Wink’s Dynamic Duo for Lashes and Brows #giveaway

Thank you to Wink Brow Bar for offering this giveaway to one of our US/Can email subscribers. Read all about the products to see what you can win.

As women, we are conditioned to think we need a multitude of products to look good.The truth is, we need the right products. Research shows that the average woman uses 16 products a day. Imagine how many true beauty junkies use? Perhaps, if those products were functioning at peak performance or at a multi-purpose level, we would not need so many. Umbreen Sheikh is a licensed cosmetologist and the founder + CEO of Wink Brow Bar with several NYC locations and 1 in London.  Umbreen has created an eponymous line of brow and facial products that streamline every woman’s routine. She is proud to introduce her latest additions that include The Wink Embrowerment Pencil and Wink Nourishing Lash Fortifier + Keratin. All of the Wink products can be purchased on the website


What’s New From The World of Wink?

Wink Nourishing Lash Fortifier + Keratin

What it does: Promotes strong, healthy and glossier lashes with special after-care conditioner. It is infused with nourishing keratin. This thickening and strengthening formula helps blend new-growth hairs with previously treated lashes, creating a seamless, beautifully enhanced eye look. Each coat fortifies and nourishes root structure, promoting stronger, healthier, and glossier lashes.

What makes it unique?

  • This product can be used with any lash service, including lash extensions, lash lifting and tinting.
  • Can be used as a primer before applying mascara
  • Nourishes root structure, promoting stronger, healthier, and glossier lashes
  • Contains no prostaglandins.

How to use: Position wand horizontally above the lashes and wiggle gently side to side at the root allowing the conditioner to absorb at the root where the hair meets the eyelid. Then brush gently from root to tip. This post-lift formula relies on the nourishing power of keratin to help maintain thick, curled, and full-looking lashes, root to tip in between treatments.

Price: $68.00

What is does: An all in one eyebrow pencil perfect for on the go.  It’s designed to create a foolproof brow every time. Great for beginners for ease of use with the brow color on one side and a spoolie brush on the other.  It can be used for any brows including those that are thin, sparse or have missing areas.

Wink Embrowerment Pencil

What makes it Unique?

  • Pencil shape makes it easy to create hair-like strokes
  • Easy application for a busy person on the go
  • Long-lasting
  • Creamy and blendable formula
  • Gives the illusion of a fuller brow in sparse or non-existent areas
  • Attached brow brush helps to blend product and tame hairs
  • Available in 3 different shades: Light brown, dark brown (most popular) and black

How to use: Make some brow wow with this smooth-glide, long-lasting gel pencil with the brow brush for a fool-proof application.

Price: $20.00

WHAT YOU CAN WIN: Both of these new products from Wink Brow Bar are going to be in the hands of one lucky US/Can blog subscriber. I’m going to ask what color you’d like in the Wink Embrowermint Pencil though there’s no guarantee you’ll receive that one. It’s the Wink Nourishing Lash Fortifier + Keratin that stands out to me in this giveaway.

The giveaway is open through 8/26/19 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. As usual you must be an email subscriber and comment on the post. Those are the musts, the rest of the entries increase your chances of winning. Open your eyes wide and hope for the best.  —  Marcia

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  1. 409cope | 11th Aug 19

    The light brown would be great for me.

  2. Starla | 11th Aug 19

    These look precise and so interesting! I really like the packaging and I would love to try the Dark Brown color! I am always looking for new go to brow goodies!

  3. Lynne B | 11th Aug 19

    I think the dark brown would work best for me.

  4. Mary W | 11th Aug 19

    I’ll go with the most popular shade – dark brown.

  5. patricia caradonna | 11th Aug 19

    Dark brown.

  6. monique s | 11th Aug 19

    I think I would go dark brown

  7. Debra Branigan | 11th Aug 19

    The dark brown is the best shade for me.

  8. NANCY | 11th Aug 19

    Dark brown

  9. Susan P. | 11th Aug 19

    I think I would use both the light brown and dark brown.

  10. Kristi C | 11th Aug 19

    The dark brown would work best for me.

  11. Ann Berman | 12th Aug 19

    dark brown i think

  12. Jeanna Massman | 12th Aug 19

    Light Brown would be the best color for me.

  13. Sage | 12th Aug 19

    Dark brown for my daughtrr

  14. Gia Welch | 12th Aug 19

    Dark brown is the first choice, then light brown.

  15. Natalie F | 12th Aug 19

    Light brown would be best for me.

  16. Tara L | 12th Aug 19

    I’d want to win this for my mom and she is light brown.

  17. Melissa Storms | 12th Aug 19

    I would like the light brown if I won.

  18. Liz E | 12th Aug 19

    I would need black.

  19. Dana Rodriguez | 12th Aug 19

    These sound nice! Light brown would be perfect!

  20. latanya | 12th Aug 19


  21. Heather Kaufman | 12th Aug 19

    dark brown works best for me.

  22. amber kolb | 12th Aug 19

    Light brown!

  23. gloria patterson | 12th Aug 19

    light brown

  24. Pamela Gard | 12th Aug 19

    Light Brown

  25. Shannon D Citrino | 13th Aug 19

    Blonde or lightest brown

  26. Sandra Dufoe | 13th Aug 19

    I think dark brown would look the best.

  27. Vicki Wurgler | 13th Aug 19

    I would pick the dark brown

  28. qiuceme | 13th Aug 19

    very happy i can come to this site to see you amazing post.
    really grateful to leave a footprint here.
    Point effectively used.! i will always comeback here to follow your next article

  29. julie | 13th Aug 19

    Dark Brown

  30. Colleen Boudreau | 13th Aug 19

    Light brown.

  31. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 13th Aug 19

    Light Brown pencil for me!

  32. Edye | 14th Aug 19

    dark brown 😀

  33. Tammy Horn | 14th Aug 19

    Dark Brown would work best on me.

  34. Tia B. | 14th Aug 19

    Dark Brown or Black

  35. Darlene Carbajal | 14th Aug 19

    Dark brown.

  36. Tony Platz | 14th Aug 19

    Dark Brown is my wifes natural color.

  37. Michel Keeler | 14th Aug 19

    really want to try this!!! good luck all : )

  38. Michel Keeler | 14th Aug 19

    pushed button by mistake! dark brown!

  39. Tabitha | 15th Aug 19

    Light Brown

  40. Gwendolyn Jordan | 15th Aug 19


  41. Victoria K | 17th Aug 19

    Light brown

  42. Erin N | 17th Aug 19

    Light brown would suit me best! Fingers crossed… thank you!

  43. Rhonda.H. | 17th Aug 19

    Dark brown looks great!

  44. Lauren u | 17th Aug 19

    I would take the light brown.

  45. KV | 17th Aug 19

    I like black.

  46. LeAnn Harbert | 18th Aug 19

    I will choose the dark brown

  47. Michelle Garrity | 18th Aug 19

    Dark brown

  48. Ashley c | 18th Aug 19

    I would pick the light brown

  49. Summer is slipping away but the giveaways keep coming on The Sunday Scoop – LargeBeauty | 18th Aug 19


  50. Stephanie Liske | 18th Aug 19

    I would pick black.

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