You don’t want to continue summer without Tattoo Junkee

Tattoo Junkee

Oh how I wish I’d known about Tattoo Junkee Cosmetics earlier this summer but it’s not stopping me from enjoying the brand now that I know about it. I have nothing but raves for the products that I’ve been trying recently. This is not a brand that I would have stopped for in a store. It looks too young for me but now that I know what it’s all about I’d stop dead in my tracks to pick some up.


It’s not just the price that’s amazing about Tattoo Junkee but it’s the texture that had me at first swipe. I don’t think I’ve felt powder cosmetics as soft as these. They’ve just blown me away.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows and Brushes

I’ve been using Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows ($5.99) in the 4 available colors. First surprise is that they aren’t a loose pigment eyeshadow which is what I thought from the name.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows

Second surprise is that as bright as they look they are totally wearable. The colors aren’t for the shy but they aren’t going to scare people away either. They are very wearable though you can go as bold as you like with them.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust in Moonwalk

The cute compact fits in the palm of my hand with domed pressed powder that is spongy to the touch. The Space Dust shadows go on so smoothly and don’t kick back powder. When you try them you’ll question that price! They seem like they’d be so much more expensive.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows

MOONWALK is a bright metallic gold that can also be a lemonade shade which is so popular this summer.

Tattoo Junkee Moon Dance

MAGIC DANCE is the purple you’ve been craving ever since everything became nude. Tattoo Junkee says it’s a prismatic purple. I say it’s a fabulous blue based purple that is my new favorite. My hygenist saw me in this and thought it had a burgundy tone when paired with Cosmic Queen.

COSMIC QUEEN is another hot hot color of late. It’s a hot pink metallic that will take your eyes to the next level.

LIFE ON MARS is another metallic, this time in a teal leaning midnight blue.

Tattoo Junkee Space Dust Eyeshadows

Even if these appear too bright for you, they are worth a try since they will surprise you with their beautiful pigment and versatility.

Tattoo Junkee 2 Piece Eyeshadow Brush Set

Tattoo Junkee also offers a 2 piece eyeshadow set with one rounded and one angled brush ($7.99). These are very soft; actually a little too soft for picking up a lot of shadow but work well if you like a light look.

TATTOO JUNKEE has two highlight collections with the same soft lovely texture.  I have the Summer Sun Collection Glo-Lite ($12.99) which looks more glitzy in the palette than it does on my face.

Tattoo Junkie Glo-Lite Summer Sun Collection

Keep your skin in a summer daydream with these warm, bronzy highlighting powders that give off a sweet, sun-kissed glow. The three shades vary from a light peachy bronze to an ethereal metallic cream to a warm light bronze. The metallic shades are just beautiful and live up to their name. They glow but with a subtleness that you’ll appreciate. Their names even glow: Naked, Blaze, and Tease.

Tattoo Junkie Glo-Lite Summer Sun Collection
Tattoo Junkie Glo-Lite Summer Sun Collection

The Glo-Lite Brush ($8.99) is a wonderful accompaniment for application. The brush is angled and picks up the pigment evenly. I use it lightly on my skin and the effect is beautiful.

Tattoo Junkee Glo-Lite palette and Glo-Lite brush

This highlighter palette is my new favorite and one I use a lot more than my more expensive highlighters.

Finish up your summer and start your fall with these fun, pigmented cosmetics. You won’t be sorry.  —  Marcia

I haven’t seen TATTOO JUNKEE at Target, Walmart or Walgreens but they are available at some stores. TATTOO JUNKEE is cruelty free with some of their products being vegan.




  1. NeverSayDieBeauty | 14th Aug 19

    Wow, they do look soft and creamy, amazing for powders! I will look for them at Target!

  2. Courtney | 14th Aug 19

    Those are lovely swatches. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lola Seicento | 14th Aug 19

    Great swatches! I need Magic Dance– it is such a gorgeous shade of purple!

  4. Kristi V BeginNails | 14th Aug 19

    I think I need to check these out – I love the pigmentation and the formula looks amazing! 🙂

  5. Cindy Ingalls | 14th Aug 19

    Gosh those eyeshadows are gorgeous!

  6. Kathryne | 14th Aug 19

    Bright eyeshadows and pigmented indeed.

  7. Glamorable | 15th Aug 19

    Wow, I am seriously impressed with how nice these turned out to be. I love that the shadows come in fun and bright colors, and the highlighters look so smooth and silky!

  8. Miranda Mendelson | Slashed Beauty | 15th Aug 19

    That highlight is AMAZING! Right up my alley

  9. Bailey | 15th Aug 19

    Ooh! Everything looks so great.

  10. Krystal E | 16th Aug 19

    I really like that purple! I’ll have to go check my local seal-Mart!

  11. Cindi Overstreet | 16th Aug 19

    I haven’t seen Tattoo Junkie here. Like you, by the packaging I would expect it to be for a younger teen consumer, but I like those colors.

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