Treat yourself with Treet Traditions

Now that the holiday rush is over it’s time to return what you didn’t want and use those great gift cards you might have been lucky enough to receive. The rush and crush of Christmas gives us less time for ourselves since we tend to occupy our lives with making it better for family and friends. Now though is the time to relax with a few personal products. I was sent two bath/shower treats from Treet Traditions and there are so many more that I’d like now.

Treets Traditions Bath Salts and Shower Cream

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About Treets Traditions: – Inspired by ancient practices around the world, Treet Traditions searches the globe for valuable knowledge and traditions of body care to enrich these ancient old traditions with the knowledge we have today, Treets ensures that these traditions become accessible for everyone. Treets wants people to rediscover these traditions, so that they will not be forgotten. The Treets Traditions products are based on proven knowledge from the past, adapted to today’s needs. 


Treets Traditions Bath Tea (Healing in Harmony)

Treets Traditions Bath Tea (Relaxing Chakra’s)

Treets Traditions has two sets of Bath Teas: Healing in Harmony and Relaxing Chakra’s. Both give you a relaxing scented bath so it depends on your favorite scent or your end result as to which you’d choose. Treets Traditions Healing in Harmony Bath Tea with Oatmeal flakes and Lavender blossom helps to calm sensitive and irritated skin while bathing. Treets Traditions Relaxing Chakra’s is a bath tea with Ricebran oil, Rose petals and Hibiscus helps to nourish and moisturise the skin while bathing.

Treets Traditions Bath Tea

There are three Teas in each of the boxes ($12). Directions say to put them in the tub and add hot water first, then add cooler water until you reach your desired temperature. Next let yourself go and have a relaxing bath.

The bags are made of a soft cotton that allow the herbal formulas to flow through without getting loose in your tub. I don’t know if you can reuse these but I’d give it a try personally. One of the nicest things about this is that you could travel with a tea bag without worrying if it would open in your vanity bag.

If you love the scent of either Healing in Harmany (oatmeal & lavender) or Relaxing Chakra’s (Rose Petal and Hibiscus) there are many other products in the line that would complement them like the Healing in Harmony Large Gift Set with Foaming Shower Gel, Shower Gel, and Body Lotion. Or the Relaxing Chakra’s Small Gift Set with Shower Cream, Body Scrub, and Body Lotion.

Treets Traditions Healing in Harmony Large Gift Set

Treets Traditions Relaxing Chakras Small Gift Set

The third family of products for Treet Traditions is Nourishing Spirit which has the same array of products as Healing in Harmony and Relaxing Chakra’s. I have the Shower Cream which is a delight to use. At the moment I don’t have a bathtub so I haven’t experienced the Bath Teas (bathroom should be done by mid January and I can’t wait!) But I do have a shower and the intoxicating Nourishing Spirits Shower Cream has been getting use.

Treets Traditions Nourishing Spirits Shower Cream

Treets Traditions Nourishing Spirits Shower Cream gives me a creamy cleansing without drying my skin. Traditional African Marula oil has a soothing effect and Kalahari melon oil helps to moisturize and regenerate the skin. It lathers up nicely and makes my body feel soft and hydrated. It’s tempting not to use a body lotion after but I’ll use one of my fragrance free ones so that I still have a hint of the lovely, subtle melon smell.

Now that I’ve learned about Treets Traditions it’s a brand I’ll keep my eye on. The prices are all reasonable and the products are free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils. Which scent do you think you’d like best?  —  Marcia


  1. I have never heard of bath teas before! That’s so cool, I’ll have to look into it.

  2. gloria patterson says

    NO tub for me the old hips will not let me down and up so no bath tea for me. The shower cream does sound good

  3. Oh these sound so interesting. Quite gourmet.

  4. A tea bath…I’m intrigued!!! I love a good relaxing bath so I will have to give these a try!!!

  5. I like the sound of rose petal and hibiscus together, 2 of my fave flowers!

  6. Bath teas sound like a great way to soak in the tub to get some much needed tlc after the holiday craziness!

  7. Shilpa Shetty says

    Nice products,..

  8. Bath teas?! That’s fun!

  9. Lacquerexpression says

    The tea baths sound divine!

  10. I’ve tried some products in the Nourishing Spirits and Relaxing Chakras line, and I love them. The foaming shower gel is one of my favorites of 2017 because it works much better than RITUALS that sort of dribbles out of the can.

  11. Holly Thomas says

    Treets Traditions Relaxing Chakras Small Gift Set is what I would like to ry.

  12. fairytalesnails says

    These sound really interesting x

  13. Really unique, never heard about this brand before.

  14. Sandy Pincombe says

    Bath teas…what an interesting concept