Treat your skin with Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C

Pixi Beauty has become a force in the world of skincare. They started out with a few products that took off like rockets and now you can’t stop them. The many categories of their skincare line are: Glow Tonic, Collagen, Retinol, Hydrating Milky, Rose Infused, and now Vitamin-C. No matter your skin type, no matter your preferences, and no matter your nose, you’ll find a lot to love with Pixi Skintreats.

Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C

Today is all about their relatively new Vitamin-C line which is one I couldn’t wait to try. I was so eager to try it since Vitamin C and lemon fragrances are favorites that during the summer I purchased a few things. Now I’ve got more that has been sent so here goes.

Pixi Skintreats Best of Vitamin-C

The Best of Vitamin-C package ($22) gave me a taste of what to expect. Included is 3 easy steps to brighten, protect and preserve. All of these travel sizes gave me a great opportunity to test them out and now are living in my travel bag. There’s Vitamin-C Tonic, Vitamin-C Caviar Balm and Vitamin-C Lotion. As someone with a fussy nose it was the perfect introduction for me and made me realize that this is a great line.

The Vitamin-C products all have a tart citrus scent to them. The use of orange blossom and zesty grapefruit bring brightening and clarifying properties to these items. They are paraben-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, and vegan.

VITAMIN-C JUICE CLEANSER ($18) is the first step with the 5 products I was sent. It’s a brightening cleansing water with stable Vitamin C for potent antioxidant effect. The push top is a great way to use this cleanser; just put a cotton pad over it and push down. The cleanser, which is like a scented micellar water, is then transferred onto your pad for easy sweeping over your skin. The special ingredients in this cleanser are ferulic acid and probiotics  which help to preserve and protect skin. You don’t need to rinse your skin.

Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser

VITAMIN-C TONIC ($15) should be used after cleansing. Toners help with balancing the pH in your skin. This tonic promotes healthy collagen production and helps to boost skin luminosity. It’s an alcohol-free toner that contains probiotics along with willow bark & fruit extracts to gently exfoliate.

Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C Tonic

VITAMIN-C SERUM ($24) is to be used after cleansing and toning. You want this not only for the immediate benefits but also for the long term radiance it will bring to your skin. “Vitamin C & ferulic acid are proven to reduce the effects of sun damage & free radicals, helping to improve skin tone and creating a smoother complexion.” I always shake this before applying to distribute the ingredients throughout. You only need 2-3 drops to cover your face and neck so it’s an economical buy.

Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C Serum
Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C Serum

VITAMIN-C LOTION ($24): The lotion is a brightening moisturizer. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that feels refreshing on my skin. If you use this during the day make sure you’ve applied sunscreen. I like it too as a hand cream. I prefer a light hand cream that doesn’t leave behind a residue and Vitamin-C Lotion fits that description well.

Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C Lotion

VITAMIN-C CAVIAR BALM ($24) is the most unique of all the products. It’s a brightening leave-on mask. I’ve used this as the last step in my Vitamin-C routine. It’s a moisturizer for the moisturizer. It has a thicker consistency than the lotion.There are vitamins encapsulated into the formula so be sure you massage this on and let it absorb. Of all the products in the Vitamin C line this is the one I use the least. The balm-like texture doesn’t absorb easily on my skin so I don’t want to sleep in it. If I’m home for the day, writing or cleaning, then I’ll apply this but I’ll wash it off later since my foundation doesn’t apply evenly over the balm. It’s great for a burn that is currently healing on my hand though.

Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C Caviar Balm
Pixi Skintreats Vitamin-C swatches of Lotion and Caviar Balm

I’m so happy to have this alternative to other Pixi Skintreats since the tart citrus is more to my liking than some of the other fragrances. With Pixi’s reasonably priced line you can afford to try several items or get the travel size set to test if this is as pleasing to you as it is to me.  —  Marcia

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  1. MelodyJ | 4th Sep 19

    Believe it or not I have just started using Pixi products. A couple weeks ago I bought four of the travel sized packs. Tow from Target and two from Pixi’s website. I have to say I’m impressed by the feel and look of my skin. Planning my full size purchases now.

  2. Lola Seicento | 4th Sep 19

    I still do not have any Pixi products in my life! I can’t believe the wide range of products that they have– I will have to go to Target while looking at your reviews, and pick a few things up!

  3. Nipa | 4th Sep 19

    I’ve never tried any Pixi products. These sound really good, so I’ll have to try them out. I think a travel set is a really good way to start a new product line! xo Nipa

  4. Cindy Ingalls | 4th Sep 19

    I love Vitamin C for my skin and this collection is sooo good.

  5. My Nail Polish Obsession | 4th Sep 19

    I think literally everyone has reviewed this line and I keep saying I need to try it. I really need to get to the store!

  6. Glamorable | 5th Sep 19

    I am loving this new collection! Currently us9ing the serum in my routine. I like that it doesn’t smell like rust.

  7. Susan P. | 5th Sep 19

    These look to be the perfect size for using while traveling! Pixi Beauty always has good products.

  8. Jen Walker | 5th Sep 19

    I LOVE the Caviar Balm, and I’m surprised to hear it doesn’t work well under your foundation. I don’t use it every day, but I’ve had no trouble applying my foundation over it, although I do use a sunscreen/primer between steps.

  9. Chelsea Pearl | 5th Sep 19

    I’ve been using the Vitamin C Serum since it launched and it’s so great! It smells amazing, spreads easily, and I have noticed an overall improvement in brightness on my skin.

  10. Katherine | 5th Sep 19

    I’m always trying out new Vitamin C products because they’re so amazing! I can’t wait to check this out!!

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 5th Sep 19

    I really do need to try Pixi don’t I !?

  12. Bailey | 6th Sep 19

    One of each, please! I love anything brightening.

  13. Jennifer Maune | 6th Sep 19

    I love how bright Vitamin C products makes my skin look. Will definitely look into this! The hydrating milky sounds great too, especially for winter!


  14. patricia caradonna | 10th Sep 19

    The Pixi Skintreat products look amazing with Vitamin C. I definitely would like to try for my aging and sun damaged skin.

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