Welcome Winter Giveaway Hop – glamour and glow cosmetics

Welcoming winter can be difficult on those of us who aren’t outdoor cold weather fans but a giveaway hop with several blogs can warm our souls. Thanks to Chatty Patty’s Place and Review Wire we have one to share with you.

Each blog is responsible for their own prize which can be anywhere from $10 up. Beauty Info Zone will have 2 winners for some glamour and glow. The giveaways all end on January 31st at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Prize 1 will be a Natasha Denona Diamond & Glow mini palette. This beauty has a gorgeous cool toned blush on one side and a sparkly highlighting powder on the other. In addition there will be a Jouer sparkly lid topper for your eyes.

Natasha Denona Diamond & Glow cheek palette
Prize 1: Natasha Denona and Joeur

Prize 2 is an OFRA Illuminating Blush Stripes compact with 4 warm sparkly shades.  You’ll receive a sparkly Jouer Lid Topper as well.

OFRA Blush Stripes: Illuminating
Prize 2: OFRA and Joeur

You’ll be ready to show the cold weather that it can’t beat you down since you’ll be shining.


Open to US only. Use the Rafflecopter to enter and both of the mandatory entries must be done: be a Beauty Info Zone email subscriber and comment as directed. Comments will most likely close before Jan. 31st so if that happens you can email me at [email protected] with your comment. Be sure you click enter on the Rafflecopter as that’s how the winners are chosen. Since we do so many giveaways on the blog it’s to your benefit to be an email subscriber. I do check every entry so be sure you’ve done what you’ve clicked.  —  Marcia


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Anita Jude | 27th Jan 19

    Oh wow either would be nice love #1

  2. Emma Shetler | 27th Jan 19

    Love #1! ? but I love Ofra too!

  3. MANDI SMITH | 27th Jan 19

    I love prize 1 but both are great prizes because my teenager loves prize 2

  4. Randi | 27th Jan 19

    Either look great

  5. tiffany dayton | 27th Jan 19

    I like #2.They are pretty.

  6. Emily A Roesly | 27th Jan 19

    I like prize #1. I’m not too keen on having a sparkly finish on my whole face.

  7. Steph | 27th Jan 19

    I like number 1

  8. End January with big #giveaways on The Sunday Scoop | 27th Jan 19

    […] Welcome Winter  –  prize 1 is Natasha Denona and Joeur, prize 2 is OFRA and Joeur. […]

  9. Nancy | 27th Jan 19

    I like both. Great to win either.

  10. Shirley Emitt | 28th Jan 19

    Love to win either.

  11. Stephanie Hartman | 28th Jan 19

    I would be happy to win either.

  12. Gwendolyn jordan | 28th Jan 19


  13. Heather B | 28th Jan 19

    My daughter would love either!

  14. Heather Dawn | 28th Jan 19

    I would love to have #1

  15. Antoinette M | 28th Jan 19

    I like #2.

  16. Jeanna Massman | 28th Jan 19

    I would say either because they are both great!

  17. Michelle H. | 28th Jan 19

    I prefer one, but I like both.

  18. jeanette h sheets | 29th Jan 19


  19. Illy Junus | 29th Jan 19

    I love prize #1, either prize is amazing

  20. Jennifer Crecelius | 29th Jan 19

    I want prize 2!!!

  21. Louisa Fae Dent | 29th Jan 19

    prize 1 please

  22. Sara | 30th Jan 19

    Would love either 1 or 2

  23. Kathy Davis | 30th Jan 19

    I like both, so I would be thrilled with either.

  24. Adriana | 30th Jan 19


  25. shawna | 30th Jan 19

    Either one!

  26. Julie Hawkins | 30th Jan 19

    I like prize #1

  27. Sara Tarver | 30th Jan 19

    I would like prize #1

  28. Serena Parkinson | 30th Jan 19

    Either of them would be great to win. Thanks!

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