Win a holiday gift basket for your guy! The RICH by Rick Ross Luxury Men’s Grooming line

Huge holiday giveaway – the entire Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Hair/Beard Care line!

Some guys are so hard to shop for…either they already have pretty much everything or else they are so picky you become paranoid that whatever you pick out will be a dud. Well, there is a much better way to go than something safe like a gift card – how about some men’s grooming products that get universally excellent reviews from all the guys who have tried them? I am talking about the RICH by Rick Ross Luxury line. Read on then enter to win the ENTIRE collection – and we promise you will get the package in time for the holidays!

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Huge holiday giveaway – the entire Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Hair/Beard Care line!

Rick Ross is a famous musician probably best known for his song “Hustlin’,” as well as his infamous feud with 50 Cent. Rick is known for his style so it only makes sense that he created his own body product line. RICH by Rick Ross is a collection of luxurious men’s grooming products including beard oil, shampoo and conditioner, hair and body wash, and hair styling products. The RICH by Rick Ross line is made with premium, sulfate, paraben and mineral oil free formulations that feature Caviar, Champagne and Kona Coffee Extracts, and the nine-piece line provides “The Boss Experience” with every use.

Men really love this line. Check out the reviews…every product has at least a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. The guys especially appreciate the scent which is fabulous – very fresh, clean, and manly. It’s not too spicy or overpowering like many men’s scents. The scent is exactly what a guy should smell like after showering. Every guy needs grooming products, so you can’t go wrong with this gift idea! And if you win our RICH by Rick Ross Luxury Line giveaway they promise it will arrive on your doorstep in time for gifting.  Here’s what you will score as our lucky winner:

Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Beard Oil

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY BEARD OIL (1 fl oz, $17.99)  I think this is the most popular item in the Rick Ross line.  The Luxury Beard Oil smells amazing and it hydrates hair and skin, killing the dreaded ‘beard itch’. It makes the beard and skin soft without greasy residue or heaviness and also gives that beard a great sheen.

Most definitely the best beard oil money can buy. Gloss like a boss.

Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Shaving Cream and Luxury Aftershave Balm

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY SHAVING CREAM (5 fl oz, $15.99) The Luxury Shaving Cream works for all skin types and all hair types. Guys say it’s very easy to use and effective, and it’s the only shaving cream many barber shops will use.

The Boss shaving cream takes your game to the next level. Expect the smoothest shave ever. Period.

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY AFTERSHAVE BALM (5 fl oz, $15.99) The Luxury Aftershave Balm is a lightweight face moisturizer that gives tons of hydration, making skin super smooth and soft. Men love it because without any of the irritating ingredients that most aftershaves contain, it moisturizes without causing irritation to freshly shaven skin.

Performance matters… and so does smooth skin.

Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Shampoo

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY SHAMPOO (8.45 fl oz, $14.99) Guys love this shampoo for the clean scent and the fact that it is gentle on the hair and scalp while also repairing damaged hair.

The Boss of shampoos cleans, softens and moisturizes all hair types with the richest formula in the game.

Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Conditioner

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY CONDITIONER (8.45 fl oz, $14.99)  This is the companion to the Luxury Shampoo. It moisturizes the hair, making it soft and shiny but in a very manly way.

Get back what’s yours. This conditioner makes your hair #richforever.

Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Hair & Body Wash

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY HAIR & BODY WASH (8.45 fl oz, $14.99)  Some guys don’t want to be bothered with two products for their hair plus another for their body – they want something much simpler but just as effective.  That’s where the Luxury Hair & Body Wash comes to the rescue. One bottle will clean hair and condition it, as well as wash away the day’s grime while still leaving skin soft and moisturized.

Let everybody know your name. Be #1 with the 2-in-1 head to toe full body wash that will cleanse, condition, and nourish your hair, body and soul.

Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Classic Pomade and Luxury Strong Styling Wax

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY CLASSIC POMADE (2.6 oz, $15.99)  Pomade sounds pretty fancy, but it’s been making guys slick for decades. A water-based styling product, pomade is used to make hair shiny and slick. The Luxury Classic Pomade gives those unruly guys a way to eliminate frizz, mold hair, and give it high shine while still leaving hair soft.

The most touchable pomade from the boss of The Untouchable Empire. Frizz control and all that.

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY STRONG STYLING WAX (2.6 oz, $15.99) The yin to pomade’s yang, the Luxury Strong Styling Wax is a pliable fiber paste that molds hair with a medium to strong hold but still has a touchable, smooth texture. While the Luxury Classic Pomade gives hair high shine, the Luxury Strong Styling Wax gives hair a matte finish.

Winners are strong. So is this matte wax. Create boss texture with strong, yet workable hold.

Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Styling Gel

RICH by Rick Ross LUXURY STYLING GEL (5 fl oz, $15.99)  For those who like gel styling products, the Luxury Styling Gel gives light to medium hold, a glossy shine, and a silky feel. It can be used on wet hair for more control while blow drying, or on dry hair to tame frizz and keep hair smooth. This is a great sculpting product.

Every day you hustlin’, use this classic gel to hold you tight.

Huge holiday giveaway – the entire Rich by Rick Ross Luxury Hair/Beard Care line!


Enter to win the entire RICH by Rick Ross nine (9) piece collection.  One lucky reader will win:

  • Luxury Beard Oil
  • Shampoo, Conditioner
  • Hair & Body Wash
  • Styling Gel
  • Shaving Cream
  • Aftershave Balm
  • Classic Pomade
  • Strong Styling Wax

The RICH by Rick Ross nine piece collection retails for $99.00 on and at Sally Beauty Supply. This giveaway is for our US/Canada readers and the prize will be sent by the RICH by Rick Ross representatives.  You can enter until 12/15/19 at 11:59 pm – only a short time to enter so our winner will receive their prize by the holidays.  Don’t play it safe with something impersonal…give your guy ‘The Boss Experience’, and enter today so you can also win like a boss!  – Lisa

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