Wanna Meet Matte Hughes – NUDE?

So…do you want to Meet Matt(e) Hughes – NUDE?  If you like your lips matte and you like almost-nude lips, then theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes – NUDE may be the perfect plan for you. He’s all about sticking around longer than most and he won’t be available forever. Ask any ‘matte’ch-maker…he is likely a perfect fit for you!

Ah, the puns are never-ending with this great little set from theBalm. The MEET MATTE HUGHES®-NUDE Set of 6 Mini Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks ($29.00) is a terrific limited edition collection of six mini liquid lipsticks in  nude shades. I love the small size of the lippies. They are great for the purse and it gives you the opportunity to try different colors so you can really meet your match without a huge investment. The new shades, which are the three lightest shades, aren’t available in the regular size version of Meet Matt(e) Hughes, but  you can find the not so new shades for $17.

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New shades:

Humble – light peach

Patient – pink/peach

Genuine – soft pink

Not so new shades:

Trustworthy – soft red with brown tones

Sincere – pink with brown tones

Charming – berry

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes – NUDE
Meet Matt(e) Hughes – NUDE new shades swatches
Meet Matt(e) Hughes – NUDE swatches

The shades are very pretty. I am not a big fan of brown shades and often nude lippie collections veer too brown for me, or else the shade is ‘too nude’ and make my lips completely disappear on my face. These shades are great by themselves, mixed together, or layered for all sorts of options.

Meet Matt(e) Hughes – NUDE applicator (Humble)

The real test of Matt(e) Hughes though is the staying power. Is it going to peel? Flake off? Fade away, but only in the middle of lips, leaving a line around lips? Or feel odd on, sort of sticky with no slip? I have to say that Matt(e) Hughes sticks around longer than most mattes I’ve met! It lasts for hours and I only have to retouch if I eat something greasy. I do like some slip on my lips so I sometimes cheat on Matte and add a touch of gloss. It feels good but it has a negative effect on our relationship since doing so does cut down a bit on the wear time.

Overall I am incredibly impressed with Matt(e) Hughes and while it’s not my typical MO I am happy to meet him NUDE. This is a great set! Check out theBalm and the other Matt(e) Hughes sets – there are lots of Volumes with a wide arrange of shades.  As they say, there are lots of fish in the sea…and there are lots of Matt(e) Hughes from which to choose!  – Lisa

I’m always getting a little help from my friends!


  1. Lola Seicento | 26th May 20

    Those are very pretty– especially the pink and nude shades!

  2. Claudia A. Materdomini | 26th May 20

    There are some great neutral shades here that I could use myself!

  3. Kristina | 26th May 20

    I have one of these and I remember liking it. Trustworthy and Genuine are lovely!

  4. 25 Sweetpeas | 27th May 20

    Oo I would wear these!

  5. Krystal E | 27th May 20

    I still haven’t been able to full embrace the liquid lipstick trends mostly because I found that I tend to bite my lower lip during the day so I end up eating from the inside. But these are super cute and great for a date night or girls event. I really like the color range.

  6. Dana Rodriguez | 28th May 20

    I am a huge fan of lip care and I love the colors these come in. Especially the pinks and nudes!

  7. Cassie Tucker | 28th May 20

    I haven’t tried theBalm lip products yet but I want to. This set has a lot of good shades in it and would be a great place to start.

  8. Sandy Pincombe | 28th May 20

    I have tried these lippies and am just not a fan of them. Colors are very pretty but just don’t look good on me.

  9. Gabrielle | 28th May 20

    I love liquid lipsticks and these look perfect! I need to get this set!

  10. Tara L | 29th May 20

    I like the nudes and matte lip-glosses. It moisturizes my lips during the seasons.

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