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There is something so unique about Besame Cosmetics. It’s in a class of its own with their elegant packaging and glamorous shades. It’s always been a small independent brand but now it’s starting to be available at Sephora so hopefully more people will be introduced to the wonder of Besame.

Besame Cosmetics by Gabriela Hernandez was influenced by her grandmother from Buenos Aires. She considered her to be a sophisticated beauty and wanted to emulate her. Gabriela’s dream came true when she created the cosmetic brand of her dreams, Besame, in 2004. It’s always been a cult favorite especially in places like Hollywood.

We were sent two of her wonderful products for this article and we feel that much more sophisticated ourselves now!

MARCIA’S PRODUCT:  Apricot Rouge

Apricot Rouge from Besame

Apricot Rouge from Besame

When we received the package from Besame, Lisa didn’t have to ask me which product I wanted. She knew that I love cream blushes and that this would be made for me.

Besame Cream Rouge packaging

Besame Cream Rouge packaging

Besame Cream Rouge is available in 2 shades, Apricot and Crimson ($22). You can’t help but be swept away by the timeless packaging. It’s such a pleasure to have this on your dressing table and know that inside you’ll have the finest of products. These are made to be worn on both lips and cheeks but I really only use it on my cheeks. If I were to put this in an evening bag though this would serve double duty.

Besame Apricot Rouge

Besame Apricot Rouge

I don’t have the best of cameras so my photo shows this as scarily bright, actually though it’s a beautiful and soft shade of apricot. I’d say it’s more of a neutral shade than cool or warm. There’s a pink undertone that comes through making this a pleasure to wear.

Besame Apricot Rouge

Besame Apricot Rouge

Besame Apricot Rouge

Besame Apricot Rouge

The things I really appreciate about the blush are that it has no fragrance, applies easily, the tin is big and will last a long time. My past experience with Besame made me stay away from lipsticks and creams because I noticed a fragrance but, to my delight, this is fragrance free. I’m thrilled that the tin is large enough for my finger since that’s a rarity in itself. The wear is not as long as I’d like but it does last about 6 hours before I notice fading. In addition it doesn’t make my pores look like craters.

Besame Apricot Rouge

Besame Apricot Rouge

LISA’S PRODUCT :  Debutante Pink Lipstick

No one does vintage like Besame Cosmetics. The exact shade reproductions and spot on packaging make this line one of my favorites. The lipsticks are dreamy…a red velvet pouch envelops a golden bullet-shaped lipstick which is neatly nestled inside. The pouch is a perfect carrying case for the small tube, which holds more lipstick than you’d think.

The elegant packaging for Besame Lipsticks

The elegant packaging for Besame Lipsticks

Besame Lipstick

Besame Lipstick

Debutante Pink is a shade from 1967. It’s a light pink silver shimmer with a semi-matte finish. One coat gives lips full coverage because of the high amount of pigment.

Besame Debutante PinkBesame Debutante Pink LippieBesame Debutante Pink Lipstick 2

I love this shade because it’s feminine and flirty. The silver shimmer gives lips depth and it doesn’t get frosty even though it’s a 1967 color! Plus I am a huge fan of the lipstick’s shape – the flat top is exactly what I prefer.

Besame Debutante Pink Lipstick swatched

Besame Debutante Pink Lipstick swatched

The shade may be vintage, but the coverage and wear is definitely modern-day. The formula includes mod ingredients like squalene, vitamin C, and aloe. I love getting the best of both worlds, the past and present. There is no doubt that more Besame is in my future, too!

Be sure to check out besamecosmetics.com for their rouge, lipstick, powder, mascara, and pencils in vintage reproduction packaging with exact vintage shades.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @BesameCosmetics for daily tips and the latest product information.

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  1. The cream blush looks so pretty! Cutest packaging ever also 🙂 Love the color, I’d like this.

  2. I want the Apricot Cream Rouge. I am a real cream blush fan, and this is my shade. I am so disappointed that Sephora only seems to carry the finishing powders at this point. I would love to see it in person. Love the packaging!

  3. I have the Besame Crimson Rouge and love it. I wear it as blush every day. I use a brush to apply it and then blend for a very natural look. I will definitely purchase this again!

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  6. I’m SO excited to hear Besame is becoming available at Sephora!!! I discovered them a couple years ago and I am in love with the packaging and the retro feel. Their lipsticks are amazing and Red Velvet is my go-to, confidence-boosting red lippie!!! Great look at that cream rouge!

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  11. Jess Scull says

    Their packaging is to die for! Its so glam!

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    Loving that blush! It looks like a really well pigmented shade

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