Zatik Glow Moisture Cream is just what this dreary weather calls for

Zatik Glow Moisture Cream

ZATIK NATURALS is a company I hadn’t tried before but now that I have I want to know more and more. Let’s start by talking about the name: Zatik Naturals – this is a skincare brand that uses a small batch process to ensure that the products bring quality and high efficiency. Their products are handmade in Glendale, Calif. in a facility that’s USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, the leading nonprofit organic certifier in the United States.

Here’s part of their philosophy and I think you’ll agree with me that this is what we want from our skincare: “What you put on your skin should be just as healthy as the food you put in your body,” the company states. Zatik believes that all products should be pure, simple and effective – without a drop of synthetic chemicals.

We see the word “small batch” used to describe the foods we eat, but what does it mean in terms of the health and wellness products we use? For Zatik Naturals, the company that brings you natural skin, body, haircare and supplements, the small batch process ensures not only quality but high efficiency.

All of their skincare is alcohol free, biodegradable, certified organic, gluten free, non GMO, PH balanced, soy free and vegan.

Transparency: Zatik is a transparent brand. They educate customers with correct information without any marketing gimmick. Their sources are verified and documentation is requested on all ingredients to ensure the validity and quality of the raw material.

Vegan and cruelty-free: Zatik is a certified cruelty-free line. No product has been tested on animals.

Free from Synthetics: Zatik’s formulas are free from GMO, soy, gluten, alcohol, or any synthetic ingredients. What you put on your skin should be just as important as the food. Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on in 26 seconds.

Eco-friendly: The labels are printed on recycled paper using soy inks.

Zatik Naturals makes products for hair, skin, body, and health. I was sent one of their skincare products, GLOW MOISTURE SKIN, which is great for all skin types.

Zatik Glow Moisture Cream

The purpose of this cream is to “stimulate your skin’s prelude towards youthfulness and a revitalizing look”. I’ll take that! Plus it promotes smooth skin, softens visible lines and wrinkles using botanical oils and extracts.

Zatik Glow Moisture Cream swatch

This light yellow cream blends into my skin effortlessly. I apply it on bare skin before my moisturizer/sunscreen. It helps to create a very subtle glow so that my skin looks more radiant. It makes my skin look and feel more hydrated while it’s performing its magic.

I am pretty picky with fragrance so I was concerned about using this since it’s formulated with: blend of pure concentrated organic power of floral and berry extracts. Contains unique proportion of omega-3 and omega-7 EFAs oils that provides deep rich nourishing skin hydration without heavy after feel. But that hasn’t proved to be a problem. It clashes with one serum that I use so I just don’t use those two together. I’m only using this during the daytime since that’s when I like that little extra glow it provides and I’m much more sensitive to fragrances at night.

Zatik Glow Moisture Cream ingredient list

I think I’ll enjoy this even more when the weather warms up since I won’t need to rely on a heavier moisturizer. Zatik Glow Moisture Cream helps my skin look just a little dewy with no greasy glow. At $28 it’s a bargain for a cream with this many great organic ingredients.  —  Marcia



  1. Lola Seicento | 4th Mar 19

    I have never heard of this brand before, but this sounds like a wonderful moisturizer! It definitely has lots of wonderful natural ingredients!

  2. Judy | 4th Mar 19

    You’re right this sounds like a great summer moisturizer! I’ve never heard of them but I love they have put a stake in the ground on transparency – I think that’s great!

  3. Courtney | 4th Mar 19

    It sounds like a really nice moisturizer.

  4. Cindy Ingalls | 4th Mar 19

    Dewy is good!

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 4th Mar 19

    The ingredients look terrific. Like you, I need a heavy moisturizer now, but in the warmer weather this would be fine. I think I have a friend who would love this.

  6. Kristina | 5th Mar 19

    I love the natural ingredients and the price is great!

  7. monique s | 5th Mar 19

    I could really use this. My skin looks dry and drab. A little moisture and glow would be perfect

  8. Dana Rodriguez | 5th Mar 19

    This sounds so nice. I love a good moisturizer!

  9. PolishGalore | 5th Mar 19

    I like that it’s small batch and natural – I’ll have to check it out!

  10. Ehmkay Nails | 5th Mar 19

    This product sounds awesome. I bet I would really like the scent.

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 5th Mar 19

    Sounds like a nice product!

  12. Nina Kasper | 9th Mar 19

    This sounds really nice. I live in the south so summer time some moisturizers are way to heavy, this might be the perfect solution.

  13. Gabrielle | 10th Mar 19

    I love the ingredients in this.It sounds like it would be really good for my skin.

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