Get plucky with Billion Dollar Brows

See this picture? It’s the proverbial desert island.

See this picture? It’s what is going with me when I’m banished to this desert island. 

You’ll notice the chair in the picture. I’ll need that to prop up my 10x mirror so that I don’t end up looking like this picture.
 When we think of a tweezers we usually think eyebrows. Well I do too but I also think of other facial hair (giving away my deep dark secrets here). Billion Dollar Brows has provided me with the best tweezers so that I can take care of all my unwanted facial hair. This tweezers ($20) is what’s used in the Billion Dollar Brows studios. It was perfected for use by their artists and it’s absolutely wonderful for grasping all the little hairs. It’s a stainless steel slant tip tweezers that was created to meet the high standards of the makeup artists that use them.

I am pretty paranoid about facial hair. While my vision isn’t quite what it used to be I still can see the unwanted hairs too easily. With BDB Tweezers I can grasp all the fine hairs as well as the stubborn prickly ones. This tweezers has become my new HG tool. It’s absolutely perfect.

When you pluck as many brows as a brow tech does then you need the best there is. When you pluck your very own brows you also need the best there is. That’s why you need bdb Tweezers. — Marcia

Images: Maldives by Richard Howard, Billion Dollar Brows website, and personal photographs


  1. Rosanna says:

    I am a proud owner of Cosmoswiss tweezers and I absolutely LOVE them!

  2. I need tweezers always so I love this review. I’m always looking for the best.

  3. Science Teacher says:

    I bought some Billion Dollar Brow items after your last review. When I repurchase I’ll add the tweezers to my order now.


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