Cargo Contour Palette – review and swatches

As much as I love makeup and as much as I play with it, contouring isn’t something that comes easy for me. So when I was sent Cargo’s Contour Palette I will admit I was a little intimidated. Cargo couldn’t have made this any easier for me or for you though. There are 3 shades that work perfectly together plus they are nice enough to spell out what each one is used for.  At the top is a highlighter, next is blush and on the bottom is the actual contour color. This is available in two shades – Monaco for warm skin tones and Malibu for cool skin tones.

image of Malibu Contour Palette from


image of Monaco Contour palette from

The colors in this are matte which is best for contouring. The idea of contouring is to change the look of your features but not in an obvious way. You want subtlety unless you are someone like Lindsay Lohan at a court date. Cargo’s three matte shades give you the subtleness you need for the job. Plus they are pretty to boot.

Malibu Contour palette

Cargo is nice enough to give us simple directions on the back so that even those of us who don’t normally contour know exactly what to do and how to use the palette. I’m not one to keep my products in the box so having this information on the very back is the best. I have a Contour brush from Real Techniques that is the perfect size for the job. I use a very very light hand when applying the contour and blush. I don’t know if I’m doing it right but I prefer to put on the contour first, then the blush on the apple of my cheek and last the highlight shade. Then I take the brush with the highlight shade remnants on it and blend, paying particular attention to the edges  to soften the look.

Cargo Malibu Contour palette swatches

The shades in Malibu are a light cool toned cream, a true pink and a mauve brown. None of the colors swatch darkly on my fingers but the brush seems to pick them up easily. I’m surprised at how long lasting the colors are in this palette. I still have blush and contour at the end of the day. I’ve only used the contour shade a few times along my chin and the contouring works there just as well. I use an even lighter hand along my chin line than I do on my face since I think you can make contouring look too obvious if you aren’t careful.

swatches for Malibu

the contour shade

It’s nice to have an easy means to do a job that the counters work magic with and be able to do it myself. This is a palette I’d travel with too since I can use the blush even when I don’t feel like contouring. There’s a full size mirror too that’s very handy to have. Check out the Cargo Contour Palette to bring out the professional artist in yourself. — Marcia


  1. Oooo, I’ve wondered about this palette. Too bad the lightest shade is matte, too, otherwise I’d probaly make a move for it. Thanks for the review!