Well, Hello Sailor! Lipstick Queen’s blue lipstick is naughty cool



Now it’s even easier to get attention with the greeting, “Hello Sailor!”

Poppy King takes the ‘naughty nautical’ concept to a new level with her Hello Sailor Lipstick ($25).  She says, “We’ve seen the trend for blackberry lips but I have a whole new take on this – a super sheer, silky-feeling navy that gives lips a deep berry tint. Turn nautical into ‘naughty cool’ with this new lip phenomenon!”

Hello Sailor - front of the package
Hello Sailor – front of the package
...and the super cool back of the package
…and the super cool back of the package

There’s no question, I get a LOT of attention – and not just from the hubby – when I apply my Hello Sailor Lipstick ($25) from Lipstick Queen. That blue color is an eye grabber for sure! The novelty lives up to the hype with captivating color and smooth texture. In fact, a friend literally tried to steal my tube right out of my hands when she saw the gorgeous berry tint that this fascinating blue lipstick morphs into when applied.

Hello Sailor Lipstick
Hello Sailor Lipstick
Hello Sailor swatch
Hello Sailor swatch

Hello Sailor is more of a lip balm than a lipstick. It goes on slick and moisturizing, and the blackberry color continues to deepen as it reacts with your body chemistry. The Vitamin E keeps lips moisturized and the formula has a fabulous slip that lasts. Another plus?  The blue tones in the lipstick help make teeth look whiter.

wearing Hello Sailor
wearing Hello Sailor

Keep in mind, I have barely pigmented lips, so what is pictured above is actually a big change from my normal lip color. I had multiple friends try this on and each one got a different color – but the lipstick was extremely flattering on each person.  Fascinating!

You’ve got to try this just for the reaction from people when they see you putting on a blue lipstick. It’s really entertaining! And I have no doubt that this ‘naughty cool’ lipstick will become a repurchase thanks to the bewitching shade and the excellent texture.  – Lisa

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  1. Replica | 20th Mar 14

    That looks really nice on you, the colour in the tube does scare me but yet I do feel intrigued, thanks for the enticing review 😉

  2. Jessica | 21st Mar 14

    This looks so cool, but I’m honestly not sure I’d throw down $25 for a balm. How was the staying power?

  3. Renu | 21st Mar 14

    I love this – Barry M has a bright green one which changes colour on different people but I like this blue better, it must be such an eyeball-grabber when reapplying in public!

  4. beautyin | 22nd Mar 14

    Hi Jessica, because it’s a cross between a lipstick and a lip balm it has much better lasting power than a regular lip balm. I have lip balms I find myself reapplying every 20 minutes, whereas I only have to reapply this about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

  5. Jessica | 22nd Mar 14

    Thanks! That’s pretty good! 🙂

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