Want healthy, hydrated hair? Be a Hot Head™ – Thermal Hair Cap review!

With all the heat styling that I subject my hair to, every few weeks it needs a deep conditioning treatment.  I love hair masks, and they give me very nice results when I use them in the shower, just waiting a few extra minutes before rinsing.  But as we all know, concentrated heat makes those deep conditioning treatments so much better – the hair healing ingredients can really soak into strands and do some major repairing. That’s where the fun and festive Thermal Hair Care Hot Head™ ($29.95) microwavable deep conditioning heat cap comes in.

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I’m not big on sitting for long periods, and I definitely don’t want to spend a half hour sitting under a hair dryer somewhere to get a deep conditioning treatment.  I’m much rather save the money and the time doing my own treatments at home.  However, caps I have tried in the past left a lot to be desired.  I always found them to be too heavy, uncomfortable, and sometimes kind of dangerous because of uneven heating.  When I read about the Thermal Hair Care Hot Head, I thought hmm…it looks like this thermal cap has a lot going for it.

100% 30-day money back guarantee
Eco Friendly – Handmade with all natural materials
Reversible and Reusable
Available in multiple colors
Easy to use – Salon quality treatments in your home
For all hair types and textures
Produces enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment
No cords, No fuss – Freedom to move about while deep conditioning your hair

The Hot Head is filled with flaxseeds, which are terrific because they evenly distribute heat.  And check out the super fun colors and prints available!  I want all of my beauty treatments to be this sassy.  I chose the Stellar Hot Head, which has a solid purple terry cloth on one side and an out of this world galaxy print on the other. The caps are reversible and it doesn’t matter which way you wear them. 

Thermal Hair Care Stellar Hot Head

To use, you first get your hair ready – it should be damp with your favorite deep conditioner, hair mask, or oil applied to your strands.  I really love the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Intensive Treatment ($49). The results are incredible – my hair gains tons of silkiness, elasticity, bounce and strength.  After I put my hair treatment on, I tuck it up into a disposable shower cap, then heat my Hot Head in the microwave.  Instructions are based on a 1000-watt microwave , and you heat the cap for a total of 3 30-45-second intervals, removing the Hot Head to flip inside out and replace in the microwave at each interval When it’s ready, I just put the cap on over the shower cap and go about my business for 30 minutes or so. Afterward, I find that for the very best results I need to let my hair cool off for about 5 to 10 minutes, then I rinse with cold water which seals the hair cuticle back up.

The reason you get so much more out of your deep conditioning treatment with the Hot Head is because the concentrated heat opens the hair cuticle so your product can really penetrate.  Without heat, the conditioner sits on the outside of the hair shaft, and the results are much more superficial.

Thermal Hair Care Stellar Hot Head

Hot Head comes in two sizes – regular and XL.  I got the XL because I have long hair.  If you have very thick hair, long hair, or dreadlocks, you want the XL size (Starting circumference, approximately 21″ | Max circumference (fully stretched), approximately 44” | Diameter, approximately 22”).  It costs a little more – $39.95 instead of the regular size’s $29.95 (Starting circumference, approximately 21″ | Max circumference (fully stretched), approximately 34” |
Diameter, approximately 20”) – but you will appreciate the extra roominess.  I was a little nervous about it, because while I have a lot of hair I don’t have an XL head, and I thought the cap would be wobbly and fall off.  However, no worries were necessary.  The cap has is lined with very comfy terry cloth and has an elastic band that keeps the cap nicely in place.

Shower caps are an essential part of the process.  A disposable shower cap helps keep the heat and moisture in, and it also protects your Hot Head from your conditioning product. Thermal Hair Care has packets of 10 disposable Shower Caps available for $3.25.  The caps are extra-large (Starting circumference: APPROX 18” | Max circumference: APPROX 40” | Diameter: APPROX 20”).

Thermal Hair Care also has scented spritzers available – I haven’t tried one, but they are sprayed onto the Hot Head to add the perfect amount of moisture, allowing the flaxseed to retain its heat-producing capabilities longer.  Plus, they add a nice scent to your experience thanks to the essential oils, and you can use them as a linen spray or air freshener too.  There are lots of scents available: Citrus Spritzer, Sugared Spritzer, Lavender Spritzer, Dark Coconut Spritzer, Pumpkin & Cream Spritzer…of course now I want the Dark Coconut Spritzer!

After using my Stellar Hot Head

If you get the XL Hot Head™, you can use it for a few other things besides your deep conditioning treatment.  It works for setting hair rollers – that moist heat does a great job of setting curls. The XL and the regular sized caps can be used as a heat processing cap for hair color, bleach, henna, etc., or as a heat pack for soothing aching muscles, or as a cool cap for headaches – just put the Hot Head in a sealed bag and freeze before use.

I think the Thermal Hair Care Hot Head is a fun, sassy way to get great hair.  Delivery is super quick, and the cap is comfortable and easy to use.  I have no problem doing things around the house as my hair bakes in a deep conditioner. The flaxseeds are terrific for distributing the heat correctly, and while the cap is heavy it’s not so heavy that it wants to fall off.  I have never liked sleeping on damp hair, so this is far more preferable to me than doing an overnight treatment – but I get the same results as I did when I had my deep treatment on for 8 hours.

Thermal Hair Care has a Mix & Match Gift Set available for $37.95, and it includes your choice of the regular sized Hot Head, a 10-pack of Disposable Shower Caps, and your choice of spritzer.I am a big fan of the Thermal Hair Care Hot Head.  It’s also a great gift idea for holidays!  You can find the Hot Head online at thermalhaircare.com.  – Lisa