Beautylish Mystery Lucky Bag in Neutral revealed with a giveaway

Beautylish mystery Lucky Bag 2015

Beautylish mystery Lucky Bag 2015

I love surprises even if they do cost me $75. I’ve shopped at Beautylish many times and have always loved what I’ve bought there. The brands they carry are pretty amazing – Inglot, Charlotte Tilbury, Kevyn Aucoin and Wayne Goss brushes – just to name a few. When they offered a mystery bag with $150 worth of products I decided to take a chance on it. There were 3 available (Bold, Natural and MUA) and I wavered. By the time I chose there were only 2 left and I decided to take the safest route and ordered Natural.

The contents of Beautylish Lucky Bag 2015, neutral

The contents of Beautylish Lucky Bag 2015, natural

Of the 6 products in my bag 5 hit the bulls eye both in quality and appropriateness. There’s one anomaly and that’s the giveaway item (saved for last). If you are a BIZ reader then you know I’d rather have eye makeup than anything else so when there were 3 items that fit that category I knew my money was well spent.

Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Duo 210

Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Duo 210

I haven’t had a new Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow in ages so opening Duo 210 in Sugared Peach and Rust Brown Shimmer was a thrill. Eyeshadow! Kevyn Aucoin! Peach and brown! Can’t beat it. At $42 for a duo I knew my bag was a winner with the first product opened.



To go along with the great eyeshadow there is a NUDESTIX Mascara. I’ve been wanting to try NUDESTIX for a long time so this was a happy find. I haven’t used it since I have 3 open mascaras but I hope to love it and report back. This is a lash lengthening formula ($24) that is also a treatment mascara.

Wayne Goss brush 20

Wayne Goss brush 20

Wayne Goss brush 20

Wayne Goss brush 20

What could be better than a Wayne Goss brush? The only thing I can think of is that I don’t have this brush even though I do have a few Goss brushes. Brush 20 is designed with a tapered end for smudging. It is also great for defining anything from a cut crease to a modern soft smokey eye.  ($30) This is a very firm brush that’s still super soft. I have used it to smudge some eye crayons I’ve been wearing and it’s perfect for that. It’s also great for smudging along the lashline.

Bliss Body Butter in Blood Orange and White Pepper

Bliss Body Butter in Blood Orange and White Pepper

Unfortunately it can’t all be eyes but when it’s the Bliss Body Butter in Blood Orange and White Pepper ($29) that makes it okay. This is the only Bliss body product I’ve ever bought for myself so it’s a great find for me. I’m a citrus lady when it comes to products I use on my body and this is a scent I already know I like.

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner

When I read this description of the Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner ($32) I knew that it was meant to be: “An alcohol-free toner featuring CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant found naturally in almost every cell in the body. Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid provide added hydration and help balance the skin’s pH level. Ideal for normal to dry skin.” Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid are enough to get me wanting to use this. I’d never have bought it on my own so this adds something new to my skincare collection.

Lit Cosmetics Summer Sparkle Lit Kit

Lit Cosmetics Summer Sparkle Lit Kit

Now this is the only product that doesn’t fit in the “Natural” bag. Lit Cosmetics Summer Sparkle Lit Kit is not natural, no way Jose. Lit Cosmetics is for a different age bracket than Beauty Info Zone is in. I’m sure it’s wonderful since other reviews of Lit Cosmetics are mostly raves. But it’s not for me. This sells for $19.95 at Sephora, the kit is Hello Sunshine – soft creamy porcelain glitter w/ hints of orange sun bursts.

The total value of the Beautylish Lucky Mystery Bag that I received is $177 so they beat the promised value. Take away the $20 for the item I’m giving away and I still have $157 worth of wonders. Will I do this again next year when it’s offered? Absolutely. There’s no knowing what you’ll get (here’s Beauty by Krystal’s bag) but that’s the fun. — Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION – In this giveaway you’ll receive a black leatherlike Sephora cosmetic bag containing: Lit Cosmetics Summer Sparkle Lit Kit as seen above, a deluxe sample of Buxom Mascara sealed, deluxe sample of Dr Jart+ BB Cream, a sealed Blinc Mascara, NYX Butter Lip Balm in Marshmallow, NYC Lipstick in Sugar Plum plus more samples. The giveaway is for US and Canada and is open through Wednesday January 28th at 11:59 pm EST. Something for everyone and even better if you are a sparkle girl.

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  2. I have nieces that would be very interested in this.

  3. Marilyn Nawara says:

    If I am the winner, I will keep all of these terrific goodies for myself.

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    If I win, I will use these!

  5. Would love to use these products.

  6. I would love to try these products myself 😀

  7. Jevian pierce says:

    I hope I win!

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    My 14 yr old step-daughter would love this Lit Cosmetics Summer Sparkle Lit Kit.

  10. I would give it to my lovely niece obsessed with beauty x ????

  11. adrienne z says:

    I’ll use it!!! I need it more than anyone!!

  12. I will be the one using it 🙂

  13. Oh,I’ll be keeping these goodies for myself!

  14. I would most definitely be the one to use this!

  15. kelly young says:

    my daughter will use this she would be doing the happy dance

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    If I win, my daughter will be using it.

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    My daughter will use the sparkle kit.

  18. Tammy Dalley says:

    I will use it

  19. for myself

  20. I can’t wait to try it on myself if I win! Thank you for the giveaway!

  21. if I win, I’m keeping it! Haha

  22. I would be using this if I win.

  23. The Sparkle Lit Kit is for my daughter-in-law!

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    I will definitely be using it!

  25. I would share with my daughter.

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    I would use the kit, however, if my daughters wanted something from it, I’d sure give it to them.

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    myself or my daughter will be using the summer lit kit

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    I will be using it if I win

  29. Karissa Bills says:

    If I win, I will be using it!

  30. I will use it, and will share it with my mom 🙂

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    I will use this.

  32. I would win this for myself and feature a review of this set on my new blog that I am launching in February:)

    Shandi Messmer / The Bronzed and The Beautiful

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    That would be me 🙂

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    If I won I would be using the products. I sometimes share with my son’s girlfriend, but maybe not, this time!

  35. Wow! What a great giveaway. Would love to win.

  36. I’d LOVE to win your giveaway! I’m starting all over again with blogging, and this would be a great haul/review post!



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