Yulip Beauty – you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this clean beauty brand before

We’ve been introducing you to K Beauty recently and have another brand to recommend. It seems like the Asian beauty community is so far ahead of other countries and it’s great that we are finally learning about more that is offered.

Yulip Beauty is all about lips, especially all about lipsticks and vegan lip balms that are 100% non-toxic, natural, organic, and cruelty free. That’s a world we are happy to be part of.

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One of the most fascinating things about Yulip Beauty is that the creator, Hyesung Won, wanted to create lip products that were safe for her young daughters. Rarely do we find a brand that is safe for children, teens and adults. Just think of all the dance recitals and performances that are performed where lipstick is needed. Now it can be safe by using Yulip.

Even the brand was named after YULIP is named after founder Hyesung Won’s daughter. “Hyesung wanted to create a lipstick that is not harmful to both moms and daughters. Inspired by her daughter, Hyesung wanted to incorporate her daughter’s name ‘YUL’ into the brand. YUL also means ‘rhythm’ when translated into Chinese characters. As a result, YULIP strives to become a brand that makes your lips sing.”

With Yulip you’ll find Lip Almighty Lip Balms ($26) in white packaging with a great magnetic top, slightly larger are the Lipsticks ($26) in black packaging with the same great top. We got a chance to try four of their lip products and we know you’ll want to next.

Yulip Lips

Marcia wants you to know about Yulip Sunset Pink lipstick and Yulip Lip Almighty Koral Lip Balm

Both of the Yulip Beauty lip products that I’ve been wearing are unbelievably comfortable and very pigmented. I had a feeling that I’d like them as soon as I read that they were fragrance free as well as being natural and organic.

Yulip Sunset Pink lipstick and Yulip Lip Almighty Koral Lip Balm

One thing I think you’ll notice in my pictures is that the colors look alike. When Lisa and I were splitting them up we noticed that too. But wearing them produces different colors and of course lip chemistry affects how they’ll look on each person.

Starting with Lip Almighty Koral Lip Balm this shade is going to look good on just about everyone. Koral means Korean and Coral which is how the name was derived. It’s a light pinky coral that changes intensity with the amount of pressure I use when applying.

Lip Almighty Koral Lip Balm

It’s formulated with safe, certified organic food grade oils and shea butter. Lips feel so hydrated and soft. And there’s no worry about lip lines since it’s a hydrating formula, not a matte. When I first looked at it I thought it would be way too dark for me but I was wrong. It’s a beautiful natural shade that wears well with my warm and neutral toned cosmetics.

SUNSET PINK LIPSTICK is also in the coral family but it’s more pink and is described as both a coral pink or a dusty pink.

Yulip Sunset Pink lipstick and Yulip Lip Almighty Koral Lip Balm

I’ll choose this with cooler toned makeup but it’s such a grab and go color that I can use it with just about everything. This too is creamy and smooth. It’s made with 100% natural-derived ingredients 51% organic ingredients used (USDA certified, Soil Association certified).

Yulip Sunset Pink lipstick

Sunset Pink has a semi-sheer finish that is glossy. With ingredients like organic evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil and borage seed oil, you know you are adding to the health of your lips as well as the beauty of them.

Lisa wants you to know about Yulip Lip Almighty Bunong Lip Balm and Yulip Angry Rose Lipstick

I was so surprised by the Lip Almighty Bunong Lip Balm – it looks like a medium pink but it is actually very sheer, although the color deepens with a firmer application. As soon as I put it on I said ‘Ahhhhh…’, enjoying the mega hydration and the super pleasant lip feel. I love that every ingredient in this lip balm comes from nature, and that it doesn’t taste or smell like anything.

The word ‘Bunong‘ is Korean for pink color. With a light hand Bunong Lip Balm gives my lips the slightest pink tone. With a few more swipes, I get the shade pictured above – a deeper but still soft pink that is glossy and pretty. This Lip Almighty is actually the second version of Yulip’s lip balm and it’s especially perfect for pregnant moms and those with little ones. You can be sure that nothing toxic is being absorbed into your system, and the lip balm is so pure you can even let your little ones wear it for themselves.

Yulip Angry Rose Lipstick is Yulip’s most popular color. Red lipsticks are very on trend in South Korea and this red brick/dried rose shade is the most coveted in the line. It personifies K-Beauty, making it a great place to start exploring. I like that it has a pink undertone as opposed to a brown one, so it really brightens up the complexion.

I love the color and have been wearing it daily since I got it, which is interesting since I typically wear pinks and corals in the summer and save shades like this for autumn.  While it is too dark to be a YLBB shade for me, it will fit that bill for those with naturally pigmented lips.

Like the Almighty Lip Balm, the Lipstick is organic and made from only naturally derived ingredients. It’s very pigmented and lasts about 3 hours on me before needing a touch up. Angry Rose has a wonderfully smooth texture and lip feel, along with a satin finish. I get a perfect application with just one swipe and I adore the packaging – the magnetic top clicks right into place, and I don’t ever worry about loose cap purse mishaps.

K-Beauty has a lot to offer, and it is really neat to explore this exciting beauty community. Yulip’s Lipstick and Almighty Lip Balm have impressed us both and we highly recommend these beauties that make your lips sing.


  1. NeverSayDieBeauty | 7th Aug 19

    I remember seeing these on Cindy’s site where they immediately got my attention. The shades are gorgeous! You can almost see how good they are for dry lips. I need to try one!

  2. Kathryne | 7th Aug 19

    I like the white packaging. A new to me brand so I’ll check them out

  3. Judy | 7th Aug 19

    The Almighty lip balm looks so great on Lisa! Yulip sounds like a nice lippie brand!

  4. Bailey | 7th Aug 19

    The shades are all so pretty!

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 7th Aug 19

    I love Yulip lipsticks! Sunrise Pink and Koral are my favs!

  6. Glamorable | 7th Aug 19

    Sunset Pink is my kind of color, and it looks so glossy and moisturizing too. I bet my lips would love it!

  7. Lola Seicento | 8th Aug 19

    Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous! I need to try this brand!

  8. Jen Walker | 8th Aug 19

    I love the Sunset Pink and Angry Rose shades! I’m not familiar with the brand so I’m glad to see it here so I can learn about it!

  9. 25 sweetepeas | 8th Aug 19

    Angry Roes is really great one! I thought Sunset Pink was going to be my fave but nope! That other one is just perfect!

  10. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 8th Aug 19

    The price keeps me from trying it but they are so pretty an wearable!

  11. My Nail Polish Obsession | 9th Aug 19

    All 4 of those look really nice. I light lighter, wearable shades.

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