When is a sponge NOT A SPONGE!?

It looks like a beauty sponge.

It acts like a beauty sponge.

It works like a beauty sponge.

But it’s NOT A SPONGE!

So what is it? The best item that I’ve gotten to test in ages is the answer to that question. This adorable Not a Sponge! has been a part of my life for the last 6 weeks and I’ve used it daily.

not a sponge!
not a sponge!

In many ways “not a sponge!” works like the typical beauty sponge that you are used to but the similarities end there. This is a makeup applicator that doesn’t absorb one drop of your makeup. It will save you a fortune because you barely use any product yet you have the application of your dreams.

not a sponge!™ the world’s first slow rising makeup applicator is an easy to use tool for everyone. the 99.9% non-absorbent material cuts down on bacterial growth to help prevent breakouts on sensitive skin, minimal to no staining, easy to clean, reusable, no color fading, absorbs less makeup so you can save time and money!

not a sponge!

With not a sponge! you don’t need to get anything wet. You use it as is. Put your foundation on with your fingers or the applicator and then use dabbing motions to get the coverage you want. I like to use the side of the tool to get a light coverage. If I don’t think it’s enough I can add more foundation and dab more. The smooth bottom helps to get a fuller coverage. Then there’s the sturdy tip that is so useful. It fits under my eyes perfectly so that foundation or concealer is blended well. It also helps with small places like the sides of your nose.

not a sponge!

After use I wash it with a bar of antibacterial soap and water. It cleans instantly and dries quickly. The website suggests that you can use an oil based soap instead of the antibacterial soap.

Things you need to know:

  • this $15 tool will last at least 2-3 months depending on the amount of use you get from it. I think it might last longer though.
  • not a sponge! has free shipping for the US
  • the material of the applicator is polyeurathane
  • it’s hypoallergenic and latex free
  • not a sponge! is cruelty-free and vegan

You are going to love how easy this is to use and clean. As you can see in my comparison picture it’s perfectly clean after a quick wash unlike my other blending sponge that never comes perfectly clean.

not a sponge! vs Beauty Blender

Saving money on foundation is a good thing, you’ll be astonished at the small amount you need. Using vegan, cruelty-free items is a wonderful thing. Having a hyperallergenic tool that cuts down on bacteria is a great thing. All in all – not a sponge! is a fabulous thing.  —  Marcia



  1. Lola Seicento | 17th Jan 20

    This sounds like an amazing sponge!

  2. Kristina | 17th Jan 20

    Neat! It sounds like it kind of a squishy material? (Squishies are kids toys that are slow rise.) I like the idea of this because you can get it clean so easily!

  3. Sylwia | 17th Jan 20

    Ok now I am intrigued! I def. Like the fact that I don’t have to wet it 🙂

  4. Chinenye | 17th Jan 20

    It looks like a squishy. I’d have to keep this one away from my toddler though. Lol. I like that you don’t have to wet it before using it. That’s cool.

  5. Emma Shetler | 17th Jan 20

    Wow! I’m definitely checking this out. What does the material feel like? It looks like one of those stress squeeze balls.

  6. Emma Shetler | 17th Jan 20

    What does the material feel like? It looks like one of the squeeze balls for stress. I am definitely interested in finding out more.

  7. NeverSayDieBeauty | 18th Jan 20

    I love the fact that you said it doesn’t absorb the foundation. And I’m intrigued that you don’t have to wet it. Plus so much easier to clean. I haven’t been using sponges lately, so this one has got me thinking!

  8. Glamorable | 18th Jan 20

    Love this idea! I could never get behind those flat silicone applicators that had a moment last year, but this is more up my alley.

  9. Jasmine Hewitt | 18th Jan 20

    i could totally start using this instead of traditional blenders

  10. Chelsea Pearl | 18th Jan 20

    This is so interesting! I had a really tough time with the silisponge a few years ago, is the texture similar to that? There are truly so many options when it comes to makeup tools, definitely something for everyone.

  11. Amanda | 19th Jan 20

    Definitely going to have to try that out – I currently use a real techniques sponge and I love it!

  12. aisasami | 20th Jan 20

    Wow, what an amazing beauty product. I might have to stop using traditional blenders and get this. Is there any possibility in the future that it can be shipped overseas?

  13. Melissa | 20th Jan 20

    That sounds different and I would like to try it! I either use my sponge or a brush.

  14. 25 Sweetpeas | 20th Jan 20

    This sounds really interesting! Will be neat to see it it catches on!

  15. Cindy Ingalls | 20th Jan 20

    What a genius idea!

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