Waxelene – a winter savior giveaway

Waxelene Lip Balm

Waxelene Lip Balm

Earlier today I did a Top Ten post about winter saviors and Waxelene was one of my choices. There’s a very good reason for that. This is a product that you need for your dry winter lips. I received it this summer and used it sporadically. I forgot about it until my first cold of the season struck. Suddenly my lips were dry and hurting. I needed relief.



Waxelene is a name that doesn’t draw me in but the product is worth overlooking that. This is an all natural lip gel that has no petroleum in it. It isn’t greasy but you can feel it on your lips. It’s very soothing. I don’t wear it under most lip colors but as soon as I’m home for the day, on it goes.

Waxelene calls themselves “the petroleum jelly alternative”. It gives you the relief that you think of with petroleum jelly but the texture is much more pleasant to use. According to their website: Waxelene® is revolutionizing skin care. It creates the same waterproof barrier that doctors recommend petroleum jelly for but contains no petroleum or hydrogenated oil. Instead we use our patented aeration process that won’t clog pores and makes Waxelene® highly effective for any kind of dry skin. Not only that, it can be used for hundreds of other things just like petroleum jelly.”



There’s no fragrance from Waxelene and it’s cruelty free. The main ingredients are Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E Oil and Rosemary Oil. The size I have is the lip tube ($3.99, 0.25 oz) and it also comes in a flip top tube ($4.99) as well as in jars ($8.99/2 oz and $17.99/9 oz).

2 oz jar of Waxelene

2 oz jar of Waxelene

Now why would you want a jar of this? Because it’s not just for lips. Waxelene is good for dry skin, baby bottoms, after shave, anti-chafing. removing makeup and much more. Rub it on the heels of your feet or your elbows and you’ll notice the difference within days. You can find Waxelene online or at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS and Whole Foods.waxelene back

For this giveaway we’ll have 2 winners of a lip tube for an international giveaway. It’s a small prize but one you’ll adore if you win it. The giveaway ends on 1/11/15 at 11:59 p.m. EST. If comments close please comment on our Facebook page or email me at [email protected] so you can continue adding your Rafflecopter options. I know you’ll love this if you win or if you purchase it. — Marcia

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  1. Really excited to hear about this product as I had never heard of it before. Right now I am using a lip balm that I paid $16 for. Hope to purchase this product for my new #wintersavior

  2. I am using a non clean lip balm right now. I would love to try the Waxelene.

  3. Would love to win the Waxelene. My winter savior would have to be Aquaphor. I dab a little on both sides of my nose and it keeps that area super moisturized every winter.

  4. This is great! I’ve love discovering a brand I’ve never had the opportunity to try. My savior for the winter months is my vaseline hand lotion. I keep it at my desk at work and pump every hour to keep my hands smooth and soft.

  5. I use Eucerin

  6. Holly Kennedy says

    I love Cetaphyl hand cream.

  7. Mary Wright says

    I use Burts Bees products especially the ResQ Ointment. It works miracles on snagged cuticiles or cuts.

  8. Hand cream!

  9. Tons and tons of water.

  10. I like to drink lots of water.

  11. My winter savior is coconut oil! Great for everything.

  12. I use Aveeno body lotion in the winter.

  13. Eucerin is my favorite

  14. I like the Neutrogena lip balm and Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion for winter.

  15. I use Shea butter all winter

  16. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

  17. I really like Aveeno lotion, and Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  18. My winter savior is hot tea.

  19. Mine winter savior would be a good moiturizer

  20. Alexandra-elisabet Dorofte says

    i use neutrogena lip moisturizer spf 15 , it’s a must for my lips in the winter

  21. Stephanie Hartman says

    Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula hand creme

  22. CeraVe!

  23. Vicki Wurgler says

    I like Gold Bond lotion

  24. I could really use this, lips have been chapped for 2 weeks now and no end in sight!

  25. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I love Vaseline in the winter.

  26. Dana Rodriguez says

    My winter savior is a great moisturizer!

  27. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Chopsticks are a year round savior for me. In the winter not only my lips get chapped, my hands become so dry that they split open and bleed and it’s so uncomfortable. I have to use a thick moisturizing product at night on my hands to avoid this happening. Lately I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream on my hands and feet at night.

  28. Chopsticks or chapsticks?? LOL

  29. Jennifer Reed says

    I use an advanced moisturizing ointment in the dry winter months for my skin and lips.

  30. Ashley Bree Perez says

    Baby lips is my winter savior. 🙂

  31. Patricia Caradonna says

    I have some nice Clinique moisturizer for my face and chuby stick for my lips.

  32. Argan oil! It’s great when you have a cold and your nose gets peely.

  33. Kathy Cheng says

    I use Mongo Kiss lip balm.

  34. Princess Anyaibe says

    My winter savior, believe it or not, is Vaseline’s Coco Butter scented lotion and Vaseline. It always helps when I get really dry skin when it’s really cold, whether it’s inside or outside. 😀

  35. Plenty of water, I cannot stay hydrated enough during the Winter!

  36. Pacifica Body Butter

  37. Christa Bengtsson says

    Carmex is my winter savoir.

  38. Vaseline.

  39. Inge Speemanns says

    I love Herbivore lipbutter. Especially the mint one.7

  40. My winter savior is Amlactin for my hands.

  41. Brianna Ketchum says

    blistex so far :)!

  42. kelly tupick says

    My winter savior is my shaklee moisturizer.

  43. Warm clothes and elderberry syrup

  44. I use Nivea lotion for my hands to keep them from being dry and cracked,

  45. I use the “Cold Cream” by Weleda 🙂 Thanks for this lovely giveaway! ?

  46. natural lip balm , oil , and cream

  47. Samantha Tedesco says

    Lip balm

  48. bilqees bano says

    lip balm

  49. Laura Azevedo says


  50. Bag Balm. Seriously, if fixes pretty much anything.