Billion $ Eyes with Billion Dollar Brows

Two years ago a group of makeup friends from Beauty Grapevine met in L.A. for days of glorious shopping and to go to the IMATS show. It’s hard to describe IMATS unless you’ve been there but it’s a makeup wonderland. Unfortunately this is a very crowded wonderland. One of the first booths I saw there was Billion Dollar Brows and it fascinated me. I labored over what I should buy since they had an eyebrow tool that looked fabulous but in the end I stuck with the tried and true and bought their Universal Brow Pencil. I had owned one previously and hadn’t replaced it so I plunked down my money and hurried on to the rest of the show fully planning to get back to Billion Dollar Brows. Unfortunately time and money (and my stamina) ran out and I didn’t get back to them but now I have that tool in my life!

Let me start with the Universal Brow Pencil ($14.95)  since it’s a tool I’ve used successfully for years. The color works well with most hair shades. It’s water resistant (good for my hot flashes) and easy to use. If your hair is very dark apply it with more pressure until you get the desired darkness, if it’s light then apply it with a lighter hand. The pencil is an automatic one so no sharpener is needed and there’s a spoolie on the opposite end.

Billion Dollar Brows also has two other products for coloring your brows. There’s BDB Brow Powder ($16) which comes in Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe and Raven.  I have it in Taupe and it’s a perfect shade. My brows are dark but I was taught not to put anything too dark on my brows since it’s aging especially in the front where my brows are sparse. The brow powder glides on easily with the Angled Brow Brush ($15) and is smoothed with the spoolie at the opposite end. The brush is firm yet soft. It’s got both natural and synthetic fibers to create the perfect touch.

Billion Dollar Brow Gel ($12) finishes the look.  It’s a clear gel that grooms those flyaway brow hairs while sealing in any color product you’ve used. I’ve used this alone on days I just want to groom my brows and I’ve used it with the powder to make sure that when hot flashes hit I still have some color on my brows. You’ve never seen me in action with a hot flash – I drip from my head on down! I’m grateful for BDB Brow Gel on those occasions.

I don’t want to neglect BDB’s “SECRET WEAPON” – Brow Duo Pencil ($18).  This is a two sided thick pencil that is like magic! One side contains a concealer and the other a highlighter. The highlighter is the star here but the concealer is great too. With the highlighter you glide the pencil directly under your eyebrows and then with either your finger or the BDB Smudge Brush you blend it in to frame and brighten your eyes.


The BDB Smudge Brush ($15) can be used in many ways. You can use it as recommended with the Brow Duo Pencil or you can use it to line, especially tightline, your eye liner shades (below brush on the right).

Picture: Brow Powder, Brow Gel, Highlighter

Because this review is so long already I’m going to do a part two with my absolute favorites from the line. I just wanted to whet your whistle and give you an introduction to a terrific company. You can find Billion Dollar Brows at Nordstrom, Beauty 360 and on their website. If you are ever in Beverly Hills you’d get the opportunity to go to their salon where it all started. Every product they make that I’ve tried is top-quality and tools you need in your arsenal. The website has short videos for each of their products to show exactly how to use them, that alone is top notch in my world.  – Marcia


  1. Marcia you always find the coolest stuff. I have to check this out now.

  2. I like the way these look. I can’t wait to read part two


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