Flush, I typically like cooler colors on my cheeks.  Once applied, your cheeks look lit from within, like you just stepped out into the cold Michigan weather for a few minutes.

Many people can get away with just this blush, but I have that weird skin that seems to soak everything up quickly.  So, I put on the Cheek Activator, follow that with loose powder, and then take out my Cargo secret weapon:  the Contour Palette ($34).

Just look at this gorgeousness.  It is absolutely foolproof.  This is Malibu, which has a shimmery highlighter, a medium pink blush, and a soft brown contour color.  I put the highlighter on top of the cheek bone, the blush on the apple of the cheek, and sweep the contour color underneath the cheek bone. Voila! Sculpted, yet natural looking cheeks.  What amazes me is that you really can’t overdo this – the shades are extremely forgiving, so even a total novice can get a sophisticated look the first time.

Every day I wear Cargo I love it even more.  It’s a great line with extremely user-friendly, high quality products.  What’s your favorite from Cargo? – Lisa

Disclosure:  items reviewed were PR samples


  1. definitely want to try the cheek activator, based on your description. I also suffer from blush evaporation.