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I’ve always been a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I love heart shapes and collect art work with hearts on it. In February I’m surrounded by hearts wherever I go so shopping becomes a pleasure again. I don’t care if I get Valentine’s Day presents but I do love seeing the happiness of multi-colored hearts. It’s also the time of year that I like to relax with a book that is more of a romance than I’d normally choose. All of this leads to my being thrilled to share this Fashion Flash Book and Beauty giveaway with you.
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Our book, Power Play by Anna DePalo:

Power Play by Anna DePalo

When the goal is seduction
Not just any play will do…
Irresistible. That’s sports tycoon Jordan Serenghetti in a nutshell. But Jordan’s physical therapist, Sera Perini, must resist. She has good reasons—their families’ connections, her professional ethics and a kiss the filthy-rich athlete doesn’t even remember. If she gives in to temptation, will it be a replay of Jordan’s womanizing ways or something from a brand-new playbook?

USA Today best-selling author Anna DePalo is a Harvard graduate and former intellectual property attorney. Her books have won the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Golden Leaf, the Book Buyer’s Best and the NECRWA Readers’ Choice, and have been published in over a twenty countries. She lives with her husband, son and daughter in New York. Readers are invited to follow her at www.annadepalo.com, www.facebook.com/AnnaDePaloBooks, and www.twitter.com/Anna_DePalo.

Our Beauty:

ELITE Studio Pro Brush Kit No. 1001

This 3 piece Elite Studio Pro Smooth Velvet Touch Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Kit contains brushes for Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, & Gel Eyeliner. The bristles are soft synthetic ones that are cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. I use the brushes often for eyebrows, powder eye liner and concealer so these have multiple uses.

ELITE Studio Pro Brush Kit No. 1001
ELITE Studio Pro Brush Kit No. 1001

You’ll also win the BYS Luxe Lips Lip Palette with 20 mix and match shades.

BYS Luxe Lips Lip Palette
BYS Luxe Lips Lip Palette

Our Amazon gift card: Our total Fashion Flash gift to one lucky reader:

Fashion Flash Valentine Book, Beauty & Amazon giveaway

Our giveaway is open to US and Canadian subscribers through Monday 2/17 at 11:59 pm. Prize will be sent by our wonderful Fashion Flash leader. — Marcia

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  1. Angela W | 16th Feb 20

    I am celebrating Valentine’s day a week late…so I plan to give him a home cooked meal!

  2. Carol Graves | 16th Feb 20

    Chocolates to share!

  3. Sarah Butler | 16th Feb 20

    I like to give valentines cards and this year gave out yummy gourmet cupcakes!

  4. Donna S | 16th Feb 20

    I enjoy going to a restaurant for a nice meal on Valentine’s Day. Chocolates are nice to receive too.

  5. Kristy Wolfgang | 16th Feb 20

    We like to cozy up at home with a movie and good food.

  6. Mendy Dinsmore | 16th Feb 20

    I like distressing on a busy day.

  7. S. Carter | 16th Feb 20

    I like a low key celebration, just a nice dinner out!

  8. Rhonda | 16th Feb 20

    Love spending time together.

  9. Priscilla P. | 16th Feb 20

    I like getting flowers and chocolates with a homecooked meal.

  10. Tara L | 16th Feb 20

    I love getting chocolates and a nice meal out.

  11. Kassie Brown | 16th Feb 20

    For Valentines Day, we go out the night before and cook lobster at home on the actual holiday.

  12. barb g | 16th Feb 20

    Love to get candy esp. chocolates.

  13. Laurie Emerson | 16th Feb 20

    I like a box of candy and homemade cards.

  14. Megan Wilson | 16th Feb 20

    My husband and I like to do a romantic dinner with movie at home.

  15. Leigh Nichols | 16th Feb 20

    Make a special dinner and surprise him with his favorite snack as a gift- macadamia nuts and chocolates

  16. jamesc jenkins | 17th Feb 20

    chocolate covered roses are a treat!

  17. Pam | 17th Feb 20

    I like to bake for him.

  18. Safiyyah Abdurrahman | 17th Feb 20

    I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I love shopping all the sales though. LOL

  19. Candie L | 17th Feb 20

    My husband and I went out to dinner Thank you

  20. Katherine Hensley | 17th Feb 20

    Amazing giveaway!

  21. Sandra | 17th Feb 20

    I like to make homemade desserts.

  22. Barbara Montag | 17th Feb 20

    I enjoy treating my sis to a good meal on Valentine’s Day.

  23. deana dietrich | 17th Feb 20

    I like to spend the holiday with my family – dinner dessert gifts & movies!

  24. Jenny Ham | 17th Feb 20

    I like to go out to eat with my Valentine and usually give my Valentine some kind of treat that they like.

  25. Cassandra D | 17th Feb 20

    Dinner and a movie.

  26. Kriss K | 17th Feb 20

    Whatever he is into at the moment. Dark chocolate bars and a movie this year.

  27. samantha | 17th Feb 20

    I am a single mom have been for 5 years. If I had a valentine besides my son to buy for I would love to do something fancy. Go to a fancy restaurant would be my first choice and romantic movie or something nice.

  28. Tosha H | 17th Feb 20

    I just love getting chocolates, especially my favorite, white chocolate! ??

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