Wondering about Wander? Wander Beauty 4 Piece Paris Collection

Nothing makes me as happy as a new cosmetics line and Wander Beauty, creation of supermodel Lindsay Ellingson, has definitely put a big huge smile on my face. QVC sells this really cool line and I have to say that it’s true…not all who wander are lost. (All you Lord of the Rings fans out there know exactly what I mean!)

Wander Cosmetics 4 Piece Paris Collection
Wander Beauty 4 Piece Paris Collection
Wander Beauty sent me the QVC exclusive 4 Piece Paris Collection ($49.96) which includes:

  • 0.22-oz Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Dove Gray
  • 0.07-oz Catch the Light Highlighter in Ivory
  • 0.07-oz Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel in Parisian Red
  • 0.20-oz Wanderess Cheek Tint in Dusty Rose
 Wander Beauty Four-Piece Paris Collection
The colors and formulas were created to capture the spirit of Paris.   have to admit, I haven’t been to Paris so I can’t say if the collection accomplishes that goal…but I can say it’s a set well worth a shopping trip to QVC.
Catch the Light Hydrator
Catch the Light Highlighter in Ivory

The Catch the Light Highlighter in Ivory is a lipstick-sized cream-to-powder highlighter. Just sweep it on then blend with a sponge for a beautiful luminescence. I wear this on my cheeks, the inner corner of my eyes, and my favorite trick – straight down the bridge of my nose. It is very pretty and wears well, even with my rather OCD nose powdering habit.

Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow
Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Dove Gray

First let me say that the Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow truly is absolutely exquisite – I am very, very picky about cream eyeshadows and this is one of my favorites of all time. It is just as beautiful at the end of the day as it is when first applie, and it doesn’t crease at all…a minor miracle for me since I have oily lids. Ingredients include green tea, aloe extracts, and vitamins C and E  The doe-foot applicator is fine for application, although I blend it out using a MAC 242 brush.

You may have noticed that my Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow pictured above is called Dove Gray. Don’t let the name fool you – this eyeshadow is definitely not gray.  It’s a beautiful champagne taupe. It’s my favorite item in the set.

Wanderess Cheek Tint in Dusty Rose
Wanderess Cheek Tint in Dusty Rose

Wanderess Cheek Tint fooled me at first…I would have sworn this was a lip gloss. But it’s a creamy cheek tint that dries into a light stain that doesn’t accentuate pores. It also has great lasting power. I love the Dusty Rose color, which is a very natural shade that makes you look healthy.

Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel in Parisian Red
Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel in Parisian Red

The Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel is certainly interesting. It has a unique gel texture that applies with lots of slip, but then dries down to almost a stain. Ingredients include rose extract and vitamins C and E.  I like this…can’t say I love it though. The Parisian Red is a beautiful shade, just not really on me. I also find that when I reapply it after the initial application it ends up looking uneven and rather spotty. I know people rave about the Love Lock Hydrating Lip Gel so maybe it’s just me and my particular body chemistry.

Overall, I think the set is a keeper. If you are wondering about Wander, the 4 Piece Paris Collection is a perfect introduction to the line.  – Lisa

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  1. Lola Seicento | 7th Oct 15

    I have never heard of this line before, but that Dove Gray Liquid liner has certainly got my attention!

  2. [email protected] | 7th Oct 15

    Gorgeous line! And all perfect shades for me. Gimme that Dove Grey liquid shadow 😉

  3. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 7th Oct 15

    Ooooo, Interesting, I love the liquid shadow and cheek stain.

  4. Phyrra | 7th Oct 15

    Parisian Red is gorgeous

  5. Jess Mary | 7th Oct 15

    Amazing products, especially that Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow, which I’d really love to try out! <3

  6. Irina G. | 7th Oct 15

    Interesting! Lip Gel looks gorgeous!

  7. Chelsea | 7th Oct 15

    The cheek tint and liquid shadow both look so gorgeous!!

  8. Eugenia | 7th Oct 15

    These look lovely! I want to try!

  9. Linda M | 7th Oct 15

    That liquid eyeshadow color is gorgeous!

  10. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 7th Oct 15

    This looks like a wonderful kit. Dove Grey is gorgeous and so are all the shades. I want this kit!

  11. Aleya Bamdad | 7th Oct 15

    That eye liquid is gorgeous!

  12. Julie | 7th Oct 15

    That cream eyeshadow is the perfect taupe shade, it’s stunning!

  13. Rachel Beltz | 7th Oct 15

    Hmm.. I know QVC has a lot of good products.. but they also have a lot of bummers. Maybe this set is a winner (:

  14. Laurie Nykaza | 7th Oct 15

    I dint know about these on QVC and have not bought anything from them before but I love the colors of the Wander Beauty line especially the lip gel my lips always get dry and this looks great to use.

  15. brenda disimone | 7th Oct 15

    I love the colors. I have fair skin so its hard for me to find items that dont age me or are too light. I love how you have the swatches on your skin, that helps alot because its hard to match on a computer screen with nothing to compare it to.

  16. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 7th Oct 15

    I agree, that cream shadow looks stunning and the highlighter is pretty too! What a great price for this 4 piece set.

  17. Erika | 7th Oct 15

    I’m seeing this brand, her and there and it looks very interesting. Those shades are so pretty.

  18. Christy Peeples DuBois | 8th Oct 15

    You are so right about that eyeshadow, it is a gorgeous color and looks great, I will have to get this. The other items are really pretty also with the exception of the lippie. The lip color isn’t for me and I do not like a slippery product. I wonder/wander if all the shades are like this one.

  19. Shipra | 8th Oct 15

    This brand looks fantastic! They are all so pigmented and lovely overall! <3

  20. Kath TheFabZilla | 8th Oct 15

    I have oily lids, it’s nice to the liquid shadow lived up. That’s a stunning shade!

  21. Nidia - Lit From Within | 8th Oct 15

    I love new cosmetics lines, too! That eyeshadow is gorgeous.

  22. Helena | 8th Oct 15

    Fantastic collection with wonderful shades!
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    Wish you a fab day!

  23. Anastasia | 8th Oct 15

    Gorgous colors and packaging! Ive never heard of this brand before.

  24. Bailey | 8th Oct 15

    I lov their packaging! The liquid shadow is such a great shade too.

  25. Mercedes | 8th Oct 15

    I saw these on Instagram a few days ago and wanted more info. There are a few items I want to pick up.

  26. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 8th Oct 15

    That Dove Grey shade is gorgeous.

  27. M.Clark | 10th Oct 15

    This collection sounds great. I’d really love to try the lip gel. Thank you for sharing this review.

  28. Archana | 10th Oct 15

    This looks like a gorgeous kit to add to our makeup collection… I especially love the highlighter and cheek tint…

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