Edward Bess Compact Rouge review

I did a guest blog on a new blog that I think you’ll enjoy. The blog is EVERYDAY BEAUTY and is aimed at those of us who are 40 and above. I am enjoying the blog and wrote a guest review that I hope you’ll read. Edward Bess cream blushes aka Compact Rouge are beautiful, long lasting blushes. There are a few positives and negatives I’ve shared on the blog review. Come and visit please.  — Marcia


  1. Marcia, after reading your review and seeing the pictures, I think I need to get Love Affair now. It’s not too bubblegummy on fair skin, is it? Island Rose reminds me of Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink, only a tad more red. So I am curious how Love Affair compares on skin.

    And thanks for the xref link. :-*