Which fox are you? Hard Candy Fox in a Box

Hard Candy Fox in a Box

Hard Candy is always so much fun – I love the playful vibe that has a distinct positive girl power bent. Prices are great, products are quality, and the line always makes me feel confident and happy. What more could you ask??

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Hard Candy Fox in a Box

Adorable marbleized baked powders in girl power adorned boxed with accompanying scratch and sniff packaging – yeah, that’s what I want! How did Hard Candy know? Somehow they reached my inner child, inner diva, and inner makeup geek all at once with Fox in a Box ($7).  There are five shades available, each with its own yummy scent that you can test thanks to the handy scratch and sniff sticker on the outside of the package. Inside is a super cute box with a vintage-y cartoon of a fab gal adorning the cover and inside the box is a little brush and a highlighting powder.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Girl Boss
Hard Candy Fox in a Box

The marbleized baked powders are made with finely milled mica pigments that apply sheerly to give skin a glow. You can build them up for more color. They aren’t too sparkly or shimmery, so they are more of a natural glow. I don’t find the brush to be that great, but the powder is terrific.  It does indeed smell like it’s supposed to and the scents are quite yummy! I am reviewing three of the five shades available  The other two are Glamour Girl which smells like pina colada and Uptown Girl, which smells like sweet peach.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Girl Boss
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Girl Boss
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Girl Boss

Girl Boss is a champagne highlighter that smells like vanilla. It’s not a strong scent – actually the mildest of the three. This is a beautiful highlighter that gives a soft focus glow, and I am totally digging the full arm sleeve tats.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Girl Next Door
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Girl Next Door
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door is a pink highlighter that smells like strawberry. It’s a sweet, candy strawberry scent…like Pixi Sticks. I actually like it, which surprises me – the scent isn’t cloying at all, it’s just fun. The highlighter is very pretty. If you have very fair skin it could work as a blush. Otherwise it gives a beautiful healthy glow.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Party Girl
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Party Girl
Hard Candy Fox in a Box Party Girl

Party Girl is bronze highlighter that smells like chocolate. It smells like Hershey’s cocoa, actually, almost exactly! This is a great highlighter for those with lighter skin tones because it’s not too dark and will give just enough bronzing action. For darker skin tones it might not show up enough.

While I like all three, based on my usage thus far I am mostly a Girl Boss. Which fox are you? Head on over to Walmart to find out!  – Lisa


  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 6th Sep 18

    These are so darn adorable. Girl Next Door for me!

  2. Krystal E | 6th Sep 18

    Ooh I’m not sure which one I am but with a good price point, I can safely try out all three! Now, to Walmart!

  3. Lola Seicento | 6th Sep 18

    I have these, and think that they are awesome, and they are so affordable!

  4. Kathryne | 6th Sep 18

    Their packaging is really cute. I’ll pick Party Girl

  5. Heather G | 6th Sep 18

    I like the look of Party Girl.

  6. Jen Walker | 6th Sep 18

    The packaging of these is fabulous! Girl Next Door may be my favorite!

  7. Cindy Ingalls | 6th Sep 18

    I have these and they are so cute and fun!

  8. Susan Gillam | 6th Sep 18

    I think I would love Girl Boss!

  9. Glamorable | 7th Sep 18

    Girl Next Door is such a pretty blush! Kinda looks like Nars Orgasm.

  10. Honeygirlk | 7th Sep 18

    Well well… these are really nice. It’s been a while since I had used any of these Fox in the Box blushes, but I always enjoyed them when I did use them.

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 7th Sep 18

    These look nice!

  12. Polished Hippy | 7th Sep 18

    I think I have some of these from ages ago! I should dig them out

  13. Katie Marie | 8th Sep 18

    I was super impressed with the quality of these highlighters!

  14. Nina Kasper | 8th Sep 18

    I love Party Girl and Boss Girl! Both would work with my skin tone perfectly!!

  15. Katie Nystuen | 8th Sep 18

    Id have to say I’ma party girl fox. It just seems like the one that would go with my skin tone the best.

  16. CosmetopiaDigest.com | 9th Sep 18

    I love the very cute packaging. I first thought these would be OTT, but they’re all perfectly wearable.

  17. Bailey | 10th Sep 18

    I love how cute these are! I have the peach and strawberry ones, and have been pretty impressed with them.

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