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Anjou Giveaway!

Blackheads, ugh. Who needs them? No one!! Let’s get rid of them, shall we? How about a skin care kit with a dissolving serum, pore minimizer, and deep cleansing pore strips, a 6 piece blackhead removal kit with all the tools you need to safely and effectively remove stubborn blackheads, comedones, and pimples, and a terrific magnifying mirror to properly see them for removal? Anjou has everything you need – including a giveaway for all three items, making this a fantastic contest that everyone will love – everyone except your blackheads!

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First, for treating those stubborn blackheads, Anjou Blackhead Remover Kit ($13) is a great treatment system that addresses problematic, congested skin. There is a serum for dissolving blackheads, which is followed with the pore strip. After the strip sits for ten or fifteen minutes, it’s peeled off and then you just massage in a little of the pore minimizer gel.

Blackhead Dissolving Serum and Pore Minimizer
Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
A complete poreless kit: Blackhead Dissolving Serum 48 ml / 1.6 oz, 32 Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, Pore Minimizer 48 ml / 1.6 oz
  •  Dissolve blackheads, remove dead cells, and shrink pores to reveal clear, fresh, and smooth skin
  • Designed to better fit your nose: Contour design with 6 ergonomic slits perfectly conforms to your nose for a more uniform contact
  • 32 strips for clearer pores: Benefit with 32 cleansing strips that will last for 4 to 6 months when used twice a week
  • Shorter treatment time: Quickly fix your pores with the easy-to-clean strip and cut your cleansing routine by half
  • A complete poreless kit: Blackhead Dissolving Serum 48 ml / 1.6 oz, 32 Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, Pore Minimizer 48 ml / 1.6 oz

Sometimes there are stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, or congested pores that need to be cleared out manually. As tempting as it is to use your fingers, that’s really not a good idea. Fingernails tend to rip and bruise the skin, making a bad situation even worse. You are much better off using the right tools for the job, and Anjou 6 in 1 Blackhead Remover Tools Kit ($8) has an excellent tool kit with 6 dual ended tools that address every possible problem in a precise and hygienic manner.

Anjou 6 in 1 Tool Kit
Anjou 6 in 1 Tool Kit
Anjou 6 in 1 Tool Kit
  • A Useful Skin Care Kit: A cleaner and more hygienic way than your fingers to remove impurities like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, and pimples
  • 6 Tools to a Clearer Complexion: 6 differently sized bottlenecks, needles, and tweezers effectively help you handle pimples and acne of different sizes and types
  • Ergonomically Shaped Stainless Steel: The tools are durable with a rust resistant stainless steel and anti-slip handle that helps you better control the pressure and get a secure grip during use
  • Convenience for Traveling: Individual leather package is convenient for storage and transport; integrated mirror enables you to use it everywhere
  • Precaution: We recommend to use the kit on acne that is ripe enough and please wipe all tools with rubbing alcohol before and after each use

There is a tool for every sort of skin emergency you can think of! Check out all of the different variations right at your fingertips to tackle any type of pore congestion. The tools are great quality – I was very impressed, especially with the price point so reasonable.

Anjou Makeup Mirror

The Anjou Makeup Mirror ($22)  is terrific. Lightweight, easy to use, and I love that it comes with batteries. One side is 1x magnification, the other is 7x magnification for seeing all those problem areas up close so you can do your extractions with the ultimate precision.

  • Standard & 7x Magnification Mirror: Reflect a clear image of your face or an extreme close-up to better view your eyes, chin, or nose for makeup, shaving, or deep cleansing
  • Full Circle LED Lights: Get a clearer sight of your face with a focused light that makes up for dim indoor lighting conditions
  • Double Side 360° Rotation: Spin the mirror and angle it at any position to obtain the best angle for different makeup needs
  • Portability for Flexibility: Benefit from the cable-free compact design and conveniently place it anywhere for a quick touchup
  • Unique Minimalist Design: Black and white linear style fits any décor; includes 1x Lighted Makeup Mirror, 3x AA Batteries, 1x User Guide, and a 12 Month Warranty
So this is really a 3 pronged approach (pun definitely intended!). Soften and dissolve those blackheads with the treatment serum and deep cleansing pore strips. Then, for particularly difficult blackheads, do proper extractions with the right tools using the 6 in 1 Tool Kit – and do this delicate work correctly using the Anjou Makeup Mirror.  Enter our giveaway for all three items today to make your blackheads a thing of the past! – Lisa
Giveaway information: giveaway ends at 11:59 EST 11/30/2017.  You must complete all three mandatory entry options to qualify for this giveaway!  Giveaway is US only.  Good luck!!

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  1. Christy Peeples DuBois | 21st Nov 17

    I would choose the mirror or the 6 in 1 tool kit. Either would be fine with me.

  2. Liz | 22nd Nov 17

    1. tools, 2. mirror, 3. remover kit

  3. Cynthia Richardson | 26th Nov 17

    I’d like to try the blackhead remover kit.

  4. Susan P. | 26th Nov 17

    I’m looking forward to using the 6 in 1 Tools Kit.

  5. adriana | 26th Nov 17

    blackhead remover kit seems perfect.

  6. Mary Somerville | 27th Nov 17

    I like the mirror most. I need a good one!

  7. Andrea Darst | 27th Nov 17

    Oh I need that makeup mirror!

  8. Robin Abrams | 28th Nov 17

    The Makeup Mirror would be my favorite to win

  9. Paol Trenny | 29th Nov 17

    I like the Anjou Makeup Mirror.

  10. Shannon | 29th Nov 17

    I’d want the Blackhead Remover Kit.

  11. Sally Gearhart | 30th Nov 17

    I’m excited about the blackhead Remover Kit for sure! I’ve always battled with blackheads, a little acne but mainly blackheads.

  12. TERA MCNEIL | 30th Nov 17

    That is such a hard choice. I think I’d be most excited about the actual tools kit. That is just something I don’t think to buy for myself and it would be great to have. On another note…. That thing you have on all your pages that just SWOOPS down and covers the page and wants your email address and sign up info is SO ANNOYING!! And it does it every time on every page. It really takes away from the vibe and environment here. If someone is going to sign up, that bullying and intrusiveness isn’t going to make them, it’s your content and page. Please take that OFF. I have been subscribed and it just keeps doing it…regardless. It is so tacky.

  13. Bethany Suire | 30th Nov 17

    I had a set of blackhead tools, but over the years they have worn out and I’ve lost a few. It would be so awesome to have a new and much nicer set!

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