Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection is perfect for giving or getting

Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection

Let’s first bow down to the price of the Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection! At $14.88 you are getting an amazing amount of cosmetics that you can break up into three gifts, give as one gift, or keep for yourself. Hard Candy is only available at Walmart and since this is a big time to be at Walmart I wanted you to see what you should be searching out.

Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection

All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection contains a contour & sculpt kit, a blush & luminizer kit, a smoky eye kit, along with an eyeshadow primer, a perfecting primer, and a setting spray. This fabulous set has just about everything you need. If I were gifting it I’d add in a mascara and a fabulous lip shade. What a perfect gift or gifts.

Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection: Smoky Eye Kit

This is, of course, the first thing I opened when I received this set. Smoky Eye Kit is terrific with a mix of neutrals and even a drop of purple added. These 9 shades were coordinated to give you a variety of smoked looks. 7 of the 9 are lightly shimmered while two are more satiny.

Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection: Smoky Eye Kit

The pigmentation in Hard Candy eyeshadows is amazingly good. I have two sets from past years that I pick over my more expensive palettes often. The colors are true to what you see in the pan. They don’t change so you know what you’re getting. The All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection also includes an eyeshadow primer so you are set for beauty.

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer

Hard Candy Contour & Sculpt Kit has what you need to take your face to new places. There are 6 pans in there so you can Prep, Brighten, Contour, Blend, and Illuminate all with one palette.

Hard Candy Contour & Sculpt Kit
Hard Candy Contour & Sculpt Kit

There are 4 cream products and 2 powders. It’s made to help you emphasize eyes, cheekbones, and your jawline. There’s even a tutorial guide on the back that teaches you the best placement.

Hard Candy Contour & Sculpt Kit

The creams are for prepping, blending, contouring, and illuminating while the two lightly shimmered powders are for brightening and contouring. Some of the shades look too dark for me but the way they blend is perfect so that it’s not obvious at all.

Hard Candy Primer Perfecting

By adding in the Sheer Envy Primer Perfecting you’ve got all you need prior to applying foundation. This primer helps to minimize lines and pores so you have a smoother finish. If you are breaking this kit apart then this is gift two.

The Blush & Luminizer Kit is a true beauty. Housed in metallic red it’s one terrific set.

Blush & Luminizer Kit

All the products are powders: Shimmer Blush in a glorious mauve/pink, Matte blush is a flattering neutral, Matte bronzer is a light bronzer without orange. The Luminizing Bronzer sits beautifully on top of the matte bronzer for a sweep of specialness and can also be used alone. The two Luminizers top off the set with their beauty in a light cream and gold.

Blush & Luminizer Kit

For gift 3 just add in the the Sheer Envy Long Wear Setting Spray to make these products last throughout the day and evening.

Sheer Envy Long Wear Setting Spray

I’m convinced this is the best buy on the market today. You can keep it in its original box and gift it to one person who’ll squeal with delight. Or you can break it apart into 3 gifts that cost you $5 apiece and thrill the recipients.

Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection

I’m so impressed with the Hard Candy All Lit Up Cosmetic Collection that I think gifting it as one is the way to go but then again I didn’t do well in economics in school. Which way do you want to go? Whatever you choose, go to Walmart to find this limited edition cruelty free collection before it’s gone.  —  Marcia


  1. Cheryl K | 20th Nov 17

    Thank you for sharing this article about the Hard Candy line. It sounds like a great entry makeup line for tweens and teens. I like how it teaches them to use the products and I love that it is cruelty free.

  2. Heather G | 20th Nov 17

    Cute kits for stocking stuffers. TFS

  3. Stacie Hamilton | 20th Nov 17

    Wow, I can’t believe the price for all of those products! And they do seem to be really nice too. I agree, give it as the set or break it up for stocking stuffers. It’s a win either way!

  4. CosmetopiaDigest.com | 20th Nov 17

    SO much makeup for under $15? And everything looks so good! I wonder if that primer is silicone-y.

  5. Courtney | 20th Nov 17

    That’s quite a deal! I would love to hear how the eyeshadow primer wears.

  6. Kristi V BeginNails | 20th Nov 17

    Loving the shadows – palette that are all neutrals is my jam! 🙂 I haven’t tried any Hard Candy products yet, but for this price – looks like I need to try it soon!

  7. nichole costa | 20th Nov 17

    I always forget about Hard Candy

  8. Ehmkay nails | 20th Nov 17

    What a great gift for under $15!!

  9. 25 Sweetpeas | 20th Nov 17

    Fun! I used to like their nail polish! It was well priced too but I feel like people always forget about them!

  10. Laurie Nykaza | 20th Nov 17

    What a great price for the make up lovers in our family I love the Hard Candy Contour & Sculpt Kit I love the instructions that I could follow and actually do it correctly . I will be picking up a few as gifts for the holidays love the review.

  11. Painted Fingertips | 20th Nov 17

    That shimmer blush looks lovely!

  12. Never Say Die Beauty | 20th Nov 17

    All of these would make great stocking stuffers. I’m going to try to brave the crowds and go to Walmart during the week and take a look!

  13. Lola Seicento | 20th Nov 17

    WOW, this is an absolutely AMAZING value!

  14. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 20th Nov 17

    What a great gift! I would break it up for stocking stuffers!

  15. Julie | 20th Nov 17

    Wow, that price point is great! I could see myself getting this for my daughter once she’s around 14!

  16. Erika | 20th Nov 17

    That is such a cute holiday gift set.

  17. Kathryne | 20th Nov 17

    My teenage niece would like this as a gift!

  18. Polarbelle | 21st Nov 17

    Those are very nice sets. I’d love to have travel sizes of the setting spray, eye primer and face primer. My walmart doesn’t have these yet….I need to go to a bigger one.

  19. Lacquerexpression | 21st Nov 17

    I’m always about affordable makeup that delivers!

  20. Anastasia | 21st Nov 17

    These would make great stocking stuffers!

  21. Lisa Marie Heath | 22nd Nov 17

    I’ve been really loving a lot of their releases! I have a few friends with teenage daughters and I should put some Hard Candy gift baskets together for them for the holidays!

  22. Emily Draher | 22nd Nov 17

    Great price for a fun gift!

  23. My Nail Polish Obsession | 22nd Nov 17

    HC does a great job of putting out nice products for a steal.

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