When you wish upon a star

It’s already holiday wishlist time and that’s the theme of this week’s Makeup Wars. Just a few of us are involved so that gives you lots of time to read everyone’s post. I’m listing items that I would love to own even if the prices are up there with the stars but also some affordable items.

DYSON has been on my mind lately. The new curling iron made me drool but at $549 I know I’d never get enough use out of it to justify even asking for it. But the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is worth the money. It’s $399 and Sephora has one alone and one in a limited edition set with 4 Quai hair products. It is so much faster and more efficient than any dryer I’ve ever tried.

Also on my mind has been FOREO. I still have my original one but the cord is lost and I have to get a new one. But I saw the new HERE & THERE duo at Sephora and can’t stop thinking about it. It contains the Luna Mini 2 and Luna Play for $139 (a savings of $40). While the Play isn’t rechargeable it’s perfect for travel and is good for up to 100 uses.My true love is cosmetics and brushes so I need to include those in my wishlist. The most hyped palettes of the season are from Huda, Urban Decay, and Pat McGrath. What do you think of these?

HUDA ROSE GOLD REMASTERED ($65) is the one that appeals to me most. It has 18 shades with 8 metallics, 8 mattes, a dry/wet black, and a pressed pearl shadow.

Huda Rose Gold Remastered

Also very popular, though too bright for me are the new Obsessions palettes for only $27. There are 11 total palettes, 3 of which are brand new. Here’s Amethyst

Huda Amethyst Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

PAT MCGRATH MTHRSHP Subliminal Dark Star Eyeshadow Palette ($55) looks amazing to me. Too bad I don’t go anywhere to deserve this! This Palette Contains:
– 6 x Eyeshadows in Entice (gleaming glittering gold), Deep Space (smoky matte gray), Enraptured (gleaming metallic gold), Dark Matter (silky onyx sheen), Metropolis (pearlized aubergine), Interstellar (iridescent metallic blue)

Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Subliminal Dark Star Eyeshadow palette


Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Subliminal Dark Star Eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay has a new Naked Cherry collection and the eyeshadow palette looks delicious.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow palette

Lips – can’t forget those. The set that I think would make anyone happy is the Bite Beauty Astrology Mini Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set ($75). 13 mini lipsticks in Aquarius (plum berry), Pisces (muted peachy-orange), Aries (fiery red), Taurus (muted white-chocolate rose), Gemini (red) (intense red), Gemini (nude) (warm nude), Cancer (neutral pink), Leo (glittering gold), Virgo (berry red), Libra (neutral medium brown), Scorpio (fiery orange-red), Sagittarius (electric pink), Capricorn (deepest plum).

Astrology By Bite Mini Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set

Last is just one brush set that would be a cosmetic lovers dream. I’d choose the Natasha Denona 21 Piece Pro Set ($290). This cruelty free set has every brush you can possibly need. I can dream can’t I??

Natasha Denona Brush Set Pro 21 Piece Set

What’s on your wishlist? I also have books, scarves, and items with hearts on mine plus as time goes on more will pop up. It’s always nice to dream! —  Marcia

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  1. Lola Seicento | 5th Nov 18

    What a great collection for your holiday wish-list!

  2. Brooke P | 6th Nov 18

    I have so many Pat McGrath palettes on my wishlist this year I don’t think Santa can keep up! Her products just keep getting more beautiful!

  3. She | 6th Nov 18

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  4. Never Say Die Beauty | 6th Nov 18

    I would love the Dyson hair dryer, but even with 20% off I don’t think I can swing it. Does it really seem that different from your previous dryer?

  5. Bailey | 6th Nov 18

    I love everything on your wish list! I have to say, though, I have the Foreo Luna play and I don’t live it. I think I should’ve purchased the full-size!

  6. Judy | 6th Nov 18

    Oh my. $399 for a hair dryer!!!! I can attest to how awesome the Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes are!!!

  7. Kathryne | 6th Nov 18

    Great list. My wish list isn’t makeup related but several designer vegan bags and shoes.

  8. Ehmkay Nails | 6th Nov 18

    I just grabbed the naked cherry palette. Ulta had an amazing sale on it!

  9. Cindy Ingalls | 6th Nov 18

    I don’t have a single thing on my wishlist yet, I’ve been too busy to even think about it, but you did give me some good ideas!

  10. Claudia Materdomini | 6th Nov 18

    Ive been interested in that HUDA amythyst palette. It looks so pretty. I really want to get back into NUDESTIX. Id like to try their nudie stix and the complexion stuff (blush, broners, highlighters)

  11. Polarbelle | 7th Nov 18

    Excellent price on the Foreo duo. I might get that. I was playing with my mini Hudas tonight, and boy, they are SO worth it. Probably the best bargain at Sephora.

  12. Bailey | 7th Nov 18

    Some great picks! I thought I was all in for the UD Cherry palette, but I’m thinkg the Huda New Nude might take its place as my most wanted.

  13. Katie Marie | 7th Nov 18

    That natasha denona brush set is SOOOO tempting!

  14. Courtney | 7th Nov 18

    So I bought the new Dyson Curling Iron Blow Dry Set and so far I’m enjoying it. I LOOOOVE the Amethyst Huda Palette, such a good choice. You have some great picks!

  15. Natoya | 7th Nov 18

    Lovely Holiday wishlist! I already bought the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette iin Ruby and i’m inlove

  16. 25 Sweetpeas | 7th Nov 18

    The UD shades are SO pretty! So are all of the Huda Beauty ones!

  17. Jen Walker | 8th Nov 18

    I shockingly don’t have a wishlist this year, although mostly because I keep thinking stuff = more to have to move right now.

  18. Krystal E | 8th Nov 18

    Dyson has been on my wish list for YEARS. I want their vacuum, I want their fans, I want their heater and I want that hair dryer! I wish I could try it out to see how fast it dries my thin hair before I pull the trigger.

  19. titanthai | 19th Nov 18

    This article is about the song. For the album by Bill Frisell, see When You Wish Upon a Star (album) .

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