You’re the Cat’s Meow Giveaway Blog Hop #GiveawayLOVE

Are you ready to win? Are you ready for another big blog hop? I can see you nodding your head. I can also see that you are hoping that this time it’s an international giveaway. You’re in luck now since all of these will be happening with The Cat’s Meow Giveaway Blog Hop.


$30 US Amazon e.gc

Thanks to The Kid’s Did It and The Mommy Island for putting together another great giveaway. Even if you are not a cat owner you can still enter to win a $30USD Amazon egift card to buy whatever your heart desires. Each of the great blogs in this hop are responsible for their own prize. You can win as many as you hope too.

Beauty Info Zone rules: Two requirements 1) you must be a verifiable email subscriber to our blog 2) you must comment. All other entries are to help you with more chances. Prize will be delivered via email and is open to whoever is able to win a US gift card. The giveaway ends on February 18, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. You really are the cat’s meow!!!  —  Marcia

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  1. Ashley | 17th Feb 20

    Will put it towards a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. I know it’s a ways out, but I like to be prepared ;P

  2. Heather E. | 17th Feb 20

    I would love to put it towards a new board game! We have monthly game nights, and things have gotten a bit stale.

  3. susan smoaks | 17th Feb 20

    i would love to use this towards some k cups.

  4. wen budro | 17th Feb 20

    I would use it to buy some pantry essentials or birthday gifts. They have a great selection.

  5. Allison Lancaster | 17th Feb 20

    I would buy my friend a baby gift!

  6. Nicole Fall | 17th Feb 20

    I would use the GC for a special camping gear surprise present for my love!

  7. Jenny Ham | 17th Feb 20

    Pet products food or litter.

  8. Jeanine Bevacqua | 17th Feb 20

    I’d spend it on my Grandson for his birthday!

  9. Megan Wilson | 17th Feb 20

    I’m needing a new body wash and moisturizer I would buy.

  10. Katie Bellamy | 17th Feb 20

    If I won I’d use it towards some new pots & pans!

  11. Seyma Bennett Shabbir | 17th Feb 20

    For my sons Clarinet reeds.

  12. Rose Santuci-Sofranko | 17th Feb 20

    I’m never sure what I’d buy until the time comes…probably some books for me and my sweet hubby. Thanks and God Bless!

  13. Sam Stamp | 18th Feb 20

    I would use it towards a new Juicer.

  14. Donna | 18th Feb 20

    I would use it to get a new kitchen scale.

  15. Amanda Whitley | 18th Feb 20

    i would use it towards my daughters birthday next month.

  16. Sarah Mayer | 18th Feb 20

    I would buy some earrings.

  17. Kayla Klontz | 18th Feb 20

    I would use it to get my son a birthday gift!

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