Yummy treats for cheeks and lips: Pixi Dulce Cafe con Dulce and Dulce Lip Candy Palettes

Pixi + Dulce Candy Sweet Glow Palette and Dulce’s Lip Candy

Pixi Beauty paired up with three influensers for new color collections.  Marcia reviewed the beautiful sets by  Chloe Morello and Weylie Hoang.  Today I have the cheek and lip palettes by the beautiful blogger Dulce.  She has a gorgeous website with tremendous fashion tips and great beauty advice, and her Pixi palettes are very pretty.  Get them before they are gone!!

Pixi + Dulce Candy Sweet Glow Palette

The Pixi + Dulce Candy Sweet Glow Palette ($24) has nine cheek powder shades that range from light champagne to dark brown contour.  The colors are all gorgeous and work as blushes, bronzers, highlighters, or eyeshadows.  They have tons of pigment and are buttery smooth.  

Pixi + Dulce Candy Sweet Glow Palette swatches

Pixi + Dulce Candy Sweet Glow Palette swatches

Pixi + Dulce Candy Sweet Glow Palette swatches

It’s recommended to use your fingers and I actually agree if using these as eyeshadows.  It’s easier to manipulate the color and you can really create some very cool eye looks.  For cheeks, I use brushes, and they have a duochromatic effect so they give color and a glow to skin.  The texture is powder to cream which makes it very easy to play with and a lot of fun.

Dulce’s Lip Candy ($24) This palette contains nine lip and cheek colors that have antioxidants and minerals to keep skin soft and hydrated.

Pixi + Dulce’s Lip Candy

The shades range from barely there pink to deep red.  The colors are feminine and beautiful, mostly sheer but you can build them up for more tint.  A few of them are downright UBER pigmented, like Beso. You can also use them on your cheeks and in fact Dulce recommends using them as a base before putting on the cheeks powders.  Most of them are really too light to use as a blush, but a few – Beso, Flor, Canela, Corazon – could work.  My skin didn’t work well with this as a blush – it disappeared almost as soon as I put it on, but honestly my skin eats cream blush so I wasn’t surprised.  If you have normal skin it shouldn’t be a problem!  I use this as a lippie palette and it’s outstanding for that purpose.  With all the colors, you can do fun things like layer shades, or use a dark base and put a light shade right in the middle of the lip to create a fuller lip.

The lip glosses are very versatile, and if you love a full selection right at your fingertips – and literally your fingertips…I mean, you can use a brush but I am too impatient and just dip my fingers in – then this palette is well worth your money.

You can find Pixi Beauty and the Dulce Candy sets online at Pixi – get them before they are sold out and gone forever!  – Lisa

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  1. gloria patterson | 30th Jun 18

    WOW the colors on both of these pallets are beautiful. My favorite eye is the Caramelo something I would really wear. And the lip so many colors that I love

  2. Christa Sloan | 1st Jul 18

    These pixi palettes are SO cute. I would love to try these colors!

  3. Susan Gillam | 1st Jul 18

    OMG, I love those palettes!! Yes Please!!

  4. Lola Seicento | 4th Jul 18

    OMG, everything is so gorgeous! I want all of it!

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 4th Jul 18

    I wasn’t impressed with these palettes. The shimmery shades didn’t work as eyeshadows for me and the lip palette is too clunky to be useful.

  6. LittleNuclearReactor | 5th Jul 18

    That Pixi + Dulce Candy Sweet Glow Palette look so pretty!

  7. Glamorable | 5th Jul 18

    This is my favorite PIXI Pretties makeup collab. All of the shades are so flattering, and there’s something for everyone. Those blushes especially are super gorgeous!

  8. Courtney | 5th Jul 18

    These are so pretty!

  9. Polished Hippy | 5th Jul 18

    These palettes are great for people who want a subtle effect without overdoing it!

  10. Lacquerexpression | 5th Jul 18

    I love that cheek palette. It’s unique and I feel it would really complement my complexion.

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 6th Jul 18

    Some nice neutral colors!

  12. NINA KAPSER | 8th Jul 18

    I love the cheek palette!! The colors are perfect for my skin tone!

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