Workout favorites with Makeup Wars

When Makeup Wars decided that they would do a post about workout favorites I was sort of stumped. I’m not a gym rat. As a matter of fact I scurry away from the gym. But since August I am in a gym at least 3 times a week though it’s for physical therapy. It’s the most workout I’ve gotten since writing those checks for my gym memberships that I never actually used.

At first I had nothing on my face other than sunscreen but now that I’m out and about I’m usually coming from somewhere or going somewhere so I do some makeup after all. This list is what I usually chose from when going to do my exercises.
LAVANILA HEALTHY DEODORANT in Lemon Vanilla – Lavanila’s deodorant comes in 7 different fragrances and two sizes. It’s a solid stick deodorant and never sticky. I find it gets me through my therapy sessions no matter how long they last and I still feel fresh as the day goes on. A full size is $14 (mini’s are $8) and I’ve barely made a dent in the months I’ve used it.
WAXELENE LIP TUBE is the product I’ve been using since the weather changed. There’s no color but I don’t usually want much color when I’m working out. This is a great protectant. I have a giveaway going on for a tube if you want to enter.
PIXI BEAUTY SHEA BUTTER LIP BALM comes in 5 sheer shades plus clear. If I want just that touch of color then I like to wear it in Natural Rose. I get the comforting lip balm with Vitamin E and color in one little tube.
IT COSMETICS CC CREAM is one of several CC Creams that I reach for. I also like Pur Minerals CC Cream and the pick of 2014 CoverFX. I’m on my second tube of the one from IT Cosmetics and I’ve completely transformed my sister into being a fan of this CC Cream and the brand. This gives me plenty of coverage, SPF50, anti-aging benefits and hydration. Plus when I’m done working out my skin isn’t dripping color.
PURELY COSMETICS DIAMOND PERFECT FINISH POWDER is what I use to set the CC Cream. This silky soft powder gets raves from me every day. It works wonders setting any foundation or CC/BB Cream and it makes my skin look finished. I rave about this all the time and I’m doing it again!
MAYBELLINE COLOR TATTOO – I have several shades of Color Tattoo eyeshadows though I tend to wear the base shades like Nude Compliment or Barely Beige on workout days. These wear like iron on me so they are perfect for any time I want color that isn’t going to budge.
MAKEUP GEEK GEL EYELINER is one of my favorite brands of gel eyeliner. I think a gel is perfect for the days you want to wear some makeup yet need your exercise. They never budge on the top lashline though sometimes they’ll wear off a little on the bottom lashline. Makeup Geek makes this in 8 shades, I wear Mobster (brown) all the time.
EDDIE FUNKHOUSER QUATRO VARIABLE LASH MASCARA is my OMG mascara. I am in love with this mascara and always have one open. I usually buy mine from Dermstore. This dark black mascara has an innovative tube that allows you to go from “nice lashes” to “va va voom”. Eddie always notices when I’m wearing it.
MILANI TOTAL LASH COVER MASCARA is my favorite mascara that I can pick up at the drugstore. It sells out quickly so when I see it I’ll usually pick one up just in case. It’s not va va voom like Eddie’s is but it doesn’t smudge and gives me well defined eyelashes.
PERRICONE MD NO BLUSH BLUSH was supposed to be reviewed way back in the summer. My best makeup friend raved about this line so much that I had to buy it and see what the fuss was about. Since then I’ve used it constantly. I prefer this liquid blush on the days I’m going to be getting ‘moist’ because it’s more like a stain. It doesn’t ever wipe off. It stays where it belongs. It will fade during the day so I sometimes have to refresh it but in general it lasts really well.
PIXI BEAUTY SHEER CHEEK GEL makes me look like I already have that workout glow before I even get in the gym. I have it in Rosy which was on one of my wishlists a long time ago. I love the stain and I love the ease of it. It’s easy to pop into my bag in case I feel the need to touch up but I rarely have to.
Considering that this is all new to me, this post made me realize what has become important on the days I want to remain fresh and need to do my therapy. I’m sure my fellow Makeup War warriors have some great suggestions including what clothes to wear and I can’t wait to read them. What would you recommend that I add to this list? — Marcia

*some products sent for editorial consideration while others are purchases


  1. I seriously need to get that It Cosmetics CC cream. It’s making me crazy I haven’t tried it yet!

  2. DUH deodorant!! I totally forgot to add that!!

  3. I completely forgot about the Percionne no makeup makeup!

  4. Melody, the foundation doesn’t work for me but the Perricone blush is fabulous on my skin.

  5. Eugenia, I wasn’t sure if I should put in the deodorant but it’s something I’d be in trouble without.

  6. Christa, we mention the IT Cosmetics CC Cream all the time and it’s time for you to get rolling with it.

  7. I totally forgot about that Eddie Funkhouser mascara! Definitely a great budge-proof pick!

  8. Sweeet list. And man, I really want to love that LaVanilla deodorant but that stuff seriously makes me smell like a goat when I wear it. No lie.

  9. LOL @Brittany. I think I’d have trouble with the other fragrances but the lemon deodorant is so mild that it doesn’t have a lot of aroma.

  10. @Bailey, I buy the Eddie Funkhouser mascara all the time. I usually have about 3 mascaras going and EF is one of them.


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  2. […] on your face when you go to workout? Marcia from Beauty Info Zone is usually coming from somewhere or bopping around town after. See […]

  3. […] on your face when you go to workout? Marcia from Beauty Info Zone is usually coming from somewhere or bopping around town after. See […]

  4. […] on your face when you go to workout? Marcia from Beauty Info Zone is usually coming from somewhere or bopping around town after. See […]