Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner – is this as great as it sounds?

Benefit they're Real! push up liner

Benefit they’re Real! push up liner

On Friday June 27th Benefit is releasing their new, very talked about eyeliner – They’re Real! Push Up Liner. This liner is a combination of a pen and a gel. It looks like a pen but is actually a gel that comes up through the pen packaging.

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner

Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner

When I first read about this innovative product I was so looking forward to purchasing it. I really couldn’t wait since I felt this could be revolutionary for someone who loves gel liners. I joined the waiting list so that I could be an early purchaser. I’ve had it now for almost 3 weeks and used it a handful of times.

Benefit they're Real! push up liner

Benefit they’re Real! push up liner

They’re Real! Push Up Liner is one of the darkest black liners I’ve encountered. Black is not always black but the Push Up Liner is darker than anything I’ve worn in a long time. It’s in a pen that twists up. It is hard to get started but after the first time it seems to come out evenly. The tip is a rubber “AccuFlex” tip that is designed to “hug the lash line” and deposit just the right amount of black eyeliner. What you need to watch out for, because it’s hard to see, is if it comes out with a little ball at the end. If it does you’ll probably want to wipe that away since it doesn’t seem to smooth out as you move the pen.

What I’m not crazy about is that once it’s on, it’s really on. That’s great for long lasting wear but it’s not great if you need to fix something. I find it gives me a wider line than I prefer too. I have to be very diligent to get it thin. Actually the last time I wore it, I was able to get the top line thin but I switched to a liquid liner for the bottom since that’s my sticking point with the liner. If I were to go someplace hot and humid I’d take more time to apply this thinly top and bottom. On most days though this is not what I’ll be reaching for.

close up of tip

close up of tip before use

This is tenacious. It doesn’t give you a long time to work with because it’s on the dry side. I doubt you have much time to smudge it if that’s how you wear your eyeliner. It comes off with my Mary Kay eye makeup remover but I have to work harder to get it off. Benefit is going to release a special eye makeup remover for this but it’s not absolutely necessary if you have a good one already. You’ll never get it off with just your face cleanser though.

gel coming through

gel coming through

My recommendation is that the first time you use it you shouldn’t be in a hurry. It takes a little time to learn how this works best for you. I got way too much on the first time. I’m better at it now but I’m not perfect. I can do a liquid liner or a regular gel liner quickly but I’m much more cautious with this Benefit pen.

Benefit they're Real! push up liner swatch, see the ball at the end?

Benefit they’re Real! push up liner swatch, see the ball at the end?

I’m not in love with this but I don’t dislike it either. If you are watching how you spend your money then save the $24 that this costs and buy a liner that’s easier to use. But if you love a challenge or you love super black eyeliner than this could be what you are looking for.benefit liner back

I’m sure I would have bought Benefit they’re Real! push up liner no matter what but I did fall for the hype. In my book it doesn’t add up to it though. Are you planning on buying this liner? — Marcia


  1. Thank you Marcia, for the very thorough review!! I’m curious about this, and really want to try. The price tag gives me pause though, for something experimental! I do like that it’s super long wearing and also very black. I find so many black liners pull blue/gray on me, which I don’t care for!

  2. I love how absolutely honest the review is. I am sure I will NOT be buying this .. $24 is a lot of money to spend on a challenge and pretty much finish trying to figure out how to use ..I would spend $20 on a Urban Decay Water proof liner anyday !

  3. Great honest review! I also love a very black, black liner that doesn’t smudge, but liquids and gels can be tricky, if the tip isn’t firm or the product comes out in a pool or balls out! With most liners, I often use my own brush to manipulate the product, and I usually use a brush to put liner on the bottom. (I swipe my brush on the tip of the pruduct). I just find that the delivery mechanism on most liners is the real problem! Thanks for this excellent and honest review!

  4. Thank you for your honest review of this! I won’t be purchasing this, I have trouble with eyeliner anyway somedays! LOL.

  5. Thank you for the honest review! I am getting a free travel size of this on Monday as Sephora Dubai is giving them away with any two Benefit products, and I want Bene Balm and Lolli Balm. I’m not super-excited about it and wish they were giving away samples of The Big Easy instead. It is hard enough to get regular eyeliners to come out evenly with my klutzy hands. Ah well.

  6. Thanks for the review, I’ve been dying to try this!

  7. After reading reviews that said this liner was dry, I decided to save my $$ and skip it.

  8. I am so torn on this…I was hoping this would be a great tool to help me with my lacking eyeliner skills, but the more I read reviews, the more I think it’s not for me. I need it (eyeliner) to be easy, not a challenge 🙁

  9. beautyin says:

    Kristina, some people will consider it easy but I don’t. I won’t give up but other liners are much easier than this is for me.

  10. beautyin says:

    @Cindy, Benefit is so hit or miss. People are going to rave about this but so far it won’t be me.

  11. beautyin says:

    @Ange, it’s too bad it’s not sanitary to try in a store. You could try it on your hand though.

  12. Robin Wilson says:

    I received a sample of their mascara once and it was one of the best I ever used. So, when I say this I was sure hoping for something better. Plus, I am a little too old to be wearing a black liner, esp if it’s hard to “repair” as I go along. I appreciate so much your honest review…very refreshing! So many I read (not from you) read more like PR hype than honesty. Thanks!!

  13. beautyin says:

    Thanks for the compliment Robin. I wanted to like this so badly and I feel guilty writing about what’s wrong. I shouldn’t though because every product is really “your mileage may vary”. What’s great is that there are samples of this available. Sephora is going to have one very soon and that’s going to be helpful to try.

  14. I’m so intrigued by this but I know I won’t like it because of all the negative reviews I’ve read.

  15. Hey Marcia, I bought this but in all honesty, I am a little bummed out! I love the tip and the intensity, but the consistency of the gel means it’s almost impossible to get a clean line! Going back and forth isn’t an option here, either, as I find that some product could end up getting scraped off instead. I might give it another chance or two, but I think everyone makes this sound so much easier than it really is! I am not an eyeliner newbie, but still I can’t make this work that well!

  16. beautyin says:

    Hi Sunny, I’m not an eyeliner newbie at all so I totally get what you are saying. Every time I go pick it up I put it back down. I don’t have the time to use it and you can’t easily fix the mistakes. Great concept but the gel itself needs work.

  17. I was super interested to see reviews of this, because I really liked the idea and the innovation of it. I still like the idea, but I can’t say I’ve been *super* impressed by what I’ve seen. The problems I speculated it would have do seem to have cropped up (difficulty getting a super fine, precise line for example).

    I think it’ll probably cost closer to $40 or $50 here, too, so although I definitely went past Benefit to play with it (not on my actual eye, but to try the click mechanism and feel the gel), I’ll stick with my UD liners for now 🙂 Thanks for the detailed and honest review!

  18. beautyin says:

    Hi Sil, I’d never spend that kind of money on this Benefit product. I think the concept is great but the execution needs work.

  19. I’m glad I waited for your review. I really need a thin line, and something that will give me some time to fix my mistakes before it sets. You saved me $$$!

  20. beautyin says:

    @jbrobeck – you’ll find the liner on some of the Makeup Wars Black Liner favorites but it never got considered as a favorite. It’s not thin, it’s not easy.


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