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As you know I’m always on the lookout for giveaways on Beauty Info Zone. Most of the ones I end up doing are items I’ve purchased so when one comes along from a beauty company, I’m going to jump on it for our readers. This trio of WINK Brow Bar products sounds amazing and I wish I could win it. Instead though one Beauty Info Zone US subscriber will be the lucky one. Here’s what WINK shared about this giveaway.  —  Marcia


Eyebrows are one of a person’s most prominent facial features because of the many functions they perform. They help accentuate the eyes, shape the face, and play a powerful role in communication. According to science, eyebrows are the most important facial feature one has. When eyebrows are sparse, this immediately ages the face.  Similarly, long, lush, dark eyelashes have been associated with femininity for centuries. The beauty industry and consumers have been in a flurry over brows and lashes for the past several years. The phrase, “eyebrows on fleek” has become common vernacular.  With a veritable smorgasbord of lash and brow products out there, how does one choose? Enter Wink Brow Bar and the only three products you need to keep brows, lashes, and the eye area lush and youthful.Umbreen Sheikh, founder and CEO of Wink Brow Bar with locations in NYC and London has formulated these products to replicate the results she provides in her salons. She refers to these products as #embrowerment.

Wink Brow Perfecting Quad  Retail Price: $42.00

Product Description

Wink’s new Brow Quad is a multitasking compact developed for touch-ups on the go. The formulas, including smudge-proof filler powder, highlighter and grooming pomade for light, flexible hold, allow you to maintain the look of tidy, beautifully defined brows between studio visits.

Also included is a dual-sided brush — angled on one end to deposit and blend pigment with ease — and soft-bristled on the other to tame and shape for precise detailing.

How to Use

Apply brow pomade with brush or fingertips onto brows and smooth into shape. Use a small amount of powder and gently layer brows with feather-like strokes to create the perfect brow. Finish by gently brushing brows upwards with the spoolie brush.

Tip: Do not use too much powder on the front of the brow and try to stay close to the brow shape. Dot sparse area gently with an angle brush. Finish with highlighter under the brow bone for an extra pop.


Nourishing Lash Fortifier + Keratin  Retail Price: $68.00

Product Description

Promote strong, healthy and glossier lashes with our special after-care conditioner, infused with nourishing keratin.

This thickening, strengthening formula helps blend new-growth hairs with previously treated lashes — creating a seamless, beautifully enhanced eye look. With each coat, it stimulates follicle growth and fortifies root structure.

How to Use

Position wand horizontally above the lashes and wiggle gently side by side at the root where the hair meets the eyelid. Then, brush gently from root to tip. Do the same from below the lashes as well.

Flash Eye Lift Serum  $130.00

Product Description

Flash Eye Lift has been a staple in the Wink beauty room for years.

Developed in small batches in Germany, this potent complex provides an immediate tightening, lifting and cooling sensation when applied. By boosting skin’s moisture balance, it also works with long-lasting action to smooth the appearance of wrinkles over time.

How to Use

Following a thorough cleansing, morning or night, gently dab serum onto the skin surrounding the eyes, including the lids, brow bone and under-eye area. For optimal results and maximum absorption, use the fingertips to massage the product in a circular upward motion lightly.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION  This terrific trio of eye products will be won by one US Beauty Info Beauty Zone subscriber. The giveaway is worth $240. This prize will be sent by the company once the Rafflecopter has chosen the winner. MUSTS: you must be an email subscriber to Beauty Info Zone and you must comment. All other entries are for your benefit to give you more chances. Tweeting daily is a big help. The last day to enter this is June 3, 2019 at 11:59 pm EDT. Good luck on this terrific giveaway.

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  1. Gwendolyn Jordan | 19th May 19

    I have a scar on my left brow which has to be filled in daily.

  2. Maryann D. | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows are not good at all. They are thinning and I have a lot of grey hairs.

  3. Christine Wagner | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows are so light you can’t tell they are there unless they are filled in.

  4. Carol schefman | 19th May 19

    Always looking to improve my brows! Love to win this!

  5. Jen Hossan | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows are a little thin and need some help to look nice and full!

  6. Mary W | 19th May 19

    In my younger days, my eyebrows were thick and dark. Today they are thinning and have lots of hairs with no pigment that have turned white. Not a good look! This set would be heavenly!

  7. Virginia Rowell | 19th May 19

    My brows are real light and thin.

  8. Gabrielle | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows are quite full and they do need regular grooming to keep them tidy.

  9. Dana Rodriguez | 19th May 19

    I have been DYING to try this. I have thin eyebrows from over plucking as a teen plus they are blonde so YES!.

