Zoella continues to delight for the holidays!

Last week I wrote about Zoella’s awesome holiday gift sets and their fabulous fragrance, Cosmos.  Today I have two more super cute sets to consider picking up for holiday gift giving – and HURRY, because one is already sold out online!  Zoella has an entire Cosmos Collection for the holiday featuring the beautiful scent.  The fragrance is unusual and unique, and the combination of crisp mint and yummy red fruit is destined to become your gift recipients signature scent.  This is a limited edition fragrance, so get it while you can!  There are six different gift sets available from Zoella and here are two that will definitely delight.


Zoella Big Beauty Bang

Zoella Big Beauty Bang

The Big Beauty Bang should win a clever packaging award.  It houses ‘three cracking beauty treats’ inside the large cracker – a 3.0 fl.oz. Reach for the Moon Hand Cream, 3.3 fl.oz. Star Shower Body Wash, and 3.3 fl.oz. Cosmic Creme Body Lotion.  The Reach for the Moon Hand Cream is super hydrating and the Star Shower Body Wash creates a foam that is out of this world.  They both have a lovely scent of vanilla and mint, just perfect for the season!

The Cosmic Creme Body Lotion has the Cosmos crisp mint and red fruit scent.  All of this goodness inside that super cute package that is ready to be placed under the tree!  I love it.  Unfortunately I can’t even find this set online right now — I am afraid it’s all sold out.  But I’ll bet it’s still available in stores.  You can find it at Ulta as well as at CVS stores, so if you are lucky enough to find one of these beautiful Crackers don’t pass it up!

The Zoella Star Bather Indulgent Bathing Set has everything you need to pamper yourself with a silent night of warm vanilla and yummy peppermint.

Zoella Star Bather Indulgent Bathing Set

This terrific gift set features a Milky Way Bath Milk Powder, which will give you three wonderful soothing baths full of milky vanilla peppermint relaxation.  And there’s more in the bathing department – a full size bottle of the midnight blue Cosmos Bubble Soak, a fun way to get your bubble on and escape to another galaxy.

While you are bathing, the very helpful Exfoliating Gloves will help make your skin soft and silky.  These gloves are great – they are gentle but effective, very nice!!

And last but not least, a full size bottle of the coveted Cosmic Creme Body Lotion.  The perfect way to end a pampering Cosmos bubble bath!

You can find Zoella products at Ulta and now also at CVS.  The products are terrific and the prices are even better, so be sure to check out the great holiday sets!  – Lisa


  1. These would make great teacher or coach gifts. I love the exfoliating gloves.

  2. I love Zoella products, and this Cosmic line is just too adorable! I need everything lol

  3. Oh darn! I was at Ulta today, and I forgot to look for Zoella! Such cute gift items!

  4. I still need to try this brand!

  5. Your tree is beautiful! So is the Zoella packaging.

  6. These look great! With the fun packaging they would make a great gift for a pre-teen or teen.

  7. Ehmkay Nails says

    Loving the packaging on these. I honestly want them just for that haha

  8. Dana Rodriguez says

    I also love the packaging! This would make such a pretty gift anyone would love.

  9. These would be good stocking stuffers. I’ll check them out

  10. I really want to smell those!

  11. These would be amazing stocking stuffers!

  12. Well the packaging alone gets me but I love that this is a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift!

  13. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Fun! I’ve yet to smell this collection but I like her other releases a lot!

  14. I love that holo packaging!

  15. I wish I saw this post earlier. Was in Ulta just yesterday… Love the packaging and everything.. So ‘holidayish’

  16. I love Zoella and this cosmic line is out of this world! lol. But seriously I want to try everything

  17. I love all of the packaging, it’s so cute.

  18. LeAnn Harbert says

    These sets sound like they would be great for my Mothers Christmas present.

  19. Susan Gillam says

    I’ve never tried any of her products before, but the packaging is adorable!

  20. I know I sound like everyone else here, but the packaging they went with is so cute and really eye catching!

  21. I’ve seen this brand around, but have never tried it. Thanks for sharing your review!!

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