What’s more timeless than a Little Black Dress?

Number one on most women’s wardrobe wishlist is a little black dress. Where wouldn’t that fit in? You can dress it down with plain pumps and beautiful everyday jewelry and then you can turn around and create something spectacular with scarfs, shawls, bodacious jewelry. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or a night out you will always have room in your life for a little black dress.

So when Elevé Cosmetics created their eyeshadow collection they wanted what we all do – a Timeless piece that can work everywhere. Upon first look LITTLE BLACK DRESS isn’t too impressive. It looks like things you’ve seen before. But the impressive comes when you start using it.

Eleve Cosmetics Little Black Dress

Elevé Cosmetics Little Black Dress has 6 Eyeshadows: South Beach (pale neutral pink satin shimmer), Greenwich Village (pale nude matte satin), Clarksville (soft matte nude brown), Nob Hill (matte rose brown), Rodeo Drive (matte light plum brown), French Quarter (deep smoky brown matte) and 2 Highlighters: SoCo (soft gold/gold shimmer), The Strip (pale beige/rainbow shimmer).

Eleve Little Black Dress

These ultra smooth matte shadows are the perfect accompaniment to others in your collection. We all need the business perfect shades that help magnify our eyes and that’s where Little Black Dress fits in your eye wardrobe. Then if you are like me, glitz it up a bit with the two highlighters which can be used on your face or over your eyeshadow.

Little Black Dress highlighters (heavily swatched)

In order to get the highlighters to show up I needed to use heavy swatches but they can easily be ethereal shades with a soft full brush. I like some oomph in my shadows so after my eyes are done with these shades I’ll sweep over them with one of the two highlighters.

One thing to rave about with this palette is that there is very little fallout when applying the shadows and then they last well throughout the day as long as I start with an eye primer.

More to rave about is that this cruelty-free American company features non-toxic and vegan ingredients. Be sure you see the Lip Pops Lip Gloss that Lisa shared. And then decide what items you think will be best to dress for the life you are living. — Marcia


  1. Tara L | 12th Nov 20

    The SoCo highlighter caught my eye. This palette is so adorable. I like the brand name something different.

  2. Claudia Materdomini | 12th Nov 20

    This is my kinda of palette. Neutral shades that work very well together. I never heard of Eleve before, thanks for sharing!

  3. Laura | 12th Nov 20

    Never heard of this brand before, but this palette looks perfect for every day!

  4. Cindy Ingalls | 12th Nov 20

    That’s a very versatile palette that would be good for everyday.

  5. Jen Mathews | 12th Nov 20

    Those look like great wearable shades!

  6. Kristi V BeginNails | 12th Nov 20

    This palette is right up my alley! These are my go to shades for eye looks! I am such a neutral look girl! 🙂

  7. Lola Seicento | 13th Nov 20

    That is a very nice palette! These neutrals are pretty and so wearable!

  8. Courtney | 13th Nov 20

    Thanks so much for the great swatches!

  9. Jen Walker | 13th Nov 20

    This palette is great for everyday wear! I like how it works for a casual look with jeans or you can glam it up for a night….in?

  10. Bailey | 13th Nov 20

    The shades are so classic and pretty!

  11. Glamorable | 15th Nov 20

    These pretty neutral shades really are timeless! Most of my palettes are in this color range 🙂

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