  10. Leah Davis | 19th May 19

    I have very sparse eyebrows. The eyebrow hairs I do have are long and curl in odd directions, so I’m always looking out for something to help tame them!

  11. Carol S | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows are very sparse, but grow into straight lines pretty much so I have to keep them tweezed and filled in daily or else I look like a crazy person. I could always use help to keep them in shape!

  12. Monique S | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows are sparse and lacking shape

  13. Kim Pincombe-Cole | 19th May 19

    I have a scar above my right eyebrow, so I always have to fill it!

  14. Susan P. | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows are getting sparser with age and the white hairs need to be covered up!

  15. Tara L | 19th May 19

    I don’t think my eyebrows are great at all I’m scared to get them waxed or whatnot so I just leave them alone at times and fix them up with that make up stuff I have or the brush and pencil ha.

  16. Terri Shaw | 19th May 19

    My eyebrows have become patchy, well, just the left one. I’m not sure why??? and the right one is just out of control, growing in all directions??? The older I get the worse it is.

  17. Maranda Hymes | 20th May 19

    They are hard to keep even and just don’t look good unless I define them with a gel and powder so they look clean and uniform.

  18. patricia caradonna | 20th May 19

    My eyebrows have a few unruly strays. I pluck them weekly.

  19. latanya | 20th May 19

    they are very uneven

  20. Helga | 20th May 19

    My eyebrows are fine. Very happy with them!

  21. Vicki Wurgler | 20th May 19

    my eyebrows are very thin

  22. Sandra Dufoe | 20th May 19

    They are thinning as I age.

  23. Liz E | 20th May 19

    They look fine in person, but disappear in photos. I get them threaded and occasionally tinted.

  24. Sharon Rooney | 20th May 19

    My eyebrows are thinning and have gray in them.

  25. Jennifer R | 20th May 19

    My eyebrows are thin and light with grey popping up in them.

  26. Marilyn Nawara | 20th May 19

    My eyebrows are too thin and the color is too light.

  27. Leela | 20th May 19

    My eyebrows are brown and have to be plucked regularly.

  28. Laura Griggs | 20th May 19

    I have hypothyroidism which causes sparse eyebrows

  29. Marci | 21st May 19

    I am frustrated with my brows. As a teen, I over-plucked them. I have been trying to grow them back for the past 5 years! Not gaining much traction.

  30. Melissa Storms | 21st May 19

    My brows are stubborn and too light. I have always had to do something to color or it doesn’t look like I have any from a distance.

  31. courtney b | 22nd May 19

    I draw my eyebrows so I like them the way they are

  32. Ellen Casper | 23rd May 19

    My eyebrows have are getting thinner.

  33. Tabitha | 23rd May 19

    They’re a little unruly lol.

  34. Nancy Jachcik | 25th May 19

    My eyebrows are Sparse, lots of grey and the few eyebrow hairs I have are coarse and wild. They tnd to stick out and dont lay down against my skin

  35. Edye | 26th May 19

    they are bushy, haha!

  36. Nancy | 26th May 19

    Most people take their eyebrows for granted. Mine are probably my most daunting beauty issue. I correct the missing hair & scar the best I can with a pencil but definitely interested in a better, longer lasting solution. I would love to try this.

  37. Shannon S. Owings | 26th May 19

    I need definition…and a few more hairs on each end!

  38. sarah | 26th May 19

    I have a lot of thinning in areas of my eyebrows.

  39. Paula Pennachio | 26th May 19

    My eyebrows are small I hate them I have to really draw them on

  40. Victoria Barbour | 26th May 19

    My eyebrows are uneven and thin.

  41. Jeanne Coulombe | 26th May 19

    My eyebrows are uneven and they fall out so I can have times where I have bare spots so I have to fill them in.

  42. Gia Welch | 27th May 19

    My brows are sparse and the hairs like to curling odd directions that no wax can lay flat. I really like my natural shape and all I ever do to groom them is tweeze the odd strand and sometime fill in with a matching eyeshadow shade.

  43. Pat S | 27th May 19

    Starting to grey unfortunately. Would be great to win this!!

  44. Mary Ortiz | 27th May 19

    I have difficulties with my eyebrows they stick out and grow very sporadic and very hard to pluck for shaping.

  45. Cindy | 28th May 19

    My eyebrows are thin and sparce.

  46. Heather Kaufman | 29th May 19

    My eyebrows are sparse in areas.

  47. Billie R | 30th May 19

    My eyebrows have a nice arc, but are thin and sparse. I would love for them to be a bit fuller.

  48. Elena | 31st May 19

    They are uneven and unruly

  49. Debbie Jensen | 2nd Jun 19

    My eyebrows are ok, but definitley need filled in and need shaped!

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