Vivienne Sabo lips and more lips with a giveaway you want to win

We previously introduced you to Vivienne Sabo when we shared their mascara and eyeshadows. Now it’s time for lips. We’re doing this side by side review a little differently today since we wanted to have enough products to have a 3 person giveaway. Lisa will be sharing the lip products she’s been using while Marcia will describe others and show you what’s in the giveaway.

There are a variety of lip products from Vivienne Sabo, many from the Mon General Collection. Today we have a sampling of lip products.

Mon General


I have samples three different types of Vivienne Sabo lippies – Rouge Charmant Matte Lipstick, Vivienne Sabo COULEURS FRAICHES, and Brilliance Hypnotique 3D Effect Lip Gloss.  

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Vivienne Sabo Rouge Charmant matte lipstick 709
Vivienne Sabo Rouge Charmant matte lipstick 709
Vivienne Sabo Rouge Charmant matte lipstick 709

The Vivienne Sabo Rouge Charmant matte lipstick 709 ($24) is a pretty matte pink shade. This is a lovely lipstick that is matte with a velvet texture. It does need to be reapplied every 60 minutes, but it wears off evenly which is nice for a matte shade.

Vivienne Sabo COULEURS FRAICHES brush
Vivienne Sabo COULEURS FRAICHES in light pink and coral

The Vivienne Sabo COULEURS FRAICHES is a vinyl gloss that has a high shine and an opaque finish. The squeeze tube sends the gloss up through the brush for easy application. The gloss is slightly sticky and has lots of slip. It smells fruity and tastes yummy, and has very nice lasting power. There are some great four packs available on Amazon in different color combinations.

Brilliance 3D Hypnotique Gloss, top to bottom:  21, 32, 42
Brilliance 3D Hypnotique Gloss top to bottom:  21, 32, 42

The Vivienne Sabo Brilliance 3D Hypnotique Gloss is a clear or tinted shimmering gloss that gives depth and shine to your lips, whether by itself or over another lip color. If you have pigmented lips this is a great stand alone lip gloss. If you are like me and have basically colorless lips, you will want either a lip liner or else a lipstick for underneath these glosses.  21 is pure silvery shimmer, 32 has a light baby pink tint and tiny golden shimmer, and 42 is medium pink tint with a mix of golden and silver shimmers.


One winner will receive 3 of the sparkly Vivienne Sabo Champs Elysses glosses. These are beautifully sparkly. Without opening them let’s see how I do describing them. 101 is a nude shade that will look great to sparkle up any lip color. 102 is a peach shade that’s got a touch of pink to it while 103 is more pink with a touch of peach to it. These look like they’ll stand up on their own if you don’t want to apply them over a lipstick. I think they’d be great with just a lipliner.

Vivienne Sabo Champs Elysses glosses

Winner two will get what I call the red package. There’s the lovely Rouge Charmant matte lipstick 714 ($24), Brilliance 3D Hypnotique gloss which is a sparkly true pink, and Matte Magnifique liquid lipstick in 216 a beautiful cherry red. None of these three are easily found so this combination would make you look magnificently unique.

Vivienne Sabo 714, Rouge Charmant
Vivienne Sabo Brilliance 3D Hypnotique, Matte Magnifique liquid lipstick, Rouge Charmant 714 lipstick

The third package is the pink package. The lipstick is a pink/lavender Rouge Charmant lipstick in 602 and has some shimmer to it (I think this is my favorite of all of these), Champs Elysses Gloss in pastel pink (108) which isn’t as sparkly as the first batch plus one of the Colouers Fraiches glosses (04) in that adorable polka dot packaging.

Vivienne Sabo COULEURS FRAICHES 04, Rouge Charmant lipstick 602, Champs Elysees 108 gloss
Vivienne Sabo Champs Elysses glosses

So which is your favorite? Think about that before you enter our giveaway.

Information: This is open for US and Canadian subscribers through 2/12/18. You’ll have 48 hours after winners have been chosen to answer the winning email. Please make sure you are an email subscriber and that you comment. Then give yourself extra ways to enter this lip smacking giveaway with other entries in the Rafflecopter.
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  1. Patti | 8th Feb 18

    Pink, Sparkly and then Red!

  2. Melinda | 9th Feb 18

    Pink, Red and Sparkly.

  3. Missy Schutz | 9th Feb 18

    Would love the Vivienne Sabo Champs Elysses glosses. So pretty!

  4. Paol Trenny | 10th Feb 18

    My preference is pink set, red set, and the Vivienne Sabo Champs Elysses glosses.

    Thank you!

  5. Michelle Castagne | 11th Feb 18

    Pink package, sparkly, and red as the third choice.

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