Be ready to travel the world with Face Stockholm World Traveler Kit

I am always fascinated by kits that have the potential of streamlining products and providing a perfect color palette for travel. FACE Stockholm’s President, Martina Arfwidson, set out to put together a perfect travel set that would work for every skin color in every situation. She put together a gorgeous set that has almost everything you need to perfect your look while traveling. It’s called the World Traveler ($290).

What sort of gorgeousness is inside this bag??

What sort of gorgeousness is inside this bag??

The set comes with a chic makeup bag called the Ida Black Prickig Bag. It holds all items from the World Traveler Kit with room to spare for anything else you would like to add.

Face Stockholm World Traveler Kit
The set includes: An empty four-color palette, two eyeshadows, one blush, one brow/eyeshadow, one lip liner, one lipstick, one mascara, a blush brush, two eyeshadow brushes, and a lip brush. 


What is cool about this set is all the guesswork is taken out of it for you. The colors are neutral so they work for pretty much everyone, and the products are truly top-notch. I have to swoon a bit about the bag, I think it’s my favorite makeup bag I have ever gotten. It’s heavy-duty, extremely attractive and just the right size for travel. It’s just a wonderfully hardy good looking bag, I love it. I also love what’s inside – let’s start with the brushes that are included.


Blush Brush #33

The Blush Brush (#33) is a beautiful brush that works great for blush, although you could use it for any other powder product like bronzer. I love that it’s 100% cruelty free.


Synthetic bristles

The bristles are densely packed soft synthetic. This is a truly high quality brush that I use all the time.


Bottom to top:  Sable Fluff Brush #11S, Angular Sable Brush #13, Retractable Lip Brush #22

There are three more brushes in this set. The very top brush in the picture above is the Retractable Lip Brush #22.  This has a two-toned tapered nylon brush that comes with a cap. It’s great for lipstick and is a fabulous concealer brush as well.


two eyeshadow brushes and one lip brush

Under the lip brush is the Angular Sable Brush #13. This is a great brush for lining the eyes, as well as for shading in your brows. And the final brush is the Sable Fluff Brush #11S. It’s a perfect eyeshadow brush, it picks up color nicely and blends and shades beautifully. (I think the bag needs a few more brushes to truly be travel ready, though. I would also include the Chisel Contour Brush #5 for loose and pressed powder and I would want a few more eyeshadow brushes like the Small Pony Fluff Brush for highlighter shades and blending, as well as the Large Pony Fluff Brush #25 for all over color.)


The Four Color Palette filled with glorious color

Next up is the Four Color Palette. It comes empty, you fill it with the color pans. This is one sturdy palette!  It is substantial but not super heavy. The mirror is terrific. The palette locks beautifully, keeping those pans in perfect shape on your travels.


Top row l to r: Russian Caviar eyeshadow, Korsbar Blush; Bottom row l to r:  Myrrah Brow Shadow, Mist Eyeshadow

There are two Matte Shadows included, Russian Caviar and Mist. The matte shadows are hyper-pigmented and smooth as butter. And those pans are big! .1 oz, which is twice the size of a MAC eyeshadow pan. Russian Caviar (top left in the photo above) is a deep matte chocolate. It’s a wonderful liner shade and makes a fantastic smoky eye. FACE Stockholm recommends this look:

To line eyes, apply along the very base of the lash line with the #13 Brush.

For a smoky effect, apply shadow with #11s Brush to the entire lid and into the crease. Continue to layer for greater intensity, using Mist Eye Shadow to blend.

And speaking of Mist Eye Shadow, this is a beautiful light beige that is perfect as a base or highlighter. For the most basic look, you can just apply Mist to your entire eyelid to cover any skin discoloration and then finish with the mascara. Voila, you look chic!

face stockholm travel bag powder set swatched 2

The third eye color is the Myrrah Brow Shadow in Brunette. This is a wonderfully versatile shade. It’s great for filling in your brows using Brush #13 and it also is a beautiful neutral shade that I love for the crease.


Left to right:  Korsbar blush, Mist eyeshadow, Myrrah Brown Powder, and Russian Caviar eyeshadow

The final color product is the KÖRSBAR blush. FACE Stockholm describes this as a ‘perfect apricot’ and I couldn’t agree more. It gives you a wonderfully healthy look, this color will work for most skin tones and is extremely flattering.  A bonus is it makes for a spectacular eyeshadow shade as well! Like the eyeshadows, it’s matte but the texture is smooth and beautiful, absolutely buttery.


Black Volumizing Mascara

Also included is the Volumizing Mascara in Black. This is an excellent mascara. It builds a ton of volume, doesn’t smudge, flake, or smear, and it lasts all day.

Face Stockholm Volumizing Mascara on

Face Stockholm Volumizing Mascara on

One coat gives you great definition and thickness, two or three coats gives mega drama.

lip liner

Scene Lip Liner

There are two lip products in the World Traveler set, a lip liner and lipstick in neutral shades.  The Lip Liner is in the shade Scene, which is a peachy/brown nude.

Scene swatched

Scene swatched

The pencil is soft and creamy, and the shade is great for most people. FACE Stockholm recommends this technique:

Use this pencil to make your lipstick last, define and correct proportions and create a fuller appearance. With a slightly ‘dull’ point, sketch in lips with a light hand, creating a soft border, rather than a sharp outline. Fill in entire lip for added staying power.

And to compliment the nude lip liner is a creamy matte Lipstick in the shade Naked.  What a perfect pair!


Naked Lipstick

Naked is a dark creamy nude that actually has quite a bit of shine to it. It’s not drying like some cream lipsticks, and it wears really well especially over the Scene Lip Liner.


Naked swatched

FACE Stockholm recommends this:  For a smooth coat apply with Brush #22. Press a tissue to lips for more of a ‘stain look’ or apply several coats for beautiful shine. In a pinch, Naked Lipstick can also be applied to cheeks as a cream blush/bronzer. Tap on gently with fingertips for fresh color and shine.

While this set doesn’t have every single thing you need – I will add a concealer, foundation, and pressed powder, plus the few brushes I mentioned earlier – it’s got almost everything you need, and the quality and colors are divine. If you are looking for the (almost) perfect set for traveling the globe, this just may be your answer.  – Lisa

Ready to travel the world!

Ready to travel the world!

*pr sample


  1. Gorgeous Lisa!! Also what a nice palette from FS. I recently fell in love w/ the Picture Perfect Foundation (after hiding it in a dark box for awhile) they have. I just wish the line could be sold at Nordstrom or Sephora or even ULTA so I can at least play and see the colors in person.

  2. Heather USA (@aitch77 FB: rosie areola) says:

    Oh nice, that quad is gorge.

  3. WOW, this looks awesome, Lisa!

  4. Olivia, I haven’t tried that foundation – it’s on my list now for sure. Heather and Lola, isn’t it beautiful?? Such high quality products, total love!

  5. I have never tried Face Stockholm before. This kit looks amazing!!! I especially love the shade selection for that eyeshadow quad. Perfect shades!

  6. I have never tried Face Stockholm before, but the quality looks very impressive!

  7. What a nice set, Lisa! That quad is calling to me!!!!!!!!

  8. Thats a great set, really suits you 🙂 I’m pretty sure we can’t get that brand in the UK which is a shame.

  9. Strangely, I have not a single item from this line – but that mascara looks great on you so it could be calling my name… 😉

    Best, Lisamarie

  10. Naked lipstick looks lovely, I’m really taken by that shade.

  11. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Love that look on you, Lisa! Everything Face Stockholm makes always looks so chic and classy.


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