Face Stockholm Rio cream blush makes my face come alive

Face Stockholm is a cosmetic company that is a hidden treasure. It’s a Swedish company that’s been around for 30 years but it doesn’t have the big name presence that department store brands have. Read this about the creators and you’ll see why it’s so appealing to me: “Owned and operated by Gun Nowak and her daughter Martina Arfwidson, their personal journeys guide the philosophy of Face Stockholm. They find as much inspiration for colors and ingredients from trekking to meet the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala or antique shopping in Sweden, as they do walking down the street in New York City.”

In the U.S. they have studios in New York City. They used to be on beauty.com and I mourned the loss of the line when it left there. The items I bought from there were always among my favorites. Even though you can buy from their website unfortunately it’s very difficult to figure out what the colors will look like once you get them. I understand from a friend though that you can call them and ask for advice. I could go on and on about the brand and the creators but I’d rather talk about the product.

Being a cream blush aficionado I was excited to try Face Stockholm’s version. I chose Rio (below) only knowing that the swatch looked cool and that it was a shimmer shade. I was surprised at first when it arrived because the color was so bright and it looked more luminous than shimmery. Well it’s turned into an absolute favorite. In the pot it looks almost fuchsia but on my cheeks it’s so flattering. It’s bright without being obvious. It’s cheery looking. There is no noticeable shimmer but I think Face Stockholm used that term to express that it’s out of the ordinary. It has a glow that is perfect year round.

Rio has a somwhat gel-like texture. The finish of it is sheer yet it imparts a lot of color. I can’t get enough of this blush. It’s the freshest look I’ve tried in a blush in a long time. It’s the perfect color for me for spring.

Face Stockholm’s cream blushes come in 14 shades; besides Rio there are three others with this luminous quality (Stockholm, Hudson and Athens). I use my fingertip to apply this, but they have other suggestions:  “Drop dead gorgeous pots of smooth, creamy blush for a natural, healthy glow. Apply with fingertip, sponge or one of our nylon brushes. Pair darker and lighter shades to contour and highlight.”

I’ve also used it several times on my lips. Since it’s sheer it doesn’t impart a lot of color but it gives me just enough color to perk myself up. (Pictured here with a double layer.) I’m in love with this blush enough that I’m changing my typical warmer eyeshadow shades most days so that I can apply this.

This picture is of Face Stockholm’s Bohemian Rhapsody Face for spring 2011. The model is wearing Rio blush.

Face Stockholm may be a hidden treasure but now that it’s back in my life, it’s not going to stay buried any longer. — Marcia


  1. Wowza! That is one pretty blush! I love how it just looks in the compact, but it’s great that it works on lips too

  2. I used to love visiting their shop in Soho. Great color blush.

  3. the colors are so pretty!
    i like the packaging too =)

  4. Scienc Teacher says:

    I love colors like Rio. The blush sounds gorgeous.

  5. I need to check out this line–love it on the lips too, very fresh!

  6. That is just beautiful blush.

  7. How pretty and refreshing looking.

  8. I do like Face Stockholm but agree their website swatches are not the greatest. I do have their photo foundation, forgot the name. Pretty nice. I still have to try their other stuff.

  9. What gorgeous blush. I want to know about this line, will you be reviewing other things from them?

  10. We have a few items including an eyeliner today (May 16th) and at least two more reviews coming up. We hope you enjoy them.


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