What’s the outcome on Illamasqua nail varnish?

I’m sure this has happened to you. You buy something online and LOVE it so you decide you need MORE. Your outcome can go a few ways – you can be thrilled to pieces; you can wonder what made you think you even liked the first one; or you can get it and be thrilled but still put it aside and forget about it. Well at least those are usually my three outcomes. Happily for me though when I fell in love with my first Illamasqua Nail Varnish ($14) and ordered more, I was thrilled to pieces!

My first purchase was Scarab (deep metallic red). I’d seen it on a nail blog and loved the rich redness of it. When it arrived it appeared to be darker than I expected but I was still excited about having it. Using it made me more excited. Not only does the polish apply like a dream but it was the kind of color that stopped people long enough to make comments about it. And not even snarky ones. It’s got an almost burgundy tone to it so it’s a fabulous polish for cooler months. My nail tech mentioned that she thought the shade glowed even though it was a dark shade. For someone that plays works with polish all day that’s a great color compliment. The first time I wore it I had her stop after one coat but I’ve since used two coats since it fills it in better. The color is gorgeous on. (My pictures were on my old camera which is hiding somewhere in the house so this is just the bottle.)

I needed more Illamasqua polishes ASAP. The two that most appealed to me were Baptiste (shimmering deep royal purple) and Phallic (shimmering deep navy). Of course by the time I wanted them both were out of stock so I put in a request to email me when they came back. I happily ordered them when they were again available only to receive Baptiste but not Phallic. In error they sent me Boosh which is a solid black. If I’m going to wear black I want it to have some sparkle or interest so I returned it and had to wait again for Phallic to come back in stock. Were the sex gods who named it Phallic at Illamasqua conspiring against me because of age??


I am now the proud and happy owner of 3 fantabulous nail polishes from Illamasqua. Why do I love them, you ask??

  1. They are amazing to apply. They practically do the work for you.
  2. The brush is very easy to use. It covers my nails in three strokes without splaying over the sides.
  3. The colors are amazingly rich and vibrant. Even people like my mom, who looks at me like I’m crazy for wearing blue and purple, admire these polishes. I get compliments on them all the time.
  4. They last and last. No chipping, no flaking, I get two weeks wear out of these polishes without a problem.
  5. The bottles are simple but extremely eye pleasing.


My only complaint, truly my only one, is that there are so many more colors that are available only on the UK Illamasqua site. Don’t they know that American and Canadian nail varnish lovers want MORE?? I’d be the first in line to buy them. From their site I’m yearning for Wink (soft lilac gloss finish) and Eclipse (inky purple blue glossy finish). They have a new collection coming out on March 10th called Toxic Nature with 4 new polishes including one called Bacterium (pearlescent ash ochre) These cost 13.50 pounds on their website (the picture is of Bacterium and Purity).

I like Illamasqua Nail Varnishes so much that I may even spring for shades like Bacterium or Veridian (metallic peacock green) that are normally out of my comfort zone. As far as outcomes, I hope every time I go a little crazy, that the results is as wonderful as my Illamasqua experience. — Marcia


  1. I keep my nails rather short and LOVE dark shades on my short nails so these look amazing and worth a purchase or two 🙂

  2. Wow! All three colors look gorgeous on you! I have not considered dark blue…figured it was too young for me (I don’t know why we do things like that) but, after seeing it on you…how rich and elegant it looks…I will try it soon. I’m having an unbelievable time getting ANY nail product to adhere. It is so frustrating and never happened before. Any suggestions?

  3. You have such beautiful nails!

  4. You’ve sold me. I’m definitely going to try this brand of polish.


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  2. […] Illamasqua nail polish: I love my nail polishes and I have used so many that have won my heart. But Illamasqua are the ones I’m lusting after. […]